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Research paper


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Research paper

  1. 1. Blankinship1Kara BlakinshipTillery2nd PeriodSenior ProjectNovember 28, 2011 Food Drive Around the world how many people starve to death?It is estimated that some 800 millionpeople in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, about 100 times as many as those whoactually die from it each year.There are approximately 15 million children dying each year.Throughout the 1990’s 100 million children died from illnesses and starvation, and their livescould have been prevented for the price of two days of the Military. To start a food drive you need to get a decent amount of people to help you. Second, youneed to hand out fliers everywhere. Like restaurants, on the streets, to homeless shelters, and anylocal stores around. Also, you have to get donations on things to help you cook and that’s whereit can become a timely thing. You have to make sure the people you are getting help from areactually going to go through with it. Then you have to rent out a place to have it and make sureit’s big enough to fit a lot of the people who came in. Make sure you plan it months in advancedbecause you have to make sure you can have enough time to plan and set everything up. Last but
  2. 2. Blankinship2not least, you have to wear a smile on your face and let them know they are well served and feelcomfortable. Food drives can be known all over the United States. They bring a lot of happiness toomany kinds of people, whether rich or poor. A model of breaking the cycle of poverty thatworks. “Ten people become an intentional community of support who, along with theirconnections, to work for one year achieving the.”(United Methodist Church). There can bedifferent types of food drives. One most likely known is food drives on thanksgiving orChristmas. For everyone to doesn’t have a family or a steady home they can go to the food driveand spend holidays with caring people. Also the children’s healthcare of Atlanta does somethingfor the sick during the holidays. So I thought that I could donate canned goods to the children’sparents to help them out in a time of need. Food drives can also be considered helping othercountries. In example feed the children. You see the commercials all over the television aboutfeed the children. That is a bigger event that I couldn’t do with just a short period of time. Theyget all kind of people to donate food and make donations to help. In my project I took nodonations on the canned goods that I was giving to the homeless or the less fortunate. Eventhough feed the children isn’t a food drive it’s considered helping young children who doesn’thave a well economy and is in need for help. There is a list of things you can do: set up a food drive where you cook, schoolcompetitions, host a movie night and charge a canned good item, you can have pajama day tomake the kids bring food items. You can do a lot of things to help out the community. Thenumber one thing to do is get the kids involved. Kids can get the word around and set a positivething for everyone around the world. What I plan on doing is hosting a food drive at the daycareI work at and tell the parents that a reward gets handed out to the kid who brings in the most
  3. 3. Blankinship3canned goods. After they give the canned goods I need to go around and collect all of them andsee who is going to win the prize. We are throwing a surprise pizza party for the class whobrought in the most canned goods. After they found out who won all the kids were begging to dothe food drive again. This inspires me to not only do this as a project but to keep in going as anongoing project. Food drive also doesn’t have to be where you cook for them you can also do afood can drive. You can get with a local grocery store and ask them to put out fliers to collectcanned goods. Also you can set up something with schools, like a competition for the classes toraise as many canned goods as possible. I met with one lady that works for a school and she saidevery year around the holidays her school will see who can raise the most canned goods andwhoever raises the most will get free ice cream. So it can be good for both schools and a fooddrive. Kids will get a flier sent home that tells their parents all about the food drive and what itfor. Then they will let they class make a box to put all the canned goods in. Then the kids get allhyped up and will drive their parents crazy till they bring in canned goods. All kids see knowabout how life is for other people because some kids, like me, will grow up and will want to helpthe less fortunate and it will change their lives forever. Schools all around the world are sending out fliers to reach out to people that needit most. Kids are helping other kids to have what they need to survive. Everyone can join in onthe help to save hunger, not just adults. A flier I read talks about how much the food is neededbecause it’s around Christmas time and they are trying to give the children and adults aChristmas like they never had. So it’s important for everyone to join in. Churches around theworld are asking for help to start food drives for the homeless around holidays. Because howwould you feel to be homeless on the holidays? No matter how bad or how good the people are
  4. 4. Blankinship4everyone deserves to be helped. “Everybody deserves a second chance in this world”(ShannenDoherty).Not everyone deserves to be in positions like this, so all the help you can get is needed. Not only do churches do food drives places like, cub scouts, nursing homes, missionariesand just everyday ordinary people. I chose this because I know what it feels like on holidayswhen you have no one and no home. I’ve talked to many people on this journey and one man Imet and will quote him verbatim “food drives are the only thing I look forward too, when youhave no food, no home, or not family things like these will brighten your day.” This manchanged my view on everything. Not only does this make a change in you life, it makes a changein their life too. “Good things come to those who wait.” I put this quote in my paper because theless fortunate wait almost every day for something like this. Only once a year does this happen tothem. This quote has inspired me to make food drives happen more often to make this world awhole lot better. This project is going to change my life forever and inspire me till I get in college. It takesa lot of hard work and effort to complete something this big. With setting up a place to have it tomaking the place feel homely for the people that comes in, it’s a lot of stress to make somethinglike this happen. You have to keep a strong attitude and think positive the whole time. You maynot think it’s going to be a good outcome, but for me it was worth the stress.