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Seoul topis


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Seoul topis

  1. 1. Seoul TOPIS (Transportation OPeration & Information Service) Traffic Accident ahead Road Maintenance Ahead 5km/h 15km/h Divert to B road Drive safe 전방 승용차 추돌사고 10km/h 미만 정체 A 도로 승용차 추돌사고 10km/h 미만 정체 B 도로 40km/h There is an Incident. Do you want to re-route? Park your bike and transfer to subway BUS Mode Distance Route Travel Time Cost Carbon Emission 1,000 Transit 11.50km Bus Route No. 471 Subway Line 2 41 Min. 0.6kg Won Passenger Car 9,000 2.4kg 10.60km Samil Rd. Hanam Rd. Kangnam Ave. 35 Min. Won Samil Hannam Kangnam 0 Won Bicycle 13.70km 58 Min. 0.0kg Biclyce Rd. Biclyce Rd. Biclycle Ave. Transfer to Subway Walk 12.10km Walk 55 Min. 1,000 Subway Line 1 Won -0-
  2. 2. Seoul BMS/BIS (Bus Management System / Bus Information System) For Public Bus Company Bus Information Terminal •Real-Time Location ARS Mobile Internet •Headway management y g •Incidents •Routes, Schedule •Arrival time •Location •Arrival information •Headway •Operation status -1-