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Field day presentation


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Published in: Education
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Field day presentation

  1. 1. Field Day Essential: What is physical activity? Unit: What are some ways to stay physically active? How many different ways can you move to stay physically active?Content: How can being physically active improve your health benefits? What are some health benefits of being physically active?
  2. 2. Unit Summary• In this unit, students will perform several forms of activities such as throwing, catching, running, and jumping.• There will be a field day to showcase their skills
  3. 3. Role of Teacher• The role of the teacher will be to oversee the field day competitions and make sure that each activity is set up properly and appropriate for the students.
  4. 4. Role of the Parent• The role of the parent is to attend the field day event and enjoy watching their children compete in different activities
  5. 5. Role of the Students• The roles of the students are to learn the applied skills for the field day and have practices to prepare for the field day.
  6. 6. Benefits• This will allow students to be efficiently physically fit.• This will enhance their social skills and make physical activity enjoyable• Students will learn many different activities to maintain a physically active lifestyle.
  7. 7. Standards• P.E.1.2.) Apply varied effort and pathways to running, jumping, and throwing.• P.E.1. 4.) Demonstrate manipulative skills by catching a bounced ball with hands, volleying a soft object, kicking a stationary object, and throwing a ball underhand with two hands• P.E.1. 1.) Demonstrate jumping and landing skills by using one- and two-foot takeoff methods, balancing at varying levels on multiple body parts, and forming bridges using different body parts
  8. 8. Objectives• When asked to throw a ball, the students will throw the ball with at least 80% accuracy• When given the opportunity to catch a ball, the students will catch with at least 80% accuracy• When given the opportunity to run, students will run properly with at least 80% accuracy• When asked to jump, students will jump properly with at least 80% accuracy
  9. 9. Project Based Learning• Project Based Learning allows students to work together as a group and combine different ideas as a whole• It will allow students to use 21st century skills to relate their ideas to outside world
  10. 10. Contact Info• Blayne Green• Email• Office Hours 11-12:30, 2-3:00 pm