Emily bland 6 personality typing


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Emily bland 6 personality typing

  1. 1. Activity Sheet: Personality Typing: The PAP Assessment © Robert M. Sherfield, Ph.D., 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008NAME: Emily BlandDirections: Read each statement carefully and thoroughly. After reading the statement, rateyour response using the scale below. There are no rights or wrong answers. This is not a timedsurvey. The PAP is based, in part, on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) by KatharineBriggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers.3 = Often Applies2 = Sometimes Applies1 = Never or Almost Never Applies_____3__1a. I am a very talkative person._____2_1b. I am a more reflective person than a verbal person,____1___2a. I am a very factual and literal person._____2__2b. I look to the future and I can see possibilities._____2__3a. I value truth and justice over tact and emotion._____2__3b. I find it easy to empathize with other people.____3___4a. I am very ordered and efficient._____3__4b. I enjoy having freedom from control.____3___5a. I am a very friendly and social person.____3___5b. I enjoy listening to others more than talking.____2___6a. I enjoy being around and working with people who have a great deal of common sense.____3___6b. I enjoy being around and working with people who are dreamers and have a great deal of imagination.___2____7a. One of my motivating forces is to do a job very well.___2____7b. I like to be recognized for, and I am motivated by, my accomplishments and awards.____3___8a. I like to plan out my day before I go to bed.____2___8b. When I get up on a non-school or non-work day, I just like to let the day "plan itself."
  2. 2. ____3___9a. I like to express my feelings and thoughts.___3____9b. I enjoy a great deal of tranquility and quiet time to myself._____1__10a. I am a very pragmatic and realistic person.____3___10b. I like to create new ideas, methods, or ways of doing things._____2__11a. I make decisions with my brain._____3__11b. I make decisions with my heart.____2___12a. 1 am a very disciplined and orderly person.____3___12b. I dont make a lot of plans._____2__13a. I like to work with a group of people._____3__13b. I would rather work independently.____3___14a. I learn best if I can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, or hear it.___2____14b. I learn best by relying on my gut feelings or intuition.____2___15a. I am quick to criticize others.____3___15b. I compliment others very easily and quickly._____1__16a. My life is systematic and organized._____3__16b. I dont really pay attention to deadlines.____2___17a. I can be myself when I am around others._____3__17b. [can be myself when I am alone._____2__18a. I live in the here and now, in the present._____3__18b. I live in the future, planning and dreaming.____2___19a. I think that if someone breaks the rules, the person should be punished._____3__19b. I think that if someone breaks the rules, we should look at the person who broke the rules, examine the rules, and look at the situation at hand before a decision is made.____1___20a. I do my work, then I play.___3____20b. I play, then do my work.
  3. 3. Refer to your score on each individual question. Place that score beside the appropriatequestion number below. Then, tally each line at the side. TOTAL SCORE ACROS CODE S1 a =3 5 a =3 9 a =3 13 a =2 17 a =2 13 E - Extrovert1 b =2 5 b =3 9 b =3 13 b =3 17 b =3 14 I - Introvert2 a=1 6 a =2 10 a =1 14 a =3 18 a =2 9 S - Sensing2 b =2 6 b =3 10 b =3 14 b =2 18 b =3 13 N - Intuition3 a =2 7 a =2 11 a =2 15 a =2 19 a =2 10 T - Thinking3 b =2 7 b =2 11 b =3 15 b =3 19 b =3 13 F - Feeling4 a =3 8 a =3 12 a =2 16 a =1 20 a =1 10 J - Judging4 b =3 8 b =2 12 b =3 16 b =3 20 b =3 14 P - PerceivingPAP SCORESPersonality Indicator (Type)Look at the scores on your PAP. Is your score higher in the E or I line? Is your scorehigher in the S or N line? Is your score higher in the T or F line? Is your score higher inthe J or P line? Write the code to the side of each section below.Is your higher score E or I Code_____I________Is your higher score S or N Code_____N________Is your higher score T or F Code______F_______Is your higher score J or P Code______P_______