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Shopping guide for blanket throws


Published on BLANKET’S N MORE is here to offer you highest level of comfort you’ll ever need! Look through our blanket throws line and get the greatest deals.

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Shopping guide for blanket throws

  1. 1. Blankets are generally used for warmth, whilesheets are for hygiene, comfort and aesthetics.That’s why… BLANKET’S N MOREis here to offer you highest level of comfortyou’ll ever need!
  2. 2. Blankets are distinguished from sheets bytheir thickness and purpose; the thickestsheet is still thinner than the lightest blanket.Here we offer you a wide array of choicesfrom over a thousand selection.
  3. 3. Blanket’s n more is known to be thepowerhouse of specialized blankets! Yes andhere are the popular high class blankets weall have for you!
  4. 4. Ten Cotton Tapestry Throw
  5. 5. This creative Ten Cotton Throw is the work ofthe Sparrow Sisters whose work has beeninspired by their mother whose wisdom andstrength has helped them in many of theirendeavors. "Ten" means mother in Salish.
  6. 6. The size of this throw is 52" x 68" and is 100%cotton. The pattern in this cotton throwsymbolizes the many accomplishments andlife events of the Sisters.
  7. 7. Native Yiikah (Turquoise) Blanket Throw
  8. 8. The Yiikah native design is a jacquard BlanketThrow with superior Loft and incredibleWarmth. Beautiful rich colors and detailmake this a real classic. Size: 60x80 (Twin)50% Acrylic 50% Recycled Polyester
  9. 9. Southwest Cortez Blanket Throw
  10. 10. Inspired by designs of Classic Tradition, thissouthwest Cortez blanket throw is rich incolor and impressive to the eye. PerfectHome Accessory across your sofa or favoritearm chair. Made of 90% Acrylic, 10%Polyester. Made in Mexico.
  11. 11. John Deere Boys and Girls Quilt Set- Twin(Available while Supplies Last)
  12. 12. These beautiful quilts are rich in color anddesign, a true quality made product. Twinquilt sets include one 64" x 86" quilt and one20" x 26" sham.
  13. 13. 100% cotton quilt featuring heavyembroidery, appliques and stitching. Machinewash cool water, tumble dry low heat.
  14. 14. John Deere Blankets and Throws
  15. 15. There are numerous of blankets selection forJohn Deere Blankets and Throws such as JohnDeere “Just Tractor” Throw, John DeereBlocks Baby Blanket, John Deere Tractor, JohnDeere Tractor Green Border throwBlanket, John Deere Classic “60x50”Blanket/Throw, John Deere Green Tractor-Fleece Throw,
  16. 16. John Deere Pink Camo Flee Throw, JohnDeere Youth Fleece Sleeping Bag-Pink CamoFloral, John Deere Waterloo TapestryThrow, John Deere Tractor TapestryThrow, John Deere Tractor Classic CollectionBlanket, John DeereTractor Youth SleepingBag,
  17. 17. Enjoy Our Wonderful John Deere Tapestriesand Throws for Years to Come with Familyand Friends!
  18. 18. Everyone seems to be enjoying! Get yours now!!!