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Speech Transcript - Responsibilities of VPPR


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Introduction of the Vice President of Public Relation role in Toastmasters club. Speech was given in Toastmasters Leadership Institute Brno, 14/06/2014.

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Speech Transcript - Responsibilities of VPPR

  1. 1. Hello, everybody. I am very happy to be here as VPPR Mentor. My goal now is to introduce VPPR role and also leave some time for questions. I would like to spread my role into two separate parts. Inform members about outer world  Watch out important events inside the club and inform members afterwards. E. g. if someone achieved a new level of speaking mastery or win a contest  Watch events and club meetings organized by other clubs and then inform members of our club. Inform outer world about Toastmasters and my club - Publicize the Club Offline Promotion and Online Promotion Offline promotion  Leaflets – we created leaflets and distributed them to club members  Business Cards – This is a new idea in BTM  Look for opportunities o 101 Expertů o my own all ten fingers typing Online promotion  Take care of websites  Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)  E-mail Marketing (MailChimp for free)  Content Marketing Simply let the world know that your club exists and share the value of Toastmasters. Author: Michal Blažek, VPPR, Bohemian Toastmasters, Prague, Czech Republic Source: Club Leadership Handbook,