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CHAKRA BALANCING with Reflexology


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CHAKRA BALANCING with Reflexology
music: © Soft Keys- josh hunsaker

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CHAKRA BALANCING with Reflexology

  1. 1. General stressand tension
  2. 2. TOESPADS / BALLS OF FEET - slightly toughARCHES / MID SOLES – pale and coolHEELS – a little rough
  3. 3. TOESHEELS – a little roughPADS / BALLS OF FEET - slightly toughARCHES / MID SOLES – pale and cool
  4. 4. clock-wisecircles X 10My suggested motions:1 2 3short pressesX 101 long pressfor the countof 10
  5. 5. The root chakra is responsible forour survival instinct, vitality andhealth, grounding. It’s color isred, located at the center of theheel.
  6. 6. The sacral chakra is responsiblefor sexual pleasure andreproduction, creativity,realization of hopes anddreams, courage andconfidence. It’s color is orange,located on top of the middle ofthe heel.
  7. 7. The solar plexus chakra isresponsible for the sense ofbeing, self worth and selfesteem, ego and self discipline.It’s color is yellow, located atthe center of the boundarybetween the balls of the feetand the mid soles.
  8. 8. The heart chakra is the center offeelings, responsible for self loveand unconditional love, theability to give and receive, toforgive and to heal. It’s colorsare green and pink, located onthe pad under the big toe.
  9. 9. The throat chakra is responsiblefor communication and innertruth. It’s color is turquoise,located at the base of the big toe.
  10. 10. The third eye chakra isresponsible for intuition andspirituality, imagination anddreams, memory and thoughts,inspiration. It’s colors are purpleand dark blue, located at themiddle of the “big toe print”.
  11. 11. The crown chakra is responsiblefor our connection to the divineand the universe. It’s colors arewhite and gold, located at the topof the big toe.
  12. 12.