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Journal entries

  1. 1. Keys to Success Emotional Intelligence Journal Assignments You will submit this document at the end of the termDirections:Each Emotional Intelligence Journal corresponds with a chapter in your book. There are12 chapters and you will complete 12 Journal entries. Go to each page to answer thequestions for each Journal in this document. For example, under Emotional IntelligenceJournal 1 (page 24 in your book), read each question in your book and place your answersin this document. (DO NOT complete “Real-Life Writing”)Chapter 1- (page 26) Emotional Intelligence Journal - How you are feeling nowRight now I’m feeling a little weird about college because it’s a lot different from what I expected, and alot different from high school, it’s not that I think it’s though or I think the work load is harder or moredifficult, the fact is that I’m facing a new set of challenges that I wasn’t expecting. But I guess it’s also agood thing that im being challenged by new experiences, and I’m learning a lot of new things, with anew set of responsibilities that I’ve gained while being here in this short amount of time.
  2. 2. Chapter 2 - (page 58) Emotional Intelligence Journal – How you feel about your time managementRight now I know for a fact that I’m not using my time management to my uses, I only have class threetimes a week, Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and on the days when i’m not at school I suppose Icould study or do some homework but I don’t I guess I would say that its weird that for me it seems thatthe only time I can really focus and get any work down is in the morning, not like seven, or eight, I meanlike three or four o’clock in the morning, I’m at my happiest when I’m sitting down in my room at 3a.msitting on my computer typing up a paper for school, or writing a screenplay or a poem or something itjust makes me feel happy. I know it’s not a good time to focus and decided to do my work but for me itjust seems easier for me to focus, I guess that’s why all my classes are night classes I’ve always seemedto do better when the sun is down. The down side to that is that once I finish my work I tend to spendthe rest of the day sleeping when I could be doing work from my other classes or going out to thecampus and engaging with other students, study groups and joining clubs, not being able to go to thecampus and socially interact with other people it’s something I’ve always had a hard time with and nowthat I chose to stay up all night to do work when I could just do it during the day I think it gives me anexcise not to go out and meet people because I can always say I was just to tried or I stayed up doingschool work and telling myself that I can’t go to the club meeting study group because “I’m worn out Ican’t go anywhere today”. This is something I desperately need to change.
  3. 3. Chapter 3 – (page 87) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Your interactions with othersI feel like I’ve always had a hard time getting to know people, I tend to sit and watch the action orinteractions of the people around me and not do anything. If you were to ask me how I met any of myfriends I wouldn’t be able to tell you, I’m not really sure how I met any of my friends, but I know most ofmy friends or the people I hang out with are generally strong-minded people who are very opinionated,and strong believers in what they believe, there usually that type of people where if there mind is set onone situation the only way to get them to change the opinion on the matter is the show cold hard proof.Yes sometimes that can irk me but not much, it’s more of the type of person who thinks that they arealways right about everything and then when there proven wrong they get upset, rather than to justexpect the fact they were wrong and get over it, and someone who feels like they always have to be thecenter of attention all the time. I think that’s why I have a hard time getting to know people orinteracting with them, because from my personal experience people who tend to do those things usuallycause the most drama and that is just something I try my hardest to say away from because dramacauses stress and stress causes me to lose focus, and right now losing focus is not what I need in my life,my goals are very important to me and I’ve had my goals set since I was a little kid and I don’t wantanyone or anything to get in the way, but as I begin to grow and learn I realize that no matter where I gothere are always gonna be people who are self rightest and loud attention seekers and I have to get useto the fact that at times I’ll have to deal with people like that and I have to work pass that irk to getalong with those type of people.
  4. 4. Chapter 4 - (page 120) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Make a wiser choiceThere was this one time a couple of months ago I got into this big drama filled fiasco with one of myclose friends and every time that I think about it I wish I’d handled it very differently. I let my emotionsget the better of me and I listened to other people who new little or nothing about the situation and I letthat fuel me into make a decision that I use to regret, I don’t regret making the decision it’s the eventsthat led up to me making that decision it what I wish to be able to have handled differently. I wouldn’thave listened to the outsiders who had nothing to do with the situation, I would’ve controlled myemotions and sat down and talked out the problem as a mature young adult rather than the way I did.When I sit back and think about the way I handled it, I feel childish forever even acting the way I did, Isee myself now and how much I’ve changed since it happened and I know I shouldn’t have do it the wayI did and that I regret deeply.
  5. 5. Chapter 5 - (page 156) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Reading challengesEnglish right now is my most difficult reading challenge, I like the subject and all but sometimes it gets alittle over =whelming with the parts of speech and the grammar. Usually I’ve never had a problem inEnglish it was always one of my best subjects in high school. It was the only class I looks forward to whengoing to school because I knew I was good in it. But know I’m starting to feel like I’m not god in anything.
  6. 6. Chapter 6 - (page 184) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Understanding your needs and making changesWhen I was in high school in my 11th grade chemistry class I always had a hard time taking notes in thatclass for some reason, it’s not that the class was hard it was just that I couldn’t focus nothing in thatclass applied to me. So I couldn’t remember anything I wrote. It was like I felt like a mindless puppetbecause I didn’t know what I was writing ever.
  7. 7. Chapter 7- (page 218) Emotional Intelligence Journal – How feelings connect study successEarlier this year in my sls class we had to do our midterm on weebly and I felt really good about itbecause I had to use it when I was in the 11th grade we had to do a project involving us making our ownwebsite about a bacteria. And I felt really good about it because I knew what I was doing and I was ableto get my work done. I didn’t feel lost or confused like I usually do I was really excited about doing it.
  8. 8. Chapter 8- (page 252) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Test typesMath and science test bring up the most negative feelings for me when taking a test, even when I studyfor them I still feel like I’m going to fail the test. I always feel like I’m not smart enough to past. Theyhave never been my best subject. But when it comes to English or history it’s like a hole another storyimp good in history and English. Taking test like that makes me feel comfortable and confident. Like Iwish that I could put the confidence that I have in English and history in math and science.
  9. 9. Chapter 9 - (page 281) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Your experience with prejudiceI was discriminated by my best friend, I had finally decided to come out and tell her about my sexuallyand she stopped talking to me for like a couple of weeks. Like whenever we would try and have a girlsnight she would turn me down and say she’s sick or something. But then the next day I see pictures ofher and our other friends hanging out for a girl’s night out. I felt hurt by the whole situation she wassupposed to be my friend and I thought she would expect me but I was wrong. It took her a while tocome around but it still hurt in the end.
  10. 10. Chapter 10 - (page 312) Emotional Intelligence Journal – AddictionWhen it comes to addiction of any kind I’m against it. Addiction runs in my family and I try my hardest tostay away from addictive substances. My grandfather was an alcoholic. He drank and smoked all thetime and it was something that I really didn’t like because of the masses of smoke and alcohol he wasused it was just hard to sit there knowing that he was killing himself. I do not like addiction of any kindwhether its drugs, alcohol, sex or the internet.
  11. 11. Chapter 11 - (page 342) Emotional Intelligence Journal – You and creditI have a bit of OCD compliance when it comes to things being on if I were a credit card user Iwould pay my bills on time. I hate owning money to people, but I have no problem avoiding people. If Iwere a credit card user I would use it only for emergencies. I think would feel bad every time I use mycredit card because I know I would have to pay that money back I would become very depressed.
  12. 12. Chapter 12 - (page 369) Emotional Intelligence Journal – Revisit your personal missionI feel like that at the being of this course I was just lacking just like doing it because I had to. But knowit’s like a whole new type of motivation for me. Every day I can see myself getting closer and closer tomy achieving my short term goal. Seeing that makes me happy cause I know it’s helping me finish so thatI can go froth and achieve my long term goal and that makes me happy.