Experience success with subliminal messages


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Experience success with subliminal messages

  1. 1. ==== ====For effective subliminals that auctually work to turbocharge your results Check this out:http://www.subliminalmp3s.com/?alid=700975==== ====Our Thoughts, Our Subconscious, Our LifeIn the past few years, subliminal messaging has entrenched itself as an effective technique toaddress issues pertaining to ones mental makeup. Whether it is our anxiety about ourperformance in bed, our wilting away at the slightest criticism, our indecisiveness in those life-defining moments, our consistent failures in business, the butterflies that flutter in our stomachwhen appearing in an interview ... it is now known that the root of our problems lie in the way oursubconscious is programmed. It is through subliminal messaging that we can rewire oursubconscious, in order to feel in total control during sex, be immune to criticism, be decisive inthose life-defining moments, taste success after success in business, hold our own during thatinterview ... (Readers interested in my articles on the virtues of subliminal messaging may browsethrough my blog.)As the concept of subliminal messaging gains both depth and acceptability with people, thedemand for deploying the technique in different avatars has grown. For instance, there aresoftwares that flash positive subliminal messages on the screen while you work on the computer.Then there are subliminal-message-CDs that you can relax with, while sitting on the patio orwaiting for your turn at the doctors clinic. These CDs have subliminal messages embedded insoft, soothing music. The messages are grouped under specific categories: so you can buy a CDthat focuses on self-confidence thoughts, theres another on summoning enough courage to facethe exams, yet another on quitting smoking, and so on. The earlier versions of these CDs were astream of nice music, laced with messages spoken by a human voice in low volume, and that wasthat. But in recent years, researchers have come up with different techniques with which to deliverthe same message but more effectively.Some of the widely respected CDs have the following four components incorporated in theirsoundtrack.Binaural BeatsAs every high-school student of physics knows, a "beat" is a sound that emerges when twodifferent sounds that have slightly different pitch are produced simultaneously. This beat isproduced by the interference of these sound waves vibrating in the air. Human ears are geared topick up this nuance in the sound waves quite naturally. There is a special; auditory nerve (knownin science as the vestibulocochlear nerve - quite a mouthful, isnt it?) that carries encoded soundfrom each cochlea right through the thalamus to the auditory cortex of the brain. Now there arespecific cells in the cortex that vibrate at exactly the frequency that the corresponding ear ishearing. Another part of the cortex integrates the two frequencies. The result? The sameinterference that happens in the air happens in the brain, too, and the overall listening cognition is
  2. 2. that of a beat!Now how is this binaural beat thingy relevant to subliminal messaging, you might ask. The lowfrequency of the beat in the auditory cortex stimulates, through an as-yet-unknown process, thebasal forebrain to generate theta waveforms. And this is exactly the state the brain acquires whena person meditates. The brain, in this state, is now ready to process incoming signals that thebeats are carrying - which are the recording of subliminal messages in a human voice.Fascinating, isnt it?The Subliminal Messages, themselvesAs mentioned earlier, CDs are available on specific, focused categories. When you buy a CD, itusually has an accompanying MP3 file containing messages spoken in audible human voice, too;so you know exactly what is entering your subconscious when you are playing the CD.In the main soundtrack, the actual human voice that talks to you does so at so low decibel levels,that try as you might, you are not able to hear them. Yet, the same voice rides on the music wavesdancing at two different pitches, and pings on your subconscious precisely when the beats getcreated on your auditory cortex.In a sixty-minute recording, the first third of the soundtrack is usually pure subliminal messages,beamed at you sequentially and cyclically.Reverse MessagesRemember the Beatles song - "Rain" - that was released in 1966? One of the reasons it hoggedthe limelight was its last verse, which was sung in reverse; that is, the words made sense whenthe recording was played backwards. That was the first time interest in backward messaging, or"backmasking" as it came to be known as, developed.Credit goes to Australian researcher David John Oates for the pioneering work on "ReverseSpeech" and to bring this concept to world attention. He observed that when any recorded humanspeech is played backwards, embedded in the nonsensical audio can be detected very clear andintelligible statements. David suggests that human communication takes place at two levels: thefirst is the surface-level, audible communication that we trap through our conscious ears; and thesecond is a deeper communication that is not audible to our conscious ears, but which oursubconscious is very much attuned to. When a person is speaking outwardly, the tumult ofthoughts and emotions which is taking place in their subconscious is revealed in the second levelof their communication, but which can only become known when the voice is recorded and playedin reverse. The point relevant to us here is that the subconscious does not require any reverseplaying: it is well able to catch the underlying message on its own.Some subliminal-message-CDs in the market have brilliantly captured this concept in theirproduct. About one third of the CD is recorded with the same set of subliminal messages, but inthe reverse direction.Stereo ConfusionAs all music aficionados know, stereo playback gives an illusion of the music band playing right in
  3. 3. front of you - one instrument strumming on your left, another soft-thumping on your right... theworks. On your headphone, music streams to your two ears riding on different "channels" that areencoded separately.In Subliminal Messaging CDs, the sound-recordist uses these channels to stream two differentmessages to you _simultaneously_. This means that at the conscious level, you get to hear noise("confusion"). But unbeknown to you, your subconscious is still able to sift through the two differentmessages (remember the different cells in your auditory cortex tap-dancing to the differentfrequencies?), and make sense of what is being said. Very importantly, since the conscious mindignores these seemingly gibberish voices, it does not filter them at all, and the messages get achance to reach the subconscious directly. And that is what we want, dont we? :)Most respectable CDs worth their salt have the final one-third of their soundtrack filled with thisstereo confusion.Final WordI have experimented with subliminal messaging ever since they emerged on the world market as apackaged product for self-development. In a very short period of time, this New Age concept hasemerged from the recording room of audiophiles and bright psychoacoustics researchers to bloominto a million dollar industry in its own right. Experts in subliminal messaging keep their ear to theground to tap into any new invention in sound engineering, or any new discovery about humanpsyche, and build the same into their product. In case you have not given your battered andbruised subconscious a chance to rejuvenate itself already, now is the time to do so. Go for thebest subliminal messaging CD in the market, and watch your own transformation.Sanjay Agrawal is a Business Coach, counsellor and self-development enthusiast. His blog can besurfed here ; click on David John Oates site for further reading on Reverse Speech. Some verygood quality CDs that incorporate all the four components above, and which I have found to bequite effective, can be bought from this site.You have permission to publish this article for free provided this Resource Box is included in itsentirety. If you publish this article in a format that supports linking, please ensure that all URLs andemail addresses are active links. Please send a copy of the publication, or an email indicating theURL to: sanjay@myhelphub.com.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sanjay_Agrawal
  4. 4. ==== ====For effective subliminals that auctually work to turbocharge your results Check this out:http://www.subliminalmp3s.com/?alid=700975==== ====