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Las trece rosas


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Las trece rosas

  1. 1. Blanca macías garcía
  2. 2. -Historical situation-Who were the thirteen roses?-The night of the shooting-Letters of the thirteen roses-Testimony of some companions of the prison-Questions
  3. 3. - The arrival of victory but not of peace- Unconditional surrender- Madrid was a “mousetrap”- Terrible repression
  4. 4.  13 young women They were betrayed Carmen Barrero Aguado. 20 years. Martina Barroso García. 24 years. Blanca Brisac Vázquez. 29 years. Pilar Bueno Ibáñez. 27 years. Julia Conesa Conesa. 19 years. Adelina García Casillas. 19 years. Elena Gil Olaya. 20 years.
  5. 5.  Virtudes Gonzalez García. 18 years. Ana López Gallego. 21 years. Joaquina López Laffite. 23 years. Dionisia Manzanero Salas. 20 years. Victoria Muñoz García. 18 years. Luisa Rodríguez de la Fuente. 18 years.
  6. 6. - 03/08 Trial- Double accusation.- Request for reconsideration.- Commander hadn’t signed the death sentence.- Repeatedly tortured- Overcrowded prison.
  7. 7.  Unusual time They were forced to confess Ana Lopez Gallego said: “Have I got the right seam stockings?" "Be brave” They could not say his last goodbye to their partners Did not tell their families.
  8. 8. Letters ofthe thirteenrosesJulia Conesa“my namecannot bedeleted fromthe history”
  9. 9. Blanca BrisacVázquez"Henry, do not evererase the memoryof your parents,you have to docommunion." "Son,son till eternity.Receive aftercountless kisses,the eternal kiss ofyour mother."
  10. 10.  They sang the "Youthful Guardsmen" (JSUs anthem) Ana López Gallego: “you don’t want to kill me? Virtudes’s mother
  11. 11.  Unconditional surrender and mousetrap The name of the thirteen roses How the event occurred Letters of Blanca and Julia Testimonies
  12. 12. - Where happened this event? Madrid- When were they shot? 05.08 - Who wrote a letter to his son? Blanca Brisac Vázquez
  13. 13. In what cemetery they were shot? The East CemeteryWho asked for her stockings? Ana López Gallego