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Presentation of my past work and projects for IJS (Institut Jozef Stefan).

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  1. 1. Blaž Remškar Presentation of my past work
  2. 2. Blaž Remškar Electronics My first electronic/embedded projects • ATMEL AVR chips were my first introduction to the world of microcontrollers. • Code for some of my first projects was written in Assembler language. • Later I started writing code in C language because my project started to be more complicated. • Almost all electronic was made with protoboards or acrylic boards with drilled holes. POV persistence of visionMy circuit
  3. 3. Blaž Remškar Electronics Some of my first projects • Programming ATMEL chips with PonyProg serial device programmer. • Clap detectors for detecting one or several claps with relay output for triggering lights. • Heart shaped music detector for my girlfriend birthday present. • Light detector for controlling small solar panel. AVR programmer I've done all those projects alone from scratch. More complicated project was several clap detector, because I needed to make correct time measurements between the claps and the clap itself. Heart music Detector was soldered on plexiglass which was also very hard to do. LED heart
  4. 4. Blaž Remškar Electronics Some of my robotic projects This robot is able to follow black or with line. The algoritem is quite simple, all you need to do is just sense the reflection of two infrared LED transmitters and decide how to turn. Line following robot I made this robot just to impress people. When it runs it looks like alive creature, because it has separated micrcontroller just for turning head and it uses only one ultrasound sensor. Turning head caterpillar The robot was made for the obstacle detection and avoidance. I decided to make it more interesting. I made simple learning algoritem with weights so the robot can learn himself how to avoid obstacles in real enviroment. Artificial intelligence Only problem with this robots is power supply. The sensors were very simple wire switches and the microcontroller was directly connected to motors. I got the motors from the cell phone vibrator and they had no tyres. Micro robots • I started creating robots just for fun then it turned out that I really learned a lot about electronics and programming. • The robots that I created were only toys and they weren't very useful in real life applications.
  5. 5. Blaž Remškar Electronics Project for Machine Vision Laboratory FE • SensiNode wirelles nodes were the base of this project. • I also needed some embedded cameras in this case CMUcams for face detection. • The goal of this project was intergration between SensiNode and CMUcam not so much data statistic from captured data. The idea was to detect human faces with cameras and then measuring the time and the number of the faces in front of the camera. The data can then be transmitted from node to node and then through router to the software where the data can be further analyzed for the needs of marketing. So I needed to make some protocol between cameras and the wireless nodes. It was a simple SPI interface on both sides for sending information about the time and number of faces from cameras and acknowledge info from wireless nodes. Wireless network of cameras for determing public interests
  6. 6. Blaž Remškar Electronics Basic idea of this sensor network Send the number of detected faces and the time based on changed number of faces to the node. Then wait for acknowledge from node. Cameras Establish wireless Mash network between the nodes and start sending the data from the camera to router. Nodes Made some statistics based on node number, time of looking and number of faces. This can be further presented for the marketing needs. Statistic
  7. 7. Blaž Remškar Electronics Components of my system intergration The CMUcam is a low-cost, low-power sensor for mobile robots. I used the Viola-Jones sample project that comes with the CMUcam. It is an example of a lightweight face detector. The algorithm is based on the face detection by P. Viola and M. Jones. It contains NanoStack, NanoRouter and NanoService solution and they are an ideal building blocks for the Internet of Things based on IPv6 (6LoWPAN). I used the basic mesh networking that comes with the stack, and it cover multiple hops. Is a network analyzer tool for visualizing network activity, node data statistics and routing information of sensor network. I modified this SW so that message log fits my data requirements. Further statistics processing can be made with Matlab. CMUcam Sensinode NodeView
  8. 8. Blaž Remškar Electronics My work at Spica International I started working in Spica back in 2009. My primary tasks in HW development were writing drivers and decoders for card readers and PCB design. •Now I still take part in Spica only as external employee because most of the HW projects are almost completed. In addition to my main tasks which has been focused on card readers decoders and drivers, I also made several other HW and SW projects including PCBs, desktop applications, smart cards programming SW, some web related things and automatic HW stress and smoke tests. I also worked a lot on integration between our controllers and a wide variety of fingerprint sensors. My first work place in Spica My second fingerprint sensor integration and first installation in Spica
  9. 9. Blaž Remškar Electronics Some of the projects in Spica Card readers input circuit for our I/O unit with only 5 pins for 4 readers and 4 external push buttons. A physical test unit that contains simulation of card readers and other sensors our controllers protocol and protocol for my Python scripts. We implemented Z1B in our cloud application. Our device Zone Button. There are three different devices in one hardware. TOWER (Linux) and I/O unit (MQX RTOS) integration. I also wrote some drivers for dev board TOWER.
  10. 10. Blaž Remškar Electronics I/O unit PCB development for Spica • Spica needed to develop a simple door and sensors I/O expansion unit for our smart controllers and Zone Button devices. The device currently carries the name Zone Door. • My task was to develop the circuit board with minimal resources. It contains a power supply inputs for readers, sensors, and two relay outputs and it is based on MCF51JM128 which runs MQX RTOS. PCB view in Eagle 3D In addition to electronics that I developed for this I/O unit, I also developed all the drivers for readers, sensors, relays and CAN communication. I also had to find most of the components and housing. PCB from manufacturer
  11. 11. Blaž Remškar Electronics Some of my Web projects My love for Dubstep music led me to do a nice graphical web page. In this project I learned a lot about HTML, CSS and GIMP. I also used a nice beautiful flash player and Javascript slider for presenting the newest YouTube Dubstep music videos. I wanted to create mobile social network for meeting people with common interests on bus or train. Page includes basic login and interests tagging. This was my first page in CMS, more exactly Drupal. I also tried Joomla, and now I see that developing in CMSs is very easy and you can also write your modules in PHP and make design changes in CSS, so you can modify almost anything you want. With this you can very quickly develop a website based on your needs.
  12. 12. Blaž Remškar Electronics My future goals • I am very interested in all things related to the Internet of Things, wireless sensor networks and embedded electronics in general. • I would also take some new SW and Web projects just to expand my horizon further, but my primary love will always be embedded electronics.