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  1. 10in years987654321yearsMy ten step journeyBlanca A. Vargas Govea
  2. 10 yearsagoImaginary robotShe was thinkingabout pursuing aPhD degreeI was a researchassistant at a roboticslaband she didnt knowwhat to do with methen, I became a PhDstudent98
  3. I was the starof her thesisI moved to anothercityHard work, sleeplessnights. Fun.76
  4. I was the starof her thesisContests, papers &thesis writingUncertainty,emotions & learning543
  5. Subtly, she beganto forget me.Sigh.I got the PhD andmoved again toanother citywhere I found newchallenges as apostdoc researcher21Data analysisRecommender systemsSemantic Web
  6. She discovered that she loves toteach. It is her secret, pleasedont tell her that I told you.0 actually I teach, researchand consult about excitingtopics
  7. 10in yearsShe realized thatWork never ends,however, we haveonly several yearsto experience life.Embrace theunexpected. Youcant controleverything.Be open to topicsbeyond yourspecializedknowledge.Acceptance andrejection are not asimportant as youthink.Follow yourintuition. Only youknow what makesyou happy.
  8. 10in yearsthere are things that never changedOld friends caringand help.Love and familysupport.A cup of coffee.There is nothingthat a cup of goodcoffee cantimprove.
  9. 10thenext years I want toI wonder if she willremember meLearnTeachDoresearchGeneratenew ideasWriteEnjoylifeDounplannedstuff
  10. Goodbye!