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Film marketing


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Film marketing

  1. 1. Film Marketing Plan Lucia Seguí
  2. 2. A little about the movie… • Title: “Bethany” • Genre: Fiction; Horror • Rating: 16A • Description: A group of friends are taking some photos, when they hear a noise. They start running but they don't get away BETHANY URBAN PICTURES · DREAMWORKS
  3. 3. Target market • The target market for this movie is for teenagers and adults over the age of 16, however accompanied by an adult¡, ages 14 and over are fine watching the movie due to bloody and graphic scenes. • For horror lovers, this film has a beginning, middle and end but also the fear and horror customers pay for.
  4. 4. Advertisement to the public… • In the theatres with other related movies and / or genres. • social medias such as Twitter or Facebook • Newspapers and by television • Word of mouth. • Demand- hold a showing in only certain areas/theatres these are some useful ways that we can use as advertisement for the movie.
  5. 5. As the company… As the Urban Pictures advertising company, we will appeal to the consumers such as exciting trailers, posters and eye-catching ads that will make people turn and stare. We will also make it so our advertisements appeal to everyone and anyone who loves horror and fiction, even to people who are not usually into that genre.
  6. 6. Dreamworks Pictures They have created epic horror movies such as; • the ring • Paranormal activity • The ruins With this major company, there is a bigger budget for the movie, advertisements, etc.
  7. 7. Goals… • As a company, we want to do all that we can to promote the movie for whichever company we are advertising for. • Also, we want to best the competing companies and promote ourselves in addition. • to be the number one company; bringing in the most profit then the leading competitors and replacing them.