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Design for Developers

Design is not an arcane process practiced by a small group of bespectacled artist-types. Most app design best practices can be understood objectively and logically. Here are some design principles for non-designers.

Originally presented at CocoaHeads Atlanta

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Design for Developers

  1. Design for Developers Brian Harper @bleeharper
  5. “If you have been thinking that there is anything whatsoever in design that requires artistic skill, well, banish the thought.” — Joel Spolsky (in 2006)
  6. Design is not Art
  7. the HIG
  8. Typography
  9. DEMO!
  10. Before After
  11. Also, contrast is important
  12. Also, contrast is important
  13. Typography Resources QUICK Butterick’s Practical Typography INSPIRATION Typewolf IN DEPTH On Web Typography by Jason Santa Maria Type On Screen
  14. Color
  15. Beware the defaults!
  17. Pressed State
  18. Color Resources INSPIRATION Colour Lovers Adobe Kuler
  19. Transitions
  20. Carousel
  21. Yelp
  22. Source: Transitional Interfaces by Pasquale D’Silva
  23. Google Search
  24. Linear Easing Source: Understanding Easing by Suresh V. Selvaraj
  25. Animation Resources QUICK 12 Principles of Animation for Mobile UX Smart Transitions in UX Design IN DEPTH Designing with Animation Motion Design for iOS
  26. Prototyping & Testing
  29. Prototyping Resources PROTOTYPING TOOLS Prototyping on Paper Flinto USER TESTING Nielsen Norman Articles
  30. If you want to dive deeper
  31. General Design Resources BOOKS Pixel Perfect Precision by ustwo Mobile & Multi-Device Design by LukeW Design for Hackers by David Kadavy Edward Tufte
  32. Q&A
  33. Thank You! Brian Harper @bleeharper