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Powerpoint self


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Powerpoint self

  1. 1. Proud to be a Cebuana Definitely is more fun andmore reasons to smile in Cebu
  2. 2. IMMEDIATE FAMILY Jose B. Salvador - Husband Children Joseph Bryle F. Salvador - 19 years old Jamilah Bianca F. Salvador - 13 years old
  3. 3. PRIMARY FAMILY Father - Cebuano Mother - Siquijornon Eldest of four siblings Blanche Twin brothers – Warren and Alain Hyacinth
  4. 4. EDUCATION Finished elementary and high school from the University of San Carlos Girls High School, Cebu City Completed Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of San Carlos Cebu City Presently enrolled in the Dela Salle University taking up Masters in Business Administration
  5. 5. TRAVEL - International Hong Kong - 1996 Kuala Lumpur - 1996 and 2010 Singapore - 1996 and 2010 China - 2008 Bangkok - 2012
  6. 6. TRAVEL - Domestic Cebu City Davao Sorsogon, Albay, Legaspi Negros Oriental Negros Occidental Bohol Kidapawan Tacloban and Ormoc Leyte Boracay Cagayan de Oro Iligan City Mindoro Palawan Aparri
  7. 7. LIKES Loves and is addicted to chocolate Wellness and healthy food “Real people” Cebu City Dresses, earrings and other girl thing Body massage-spa
  8. 8. DISLIKES Hypocrites Backbiters Plastic - “Tupperware”, “Orocan” who are people Atis, chico, kaimito and watermelon Glaring light
  9. 9. MOTTO Everything that happens has a reason, nothing happens by chance.
  10. 10. VISION OF THE FUTURE Tablets no more laptops Smaller or tiny cell phones “Portable houses” Travel to the moon More public transport like MRTs, LRTs People getting married at an older age or not getting married at all