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Why to become a business angel


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The presentation covers the main reasons why and how to become a business angel.

It starts with who business angles are and why startups are such an interesting investment opportunities and continues with topics like mitigating risks, setting the investment strategy and investing criteria and so on.

The presentation ends with describing benefits of deal syndication and joining a business angel network.

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Why to become a business angel

  2. 2. • 10+ years working with start-ups • Management of university incubator, technology park and business angel network • Management of two start-up accelerators and co-working space • PODIM Conference – one of the biggest conferences inAlpe-Adria region • 600 lectures in CEE • Mentored over 300 start-ups • Two handbooks about startups, 1500+ pages on two blogs I am on a life mission to make the world a more innovative, organized and transparent place to be by helping individuals, organizations and communities achieve their peak potential and an entirely new level of performance. BLAZ KOS
  3. 3. An entirely new level of personal performance.