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Top excercises for abs


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Top excercises for abs

  1. 1. ==== ====For an effective guide to burning fat and finally getting your abs visit: ====Tired of doing crunches without any visible effect on your abs? Well, there is no need to feel guiltybecause a lot of people can relate to that. These people would also readily give anything just tohave a perfectly toned body and great abs just like the models on TV or at the billboards. Well,such wistful thinking is actually attainable, even by those who are not fond of bodybuilding and thegym. Forget the simple crunches and learn the Top 10 Abs Exercises to maximize thedevelopment of your Abs.# 10 Abs Exercise - Ab Roller CrunchAn Ab Roller is an important tool for toning the abs - it is especially useful for beginners, as toprevent injuries and pulled muscles. What is so great about the Ab Roller is that it allows the userto have great abs without having to work too hard. The entire rectus abdominis is put to work here.The roller also provides support to the neck and arms so that the user can feel comfortable whileworking out.First, the user sits on the Ab Roller and holds the support bars firmly. Then, by contracting the abs,the user rocks the roller back and forth. By allowing the abs muscles to contract, the user slowlygoes back to starting position.#9 Abs Exercise - Exercise Ball CrunchThe Exercise Ball Crunch is another effective tool in exercising the abs. It is much better thandoing crunches on the floor because the upper and lower muscles are directly targeted and mustdo a lot of work.The user must recline slightly on the exercise ball, carefully positioned under the lower back. Whilecrossing the arms either over the chest or at the back of the head, the user slowly contracts theabs until the torso is lifted from the ball and the chest crunching down to the hips. Then, slowly andcarefully, the user curls up while ensuring that the exercise ball does not roll off.#8 Abs Exercise - Full Vertical CrunchAside from toning the lower abs, upper abs, and obliques, the full vertical crunch also targets theupper and lower body; thus, ensuring an effective abs workout exercise.The exercise is performed by lying on the back with the legs fully extended upwards. Then, theexerciser must hold the head lightly and contract the abs so that the shoulder blades are lifted offthe floor while pressing the heels together to reach the ceiling. The body is slowly lowered downand the cycle repeated.
  2. 2. # 7 Abs Exercise - Twist and crunchAdding a twist to the simple crunch makes it more effective. Like the simple crunch, this exercisealso targets the upper and lower abs but adds work on the obliques.This exercise is done on a mat, with both hands behind the ears and the legs perpendicular to thefloor. Then, the left oblique muscles are contracted so that the hips begin to twist. While in thisposition, the abs are contracted so that the right elbow moves across the body towards the outsideof the left knee, then back to starting position. These are then repeated for the right side of thebody.# 6 Abs Exercise - Long Arm CrunchThe long arm crunch which is almost identical to the simple floor crunch but performed with thearms fully extended behind the head. This exercise is much difficult and challenging than thesimple crunch. It targets the upper muscles of the abs.First, the exerciser must stretch out on the mat with the knees bended and the arms fully extendedover the head. Using the abs muscle, the upper body is lifted until the chest reaches the knees,then, back to starting position.# 5 Abs Exercise - JackknifeThe Jackknife is also related to the simple crunch; however, this time, the body jackknifes intoposition. In the crunch, the lower body is steady while the upper body moves. With the jackknife, itis the whole body moves into position. This exercise works on all the abdominal muscles as wellas leg and arm muscles.At the starting position, the whole body is stretched out on the floor, with the arms fully extendedabove the head. Then, the arms and legs are lifted simultaneously so that, ideally, the fingertipswill reach the toes. The abdominal muscles are contracted to initiate the movement; then, theseare relaxed to allow the body to return to the starting position.#4 Abs Exercise. Reverse crunchJust as its name suggests, the reverse crunch is the opposite of the usual crunch. This isespecially good on the lower abs. It ranks better than the usual crunches because of the addedchallenge of lifting ones body against gravity using the abs muscles only.It is done by, first, lying on the floor with the arms relaxed at the sides, on the floor. Then, with thefeet crossed, the knees are brought to the chest until it is bent at 90 degrees. Then, using only theab muscles, the hips are lifted off the floor while the legs reach for the ceiling. Slowly, the body islowered down.# 3 Abs Exercise - Front plank on ballFor this exercise, an exercise ball and a flat bench are necessary. The flat bench act as the main
  3. 3. support for the upper body while the exercise ball is the movable support for the bottom part. Theexercise targets the abdominal muscles as well as the lower body for great washboard abs.The elbows are folded on a flat bench while the balls of the feet are resting on top of the ball. Theabs are contracted to make the body parallel to the floor. Then, the user goes back to startingposition using the abs muscle only, as much as possible.# 2 Abs Exercise - Captains Chair ExerciseThe Captains Chair Exercise involves a special equipment called a Captains Chair which lookslike an elevated arm chair with no seat; it has padded parts for comfort. It is important for toningthe abs muscles and the obliques. It also keeps the upper body fit.The exerciser grips the handholds to keep the upper part of the body stabilized. Then, whilepressing the back against the pad, the abs are contracted the legs are raised. The knees are thenlifted towards the chest without swinging them up. Slowly, the user goes back to starting position.# 1 Abs Exercise - Bicycle Crunch ExerciseThe Bicycle Crunch Exercise is considered to be among the best abs workout exercises. It directlytargets the abs muscles and the obliques. This exercise keeps the whole body moving so that italso tones the muscles of the upper and lower body.While lying on the floor with the fingers laced together behind the head, the knees are brought tothe chest and the shoulder blades lifted off the floor. One leg is straightened out while the upperbody is twisted to the opposite side so that the elbow reaches the opposite knee. While performingthe exercise, it is important to create a "pedaling" motion just like that used for a real bicycle. Theexercise is repeated for the other side.In conclusion, there are plenty of exercises and workout routines that people can try with somebeing more effective than the others. Abs Workout Equipment have come up with their top 10 AbsExercises. Some of these exercises also target other parts of the body for a better toned body tomatch the beautiful washboard abs. Although difficult at first, a lot of people can master theseexercises in no time at all to ensure great abs muscles within weeks of exercise. Moreover, toprevent injuries, it is important to follow the steps correctly and to breathe slowly and evenly.Looking for more information on how to strengthen your core? Visit Abs Workout Equipment for allthe latest ab workouts to help you achieve a washboard stomach.Article Source:
  4. 4. ==== ====For an effective guide to burning fat and finally getting your abs visit: ====