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War In Afghanistan


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Published in: News & Politics
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War In Afghanistan

  1. 1. War in Afghanistan Blase Biello & Joshua Martin-Corrales
  2. 2. Links for More Info:• %282001%E2%80%93present%29• PLACEMAT.MARCH%252004..pdf••• present)
  3. 3. GEN. INFO• The War in Afghanistan began as U.S. Armed Forces launched Operation Enduring Freedom in response to 9/11 attacks.• The British Armed Forces & Afghan United Front joined the U.S.
  4. 4. 9/11 Attacks• The reason for the War in Afghanistan• 2,752 civilians killed on September 11,2001.• 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked 4 commercial passenger jets.• 2 of the jets went into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC.• 1 of the jets crashed into the Pentagon.• 1 of the jets crashed in Shanksville, PA.
  5. 5. 5 W’s• Who? W• What?• When?• Where?• Why?
  6. 6. WHO?At Invasion: Currently: At Invasion: Currently:• United • NATO • Taliban (Al- States (including Qaeda, IMU, U.S., United +4 more)• United Kingdom, • Islamic Kingdom Germany, VS Emirate of Afghanistan • TTP(Pakistan)• Northern France, 44 • IEW(Pakistan) Alliance more) • Al-Qaeda • TNSM(Pakista• Hezb-i • Afghanistan n) Wahdat • Anti-Taliban • IJU(Uzbekista Force n)
  7. 7. Quick Fact• On September 9, 2001; anti- Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah Massoud was killed in a suicide bombing.• He had warned that his intelligence had gathered info on a huge attack on the U.S. being imminent.
  8. 8. What?• Stated goal of destroying Al-Qaeda and ending its use of Afghanistan as its base.• U.S. also promised to turn Afghanistan into a democracy and remove Taliban power.• In the first couple weeks, the U.S. (with allies) got Taliban regime out of power in Kabul and most of Afghanistan.• The democratic Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was established.
  9. 9. When?• October 7, 2001 - Present BUT One of the main goals of the War in Afghanistan (War on Terror) was to kill/ capture Osama Bin Laden [head of Al- Qaeda] and just recently (5/1/11) he was killed, so will the War in Afghanistan continue until all of Al-Qaeda is taken care of ?
  10. 10. Where?• Afghanistan (mountainous country in south-central Asia)
  11. 11. Why?• Already covered - but to fight the war on terror, establish a democracy in Afghanistan, capture Osama Bin Laden, destroy Al-Qaeda.