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Byamba erdenebal


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Byamba erdenebal

  1. 1.  Byamba Erdenebal  Help this person grow her business. She lives in a tent.  Please loan to her business of selling clothes. Right now she needs Seed money to buy spring clothing. One seed can make a Big Difference. 
  2. 2. Geography Mongolia has many mountains in the area. It also has many rivers in the northern area.
  3. 3. Shelter YERT
  4. 4. Customs Use right or both hands to give or take Nod or smile for greeting
  5. 5. Clothing
  6. 6. Recreation Mountain Bike Archery
  7. 7. Executive Summary <ul><li>There are people in this country that need your little seed money to keep their lives moving forward. From the Altay Mountains to the Gobi Desert, Mongolia definitely has varied landforms. Mongolia doesn't have the best economy, that’s why they need your help. Mongolia doesn't have the best economy, that’s why they need your help. In Byamba Erdenebal’s country there is definitely a different climate. Clothing in Mongolia is very different and unique. The shelter of Mongolian people varies based on their social class. The people of Mongolia live with so many amazing elements of culture. Just because Mongolia has a poor economy doesn’t mean that the people who live there do not deserve a good life. </li></ul>
  8. 8.  THANK YOU! 
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