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The Truth about Blogging


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An overview of the differences between a website and a blog, the benefits of blogging and why it's beneficial. The presentation also includes common objections to blogging and insight into why blogs some blogs fail and others succeed.

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The Truth about Blogging

  1. 1. THE TRUTH ABOUTBLOGGINGBlogging is a waste of time – Fact or Fiction?By Beth
  2. 2. Blogging for Business – Look and Then Leap• What is a blog?• Should my website have a blog?• Why should I blog?• I tried a blog it didn’t work
  3. 3. Differences between a blog and a websiteWebsite• Static pages (information doesn’tchange often if ever)• Content is focused ondescribing products andservices• One way communication• TransactionalBlog• Online journal or a series ofarticles in chronological order(Posts)• New content (posts) are addedfrequently• Content is intended to inform,engage, and/or entertain• Informal• Interactive – comments andsocial shares
  4. 4. Benefits of Blogging• Improve search engine placement – it’s not unusual for a blog tooutrank a brand for key search phrases• Attract new customers• Engage customers and keep them coming back• Become the authority in your niche• Reach a wider audience than through traditional newsletters andindustry publications• Build your brand• Build Trust• Generating links for SEO and direct traffic
  5. 5. Why Blog?• Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic & 70% more leads than those that dont• 65% of daily internet users read blogs.• 46% of daily internet users read >1 blog/day & 36% read 5-10 blogs/day
  6. 6. Common Objections to BloggingObjection: There’s already too much content and competition in theblogosphere.• Reality: There are more readers than bloggers and 65% of daily internet users readblogsObjection: My company sells products that no one wants to read about.• Reality: People that have a need for your products or services also have a need forinformation.Objection: It’s impossible to create unique content, everything has alreadybeen written about.• Reality: Everyone has a unique perspective on their industry and area of expertise.Objection: Blogging doesn’t drive traffic or generate leads.• Reality: Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic & 70% more leads thanthose that dont
  7. 7. Before you decide if blogging is right for your business…• Why do you want to have a blog?• Who do you want to read your blog?• What do you want to say? What’s your story?• Is your competition blogging? If so, how often are your competitors updating their blog?(this isn’t the most important question but it’s good to know)• How are you going to get people to read your blog? Are you already engaged in thesocial networks that your potential visitors use?• How much time can you devote to writing posts?• Do you have someone in your organization that can write? Do you have the budget tohire a professional writer if you don’t have an internal resource to write content for yourblog?
  8. 8. Reasons Blogs Succeed• There is a passion for sharing information• The blog has a practical purpose and is relevant• Content is optimized for humans and for search engines• There is a plan in place – editorial calendar• The blog is consistently updated (it doesn’t have to be daily)• The content is high quality• Posts are promoted and distributed through social channels• Comments are replied to• Social sharing is made easy• The performance of the blog is monitored and measured
  9. 9. Reasons Blogs Fail• Lack of planning and oversight• No passion for the topic• Because SEO that focuses only on keywords and getting links is dead• Inconsistent or infrequent updates• Purely self promotional• Information is off-topic and isn’t relevant• The content isn’t promoted or distributed• The content is of poor quality• The content isn’t easy to share
  10. 10. The Truth about Blogging• Blog with a purpose – or don’t create one• Focus on your visitors – they will turn into leads and customers• Optimize your content – the search engines will reward you (as long asyou also focus on your customer)• Engage – socialize and promote your content, don’t forget to promoteothers as well (share what others are saying more than you talk aboutyourself)• Be relevant – you’ll become a go-to resource and an authority in yourniche• Be consistent (and patient) – stick to your schedule and keeppublishing content, even if you think no one is listening• Be generous – give away free information, it will pay off
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