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Campus website catalogscavengerhunt


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Campus website catalogscavengerhunt

  1. 1. Activity: Using Your Campus Website and College CatalogNAME:Emily Bland SLS 1001 Ref. #423849 Instructor: Leith Mazzochi PART 1: Campus Website Complete the following:1. List three items you can find on the campus homepage: 1. _The Career Center______________________________________________________ 2. _My BC login___________________________________________________________ 3. _Financial Aid__________________________________________________________2. Locate the following information from your academic calendar: 1. When is the last day to withdraw from courses? __3/20/2012_________________ 2. What holidays occur this term? _Spring Break____________________________________ 3. What is the last day of classes? ___4/20/2012________________________________________ 4. When do finals begin? End? ___4/20/2012______________________________________3. List three items you could find on campus library page: 1. _South Campus library ____________________________________________________ 2. _North Campus Library __________________________________________________________ 3. _Central Campus Libary__________________________________________________________ Does the library have an online catalog that you can use to see if a particular book is in the library? ____YES __X__NO 4. Find the list of degree or certification programs. List three that interest you. 1. Graphic design____________________________________________________________ 2. _Multimedia__________________________________________________________________ 3. __Massage____________________________________________________________________ 5. Find the calendar of campus events. List one event that you would like to attend and its date/time. ____A Taste of Culture: A Multicultural Festival __March 29,2012_______________________________
  2. 2. 6. Find the student handbook. List three topics within it. 1. __student planner_____________________________________________________________ 2. __campus directories_____________________________________________________ 3. _ student oraganizations___________________________________________________________7. Find a list of student organizations. List one that you would be interested in joining. __________GSA- Gay Straight Alliance ________________________________________________8. Find information on financial assistance. Identify one type of financial assistance on your campus. ______Financial Aid _____________________________________________________________________9. Find information about any other campus office or service that interests you. List the office or serviceand describe why it interests you.____i can’t find one that interest me _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PART 2: College CatalogUse your college print or online catalog to complete the following.1. Find and record information about two scholarships/loans for which you might be eligible. Federal direct unsubsidized Stafford loans and foundation scholarships2. Find the curriculum in which you plan to major. a. Compare/contrast courses suggested for your first term with those suggested for your final term. How do you account for similarities/differences? There almost the same the only difference is that some may be hard b. Examine the curriculum carefully. Locate two courses in your major area and read their descriptions. Which will you find more enjoyable? Why? I think creative writing will be great because I love to write
  3. 3. c. Read the description for each of the courses in which you are now enrolled. How do the descriptions compare to the actual content of the course? What conclusion(s) might you draw about the courses and descriptions you identified in b?3. Using your college catalog glossary or other campus resource, define each of the following terms in yourown words:Academic calendar; the date and important things you should know during the termDrop;to drop a courseWithdrawal: to withdrawal from a courseResidency: students that live in a state of a learning facilityElective: a optional courseSyllabus: outline of the classTranscript: a print out version of your scores and gradesPrerequisites: classes that are required for the student to take in order to take a certain classTransfer credit: credit hours that are earned during any semester at another schoolCredit hour:
  4. 4. Activity: Identifying Campus ResourcesCampus ResourcesNow that you have completed the Scavenger Hunt of what’s on your campus. Go to each of the followinglocations on your campus and find out what it offers in order to answer the following questions: 1. College Bookstore. Other than textbooks, what does the bookstore sell? Clothes, school supplies,2. Library. Other than books for checkout, what other materials and/or services are available at your library? You can check out movies, cds, and you can use the computers and there free wifi3. Career Services. What resources are available at your campus career services office? Help you chose a career and learn more about it4. Learning Resource Center. What resources are available at your campus learning resource center? You can go to the labs to do your online school work or go if you need help with a tutor5. Student Life. What resources are available at your student life center? Campus recreation6. Campus Safety/Security. What resources are available at your campus safety/security office? Crime reporting a crime awareness7. Academic Advising. What resources are available at your campus academic advising office? New student orientation8. Registration. What resources are available at your campus Registration office? Register for class9. Dean of Student Affairs. What resources are available at your campus Dean of Student Affairs office? Helping you make your educational plan and any questions you may have
  5. 5. Atkinson, R., & Longman, D. (2012). Choosing Success in Community College and Beyond. Module 2.1 Understanding the Language of YourSchool: Catalog and Website Content. McGraw Hill