Activism Project.


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Activism Project.

  1. 1. Habitat for Humanity WS 247 Activism Project by: Melanie 
  2. 2. My Goals while working with Habitat  Get to know the people I work with on a personal level.  Learn how women play a role in the Habitat process.  Learn and examine if the physical differences between men and woman affect working conditions.  Acquire some new skills and techniques from the men and women at the build site.  Lend my time to help people in need.
  3. 3. The plan for my project was fairly simple. What I wanted to gain the most out of this was the wisdom and stories of the amazing people I met in the process. I also wanted to gain a personal expansion on the topic of women and men in the physical workforce. To accomplish my goals, I gave an active effort to do more than just pound nails and cut wood all day. While doing the tasks that I was assigned to I was working with various people, talking and exchanging opinions and getting to know each other. While donating eight hours at the build site, I planned to silently examine how the women and men were interacting, and scan who was doing what jobs, and if women were being given equal chances given the lack of physical strength. I planned to do the same examining at the restore. 
  4. 4. My day at the build site in South Moorhead…. I spent the day helping with all sorts of tasks. When I arrived in the morning there was no roof, and by the end of the day we had all the rafters up and the sheeting, and most of the windows in. I also spent some time getting to know the people I was working with and got to know a little about the family receiving the house.
  5. 5. More pictures from the build site…. Church Service Church members and children An apron with the Women Build logo. had singed their prayers and blessings on the support beams.
  6. 6. Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty declared June 15, 2009 WomenBuild™ Day.  WomenBuild™ is a program of Habitat for Humanity International that encourages women and girls from all walks of life to have fun, develop new skills and help transform communities by building decent, safe and affordable homes for hard-working low-income families. WomenBuild™ projects have empowered women all over the world to make a tangible difference in their communities.  Found at
  7. 7. Reflections ….. On Habitat for Humanity  Amazing organization!  Equal opportunities for all; men, woman, young, and old  Learn many things  Life skills  Work and labor techniques  Everyone is needed and wanted  Simple process to lend your time  Great people everywhere
  8. 8. Many of my beginning goals were accomplished in my project. I met some amazing people who taught me some life, and work skills. I got to see just a small portion of the work they devote their free time to. I know they all had one common drive, to give some of their time to better the life of a family in need. 
  9. 9. I learned that gender means little at Habitat for Humanity. The fact that a woman is essentially weaker than a man physically was a minor setback in the process, contradictory to what society might say. I saw strong, committed, and driven men, women, and children willing to sweat away their Sunday afternoon, even if all they were doing was handing out water. All played a role in this wonderful procedure. 