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How is the effectiveness of the HealthyTutor learning solution assessed?
    • Our patent-pending performance analysis app...
WHY USE HEALTHY TUTOR?                                                                                           
Management of Disease and Injury      
Orthopedic Pak                                               

Lifestyle           ...
Management of Disease and Injury      
Orthopedic Pak  (continued)                                      
Management of Disease and Injury      
Cardiac Disease Pak (continued)                             Diabetes Awareness Pak ...
Wellness and Prevention           
General Wellness Pak                                         •   H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) 
Wellness and Prevention           
    Wellness Family with Teens Pak                          •   Managing Stress 
Wellness and Prevention           
    Smoking Awareness Pak 

    •   Living Healthy 
    •   Managing Cholesterol 
PQRI Pay 4 Performance Standards 
  47. Advan...

e.g. Stanford Chronic Di...

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All About Healthy Tutor Single Pdf


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HealthyTutor: advanced learning therapy that increases access, care quality and lowers the cost of wellness, prevention, disease and injury management education initiatives while conveniently reaching patients, employees and insured beneficiaries anywhere and at anytime on the world wide web!

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All About Healthy Tutor Single Pdf

  1. 1. Knowledge Is Power Use it to empower your patients and improve outcomes and TM TM are the first patient self-management learning solutions that promote positive behavioral changes and track outcomes automatically over the internet. Our proprietary instructional design quickly identifies knowledge deficits then deeply educates, measures, reports and documents performance metrics to the patient, manager, and records system automatically over the internet. Patient Benefits: • Easily learn important self-management concepts anywhere • Introduces information therapy as a self care lifestyle continuum • Engaging interactive multi-media content that encourages use • Easy to access and simple to use, written at the 6th grade level • Positive and effective learning environment with valuable feedback Provider and Health Manager Benefits: • Identifies learning and compliance issues with self-management • Immediate, structured feedback for both health manager and patient • Referral-directed process improves compliance and maximizes ROI • Improves patient access inside and outside of the care environment • Helps control unnecessary admissions and medication usage • Pushes automated, outcomes based reporting to the EMR/EHR/PHR • Supports Meaningful Use, Pay4Performance and NCQA Medical Home • 5 layers of content provided in every session for best comprehension or Toll Free at 1‐Tutor‐For‐Wellness Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC
  2. 2. Frequently Asked Questions             What is the HealthyTutor learning solution? The HealthyTutor learning solution is an advanced, data rich multimedia education solution customized to target population wellness and chronic disease treatment regimens. The easy to use internet-based design systematically enhances patient and employee understanding of key health concepts related to compliance and self-management. HealthyTutor is available anytime anywhere over the public internet. Can a patient or employee use HealthyTutor from home? • Yes. The HealthyTutor learning solution is fully accessible over the public internet. Any PC based device with broadband capability can host the innovative educational programming. • A printer is required to generate informative hardcopies of session content and the performance summary for the provider. • Once on the site, easy instructions ensure the user is registered quickly. What advantages will the HealthyTutor learning solution give the provider? • Easily measures and documents patient understanding and knowledge retention of specific disease management topics. HealthyTutor is referral-directed to promote a high compliance of usage. • Promotes improved patient self-management activities and behavioral change. • Supports care plan involvement and improved outcomes through a patented outcomes-based and feedback-based performance algorithm. • Enhances Pay 4 Performance initiatives and supports outcomes-based evidence requirements for Meaningful Use, NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home, PQRI Pay4Performance, JCAHO and other oversight agencies. • Supports appropriate E&M office visit coding and reimbursement for treatment related patient counseling resulting from a practitioner and patient review. What is required to implement the HealthyTutor learning solution in a clinic? The New Millennia Health team ensures a seamless integration of the solution in order to foster fulfillment of the benefits of the HealthyTutor learning solution for both member and provider. • Minimal clinic space is required. A provider-supplied PC or touchscreen kiosk may be used to host the HealthyTutor solution. Either may be mounted to existing office furniture, or mobile carts that can be moved throughout exam rooms. • Local broadband access (cable or DSL) is required. Wireless access is not required. Our nationwide team of installation professionals can provide wireless or wired access to existing broadband. • Minimal staff support is needed and no clinical experience is necessary. Just seconds is required to create a referral order for single learning event session or a learning series. • A practitioner review of the printed knowledge assessment results with the patient is necessary if the provider chooses to bill for the HealthyTutor learning session (ask for details). INFO@HEALTHYTUTOR.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793) Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC
  3. 3. How is the effectiveness of the HealthyTutor learning solution assessed? • Our patent-pending performance analysis application measures and documents latent user knowledge, learned knowledge and retained knowledge. • All content is custom designed to efficiently target the user’s specific disease and encourage understanding, healthy behavior change and long-term compliance. • Rich database reporting provides automated and easily accessed detail on each user. • Both patient and provider review the patient’s performance and discuss and their understanding of the disease and treatment plan in order to improve compliance. How does the HealthyTutor learning solution technology work? HealthyTutor utilizes advanced web-based server technologies and proprietary hardware and software to provide clinician-designed, timed video education sessions and assessments through the HealthyTutor high-tech touchscreen computer interface. 1) Using any PC on the office network or at home the provider or member logs on and registers at, our easy to use web portal. Registration is free. 2) The desired HealthyTutor session is selected by the provider and logged for use over the web portal. Clinic-based kiosks and PCs, host sessions similarly. 3) The member logs on to the HealthyTutor website from home or if in the clinic, follows the easy to use and self-explanatory on-screen guide. 4) At the end of the session, a single page performance summary of the HealthyTutor session is provided for printing. A copy is stored on the site for the provider to view and print. The printout includes learning assessment detail and usage information detail for the member record. 5) The provider reviews and discusses important parameters of topic learning with the patient during the next office visit. Performance on knowledge assessments, rationales of incorrectly answered items, overall progress of knowledge and compliance to the treatment regimen. The hardcopy paper record may be archived in the patient chart for outcomes and billing support evidence. New Millennia Health can customize the integration of these results to a host electronic medical record, ask for more details. Who can use the HealthyTutor learning solution? • Any employee, employer representative, clinician, staff member, or practice under the provider agreement with New Millennia Health can use our solutions with their patients and members in the facility where it is installed. • Users may self-refer on a fee-per-use basis at the website. An out-of-pocket payment by credit card is required, and the results may be forwarded to their provider of choice. Are patient handouts of the disease management topic available? Yes, high quality printable patient outlines that follow our multi-media video learning content are available for printing by the member or provider on local or network printers. High quality pre-printed material is also available to providers and corporate wellness programs for group distribution. Please contact your New Millennia Health representative for more details about this valuable resource. What other patient learning session titles are available? More than 700 total titles are available and more added quarterly that cover a wide range of disease, prevention and surgical procedure topics. For a list of titles by disease process or specialty, please ask your New Millennia Health Representative. INFO@HEALTHYTUTOR.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793) Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC
  4. 4. WHY USE HEALTHY TUTOR?                                                                                            (instead of other health and wellness education formats) "As  a  breed  of  animals,  we  don’t  work  when  it’s  just  the  stick  or  the  carrot…We  need  a  complex  system  of  encouragement, more than just, 'It'll cost you more or less.'" Emma Gilding, In:Site  1.   Peer pressure‐oriented incentive technology products such as Biosigna:     “Unlike an 8‐year‐old, an adult is aware that peer pressure is being used.”  “He may not view these peers as  friends,  and  therefore  they  won’t  have  the  ability  to  influence  him.” David  Laibson,  the  Robert  I.  Goldman  Professor of Economics at Harvard University, on behavior economics and benefit design.  2.   Financial Incentives for healthy behavior modification:  Health experts believe that companies may rely too heavily on financial incentives to get people to enroll in  programs, while doing little (else) to keep them involved long enough to change their behavior.   "We're  seeing  people  get  involved  in  disease‐management  programs,  but  they  drop  out  very  soon,"  "If  you  have a lot of dropouts, you won't see any return on investment."  Stephanie Pronk, vice president of health‐ management solutions at Ingenix Inc., an Eden Prairie, Minn.‐based health‐analytics company and a subsidiary  of UnitedHealth Group Inc.  A (November 2008) Hewitt Associates survey of 248 employers showed that although more than half offered  smoking‐cessation and weight‐loss programs, fewer than 5% of employees who were eligible to enroll actually  participated.    [‐to‐hit‐a‐moving‐target.php]  The HealthyTutor response: Interactive Learning  Although the use of incentives and peer pressure is quite common, researchers say not enough information  exists outside the lab to confirm definitively whether peer pressure or incentives work.  “(Companies) are  not sure what works better and under what conditions.”  Dan Ariely, behavioral economist, Duke University.  With  or  without  employee  incentives,  the  engaging  “trivia”  style  interactive  tutorials  of  HealthyTutor  maximize effectiveness and the employee‐employer relationship.   Detailed user histories and documented  outcomes‐based data are automatically generated for the healthcare or risk manager with every session.      "For us, there's not an unlimited pool of dollars to put into incentives." "So clearly, understanding consumer  preference is important going forward, though we don’t yet have any evidence to see whether it’s working."  Jeff Viviano, senior manager for HR operations and technology, Welch Allyn.  HealthyTutor’s  proprietary  2‐stage  comparative  assessment  algorithm  technology  provides  the  health  manager  with  detailed  online  summaries  of  learning  performance.    No  other  internet  based  education  platform offers this level of validation and outcomes‐based data!    "It's  not  that  [incentives]  don’t  work,  it's  just  that  behavior  change  is  really  hard,"  LuAnn  Heinen,  vice  president at the National Business Group on Health in Washington.    HealthyTutor provides 5 repetitions of topic specific multi‐media content with every session, more than any  other  health  education  product  or  service  in  the  industry.      Risk  managers  can  easily  identify  and  track  potential issues with self‐management, compliance, absenteeism and presenteeism.       From: People Proof Your Benefits, Workforce Management Online, May 2009, WWW.HEALTHYTUTOR.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793) Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC 
  5. 5. Management of Disease and Injury       Orthopedic Pak    Lifestyle  Treatment (continued)  • How to Prevent Back Pain   • ACF‐ Hip Bone ‐ Plating   • Managing Stress  • ACF ‐ Post Op Anterior   • Muscles  • Back Exercises  • Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury  • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain Management  • Carpal Tunnel Release ‐ Endoscopic  Conditions, Diagnoses  • Carpal Tunnel Release – Open  • Arthritis ‐ General  • Cervical Diskectomy without Fusion   • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain Management   • Cervical Fusion ‐ Posterior  • Deep Vein Thrombosis  • Cervical Laminectomy & Possible Disk Excision  • Expressing Your Pain  • Cranioplasty  • Fractures and Sprains and Treatment Options  • Cubital Tunnel Surgery  • Fractures and Treatment Options  • Epidural Injections  • Osteoarthritis  • Expressing Your Pain  • Rotator Cuff Injuries  • Facet Injections  • Tennis Elbow and Surgical Treatment  • Fractures and Sprains & their Treatment Options  • Spinal Cord Injury  • Fractures and Treatment Options  • Vertebral Compression Fracture  • Hip Replacement  • Hip Replacement ‐ Physical Therapy  Diagnostics  • Hip Replacement ‐ Preventing Post Op  Complications  • CAT Scan Guided Biopsy of a Spinal Lesion  • Incision Care   • Cerebral Angiogram  • Intramuscular Injections  • CT Scan  • Intrathecal Injections  • Expressing Your Pain  • Knee Arthroscopy  • Lab Draws  • Knee Replacement  • MRI  (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  • Knee Replacement – Partial  • Myelogram  • Knee Replacement ‐ Physical Therapy  • Ultrasound  • Knee Replacement ‐ Preventing Post Op  • X‐Ray  Complications  Medication  • Knee Surgery ‐ Open  • Arixtra  • Lumbar Diskectomy – Endoscopic  • Coumadin ‐ Introduction for New Users  • Lumbar Diskectomy ‐ Minimally invasive  • Coumadin ‐ Review for Current Users  • Lumbar Diskectomy ‐ Open  • Injections (see Treatment)  • Lumbar Diskectomy ‐ Post Op  • Lovenox  • Lumbar ‐ Laminectomy & Possible Disk Excision  • Medication Safety   • Lumbar Laminectomy & Possible Disk Excision ‐   Minimally invasive  Treatment  • Massage Therapy   • ACF (Anterior Cervical Fusion) ‐Hip Bone   • Neck Exercises  • ACF ‐ Banked Bone   • Neurosurgery, What Is  • ACF ‐ Banked Bone ‐ Plating   • Sacro‐Iliac Injections  • ACF ‐ General   • Shoulder Arthroscopy  • Shoulder Replacement  INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  6. 6. Management of Disease and Injury       Orthopedic Pak  (continued)    • Spinal Epidural  • Shoulder Replacement ‐ Preventing Post Op  • The Office Visit   Complications  • Using an Incentive Spirometer  • Shoulder Surgery – Open  • Stellate Block   Job Related Injuries and Exposure  • Subcutaneous Injection  • Surgery for De Quervain's Tendonitis  • How to Prevent Back Pain   • Surgery for Ganglion Cysts  • Burns  • Tarsal Tunnel Release  • Carpal Tunnel ‐ Prevention  • Tennis Elbow and Surgical Treatment  • Dust Mite Allergy  • Trigeminal Neuralgia  • Expressing Your Pain  • Trigger Finger Surgery  • General Safety At Work  • Trigger Point Injections  • Hearing Loss  • Hepatitis B    Therapy  • Hepatitis C   • Back Exercises  • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)  • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain Management  • Influenza ‐ Flu   • Expressing Your Pain  • Latex Allergies  • Hip Replacement ‐ Physical Therapy  • Migraine Headache   • Injections (see Treatment)  • Post ‐ Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD )   • Knee Replacement ‐ Physical Therapy  • Preventing Pesticide Poisoning   • Massage Therapy   • Protect Yourself from Pesticides ‐ Pesticide  • Neck Exercises  Handlers     • Preventing Infections ‐ Hand Washing  Surgery Readiness  • Pulmonary Function Testing  • Smallpox  • Advanced Medical Directives  • Tuberculosis  • Discharge Instructions ‐ General   • Durable Power of Attorney  • Foley Catheter ‐ Male  Cardiac Disease Pak  • Foley Catheter Your Choices‐ Female  Lifestyle  • General Anesthesia  • Eating Healthy  • Incision Care  • Exercising For A Healthy Life  • Jugular Inserted Central Catheter  (JICC)  • Living Healthy  • Living Will  • Managing Cholesterol  • Neurosurgery, What Is  • Managing Stress  • Open Heart Surgery ‐ What to Expect  • Preventing Strokes  • Patient Safety  • Smoking, The Facts  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter  (PICC)  • Smoking, Your Choice  • Pneumonia  • Weight Management   • Preparing for Surgery  Conditions, Diagnoses  • Preparing for Surgery ‐ Part 1   • Preparing for Surgery ‐ Part 2  • Angina  • Preventing an Infection After Surgery  • Arrhythmias  • Spinal Anesthesia  • Atrial Fibrillation  INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  7. 7. Management of Disease and Injury       Cardiac Disease Pak (continued)  Diabetes Awareness Pak  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)  • Diabetes ‐ Meal Planning  • Congestive Heart Failure  • Diabetes – Carbohydrate Counting  • Deep Vein Thrombosis  • Diabetes ‐ Eye Complications  • Depression ‐ Intro  • Diabetes ‐ Foot Care  • Erectile Dysfunction  • Diabetes Introduction  • Heart Attack  • Diabetic Retinopathy  • Hypertension  • Diabetic Retinopathy and Photographic Screening  • Mitral Valve Prolapse  • Erectile Dysfunction  • Exercising for a Healthy Life  Diagnostics  • Hypoglycemia  • Echocardiogram   • Self Subcutaneous Injection  • Echocardiography Stress Test   • Taking Injectable Insulin  • Lab Draws  • Type 1 Diabetes  • MRI  (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  • Type 2 Diabetes  • Ultrasound   • Using Your Blood Glucose Monitor  Accucheck  • X‐Ray  • Using Your Blood Glucose Monitor  One Touch  Ultra   Medication  • Weight Management  • Coumadin ‐ Introduction for New Users  • Coumadin ‐ Review for Current Users  Obesity Awareness Pak  • Managing Cholesterol  • Eating Healthy  • Medication Safety  • Gastric Banding  Treatment  • Gastric Bypass  • Heart Diseases,  How to Prevent  • Angio‐Seal  • Hypertension  • Angiogram With Possible Angioplasty Or Possible  • Managing Stress  Stent Placement ‐ Lower Extremity  • Preventing Strokes  • Aortic Angiography  • Weight Management  • Cardiac Rehabilitation  • Coronary Angiography and Possible Angioplasty  • Coronary Angiography  Smoking Awareness Pak  • Coronary Angioplasty  • Cancer, How to Prevent ‐ Healthy Life Habits   • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft  • Heart Diseases,  How to Prevent   • Heart Valve Replacement  • Hypertension  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator  • Living Healthy   • Incision Care   • Managing Stress  • Open Heart Surgery ‐ What to Expect  • Preventing Strokes  • Pacemakers  • Smoking, The Facts  • Stroke ‐ Rehabilitation  • Smoking, Your Choice   • The Office Visit    • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)  400 more session topics available in 45     medical categories!  Contact us!    INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  8. 8. Wellness and Prevention            General Wellness Pak  • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)  • How to Prevent Back Pain  • Back Exercises  • Influenza‐Flu (Pediatrics)  • Eating Healthy  • Lab Draws  • Exercising for a Healthy Life  • Living Healthy  • General Safety At Work  • Mammography   • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)  • Managing Stress  • How to Prevent Back Pain  • Neck Exercises  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Early Screening  • Newborn Screening Tests  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Healthy Life  • Otitis Media (Pediatrics)  Habits   • Post Partum Depression  • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  • Preventing Lead Poisoning   • Hypertension  • Small Pox  • Influenza‐Flu  • The Living Will  • Latex Allergies  • The Office Visit  • Living Healthy  • Warts   • Managing Stress  • Weight Management  • Mammography   • Neck Exercises  Wellness Family with Teens Pak  • Pap Smear   • Preventing HIV and AIDS   • Acne  • Preventing Pesticide Poisoning   • Advanced Medical Directives  • Protect Yourself from Pesticides ‐  • Back Exercises  Pesticide Handlers   • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain  • PSA ‐ Screening for Prostate Cancer  Management   • Smoking, The Facts  • Cold Sores  • Smoking, Your Choice  • Colonoscopy  • Traveler's Tips for Staying Healthy   • Depression – Introduction  • Visit to the Doctor  • Durable Power of Attorney  • Weight Management  • Eating Healthy   • Exercising for a Healthy Life  Wellness New Family Pak   • General Safety At Work  • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)  • Advanced Medical Directives  • How to Prevent Back Pain  • Asthma  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Early Screening  • Back Exercises  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Healthy Life  • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain  Habits  Management   • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  • Breast Feeding  • Hypertension  • Cold Sores  • Influenza‐Flu  • Depression – Introduction  • Living Healthy  • Durable Power of Attorney  • Massage Therapy   • Eating Healthy  • Managing Stress  • Exercising for a Healthy Life  • Neck Exercises  • General Safety At Work  INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  9. 9. Wellness and Prevention            Wellness Family with Teens Pak  • Managing Stress  (cont’d)  • Massage Therapy   • Menopause ‐ Introduction  • Pap Smear   • Neck Exercises  • PSA ‐ Screening for Prostate Cancer  • Pap Smear   • Psoriasis   • PSA ‐ Screening for Prostate Cancer  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases  • Shingles   • Smoking, Your Choice  • Skin Cancer  • The Living Will   • The Living Will  • The Office Visit  • Varicose Veins  • Weight Management  • Weight Management  • What's Colon Cancer  • What's Colon Cancer  • What's Ovarian Cancer  • What's Ovarian Cancer  • What's Prostate Cancer  • What's Prostate Cancer  Wellness Maturity Pak  Diabetes Awareness Pak  • Advanced Medical Directives  • Diabetes Introduction  • Alzheimer’s  • Type 2 Diabetes  • Arthritis ‐ General  • Diabetes Carbohydrate Counting  • Back Exercises  • Diabetes Meal Planning  • Back Pain ‐ Introduction to Pain  • Living Healthy  Management   • Weight Management  • Bone Densitometry  • Diabetes ‐ Eye Complication  • Colonoscopy   • Diabetes ‐ Foot Care  • Depression – Introduction  • Hypoglycemia  • Durable Power of Attorney  • Eating Healthy   Obesity Awareness Pak  • Erectile Dysfunction ‐ Your Choices  • Exercising for a Healthy Life  • Eating Healthy  • General Safety At Work  • Gastric Banding  • Glaucoma  • Gastric Bypass  • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)  • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  • Hearing Aids  • Hypertension   • Hearing Loss  • Living Healthy  • How to Prevent Back Pain  • Managing Stress  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Early Screening  • Preventing Strokes  • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Healthy Life  • Weight Management  Habits  • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  Heart Awareness Pak  • Hypertension  • Exercising For A Healthy Life  • Influenza‐Flu  • Eating Healthy  • Living Healthy  • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  • Mammography   • Hypertension  INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  10. 10. Wellness and Prevention            Smoking Awareness Pak  • Living Healthy  • Managing Cholesterol  • Managing Stress  • Preventing Strokes  • Weight Management   • How to Prevent Cancer ‐ Healthy Life Habits  • How to Prevent Heart Diseases  • Hypertension  • Living Healthy  • Managing Stress  • Preventing Strokes  • Smoking, The Facts  • Smoking, Your Choice  400 more session topics available in 45 medical categories!  Contact Us!    INFO@NEWMILLENNIAHEALTH.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)  Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC  
  11. 11. ONLY HEALTHY TUTOR SUPPORTS THESE 3   IMPORTANT PRACTICE‐BASED STANDARDS!   PQRI Pay 4 Performance Standards  47. Advance Care Plan    89. Counseling Patients with HCV Regarding Use of Alcohol  115. Advising Smokers to Quit   129. Universal Influenza Vaccine Screening and Counseling  132. Patient Co‐Development of Treatment Plan/Plan of Care  NCQA Patient‐Centered Medical Home 1. Active patient self‐management support  2. Clinical and/or service performance measurement, by physician or  across the practice  3. Performance reporting, by physician or across the practice  Healthy Tutor also supports NCQA programs that focus on care of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and back pain. ARRA Meaningful Use   Let us help you meet your HIT goals!  2011  Objectives and Measures   • % of patients with access to patient‐specific educational resources [OP, IP].  • % of smokers offered smoking cessation counseling [EP, IP]  2013  Objectives and Measures  • % of all patients with access to patient‐specific educational resources in  common primary languages [OP, IP] and  • % of educational content in common primary languages [OP, IP].    2015  Objectives and Measures  • % of all patients with access to self‐management tools [OP], and   • NPP (National Priorities Partnership) quality measures related to patient  and family engagement [OP, IP].  TM WWW.HEALTHYTUTOR.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793) Copyright 2009 New Millennia Health LLC
  12. 12. WHY PAY HIGH FEES & CHALLENGE RESOURCES FOR          IN‐DEPTH SELF MANAGEMENT TRAINING?   e.g. Stanford Chronic Disease   offers  results‐                                                              TM based,  interactive  diabetes  education  at  a  Self-Management Program fraction  of  the  cost  of  CDSM programs! $900 per person with chronic disease For  less  than  $9 per  session  your  patient or  plus beneficiary  can  receive  deep  clinically  $700 for additional diabetes training designed,  chronic  disease  and  wellness  education  in  the  clinic  ,  at  home  or  $1600 per person anywhere on the internet!  PLUS TRAVEL & MATERIALS Our exclusive 2 stage learning system uses 5  levels of content reinforcement for superior  knowledge  gain  and  retention.    Follow‐up  Stanford CDSMP licensing fees compliance testing is a snap!   $500 - $1000 per year HealthyTutor  provides  automated  data  archiving  and  reporting  to  keep  you  Additional media: informed  of  the  user’s  ability  to  self  Non-interactive training videos, CDs, manage.  Full color electronic and hardcopy  and audiotapes cost $18.95 to $32.95 each. content  of  each  session  is  included  free  of  charge.  No results based outcomes of user performance or validation of learning is For  patient  group  education  and  DSMT  reported back to the provider. training, try our classroom‐ready automated  response  system  technology.  This  inexpensive,  compact  and  automated  solution  allows  you  to  move  between  multiple  sites  without  the  need  for  additional  on‐site  staff  support  (CDE  still  required).  Find  out  more  about  the  advantages  of HealthyTutor and DiabetesTutor.   Contact us by phone or email today!   INFO@HEALTHYTUTOR.COM  AND TOLL FREE 1‐TUTOR‐FOR‐WELLNESS (1‐888‐673‐6793)  Copyright 2010 New Millennia Health LLC   
  13. 13.                                                                        Our Focus on Evidence-Based Content Overview To ensure quality content, the editorial staff that develop multimedia content for HealthyTutor focus on three main strategies: 1. Ensure all content is evidence-based. 2. Use proven instructional strategies based on theories of learning. 3. Address patients’ needs at their specific "point of care." Our Evidence-based Content To ensure our content is evidence-based HealthyTutor adheres to the following principles. • Develop all content in conjunction with medical experts practicing in leading medical institutions in the USA. • Submit content for review by at least 3 client specialists at leading medical institutions. • Review each topic annually to ensure it corresponds with specialty practice guidelines. • Request continuous online feedback from medical experts who use HealthyTutor or DiabetesTutor multimedia content with their patients. The Focus on Patients’ Needs Patient and beneficiary needs regarding health information vary depending on their medical condition and the stage of wellness or care. The goals of patient education vary from helping users make a healthcare decision, to teaching self-care skills, promoting healthy lifestyle changes, and providing comfort. To address users’ needs, HealthyTutor and DiabetesTutor content development involves patients. This is done mainly through direct online feedback from real patients using the tutorial sessions in clinical settings.  INFO@HEALTHYTUTOR.COM & TOLL FREE 1-TUTOR-FOR-WELLNESS (1-888-673-6793)