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Lean Startup, Cloud, Innovation et partenariats Microsoft

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Cantine de Nantes

  1. 1. Blaise VignonStartup guy @ Microsoft France• Your contact for everything startupBizspark:• Software• Support• Visibility• And more@blaise_v• Or
  2. 2. A sad statisticProportion of New BusinessesFounded in 1992 Still Alive By Year. Most startup failures are due to running out of money before having the right product There can be other (WCR, founder shoutfest, litigation) But not in the context of thisSource : Illusions of Entrepreneurship talk Scott Shane (US Data, all industries)
  3. 3. The following slides were built with software engineering in mindSoftware engineering is• Highly creative• Very interdependant on coworkers• Loosely coupledIn short, it is like many other startup functions• Marketing• PR/Communication• Business Development• Product design The learning from Software Engineering have been applied to broader fields
  4. 4. The longer the project, the likelier the failure
  5. 5. ….because it is the less clear what success looks like … 60% of project requirement changes 50 40 30 20 10 0 10 100 1000 10000 100000 Project size (measured in function points, yes, we know…)
  6. 6. … and noise levels can get out of control… Undefined Anarchy Requirements ComplexWell defined Cutting edge Mature Technology (project environment in general)
  7. 7. …but do we know why projects should be big? Only 20% of features are used often
  8. 8. … and designing the wrong thing is easy…(we do not always know what the customer will look like)
  9. 9. Project (and startup) management can be like this
  10. 10. Inefficient way of workingThe « break-down and specialize »management method leads to many wastes:Stock of useless functionalities, High cost of coordinationdocumentation and communication
  11. 11. Agility proposes a different management paradigm…Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over following a plan Source:
  12. 12. Important Agile Principles Customer satisfaction Collective is the main goal commitment Measure to Intrinsic objectivize quality
  13. 13. Agility proposes a different management paradigm…
  14. 14. Agile way of delivering The Scrum process
  15. 15. Fail fast, fail early• As we are delivering fast, we can harvest positive and negative feedbacks• As we accept changes, we can take into account these feedbacks and adapt our plans• Feedback is more precious than perfection
  16. 16. Tips to accelerate failure (or success) • Instead of building a full product or service, prototype it • There are several prototype types:Mechanical turk Pinocchio The Provencial The Minimal Viable Product
  17. 17. Agile MarketingImagine and Generate demandvalidate the MVPCu s t omer Cu s t omer Cu s t omer Companydis c over y Val idat ion c r eat ion bu il ding Validate market Accelerate! hypothesis
  18. 18. Some great books…
  19. 19. Agilité temporelle “On / Off “ “Croissance Rapide“ Période Charge Charge d’inactivité Utilisation Utilisation Utilisation Temps Temps Capacité de montée en charge rapide Difficulté d’identifier les services à succès Déploiements complexes “Charge imprévisible“ “Charge prévisible“Charge Charge Utilisation Utilisation Temps TempsPic de charge non planifié Services à pics de charge réguliersPerformances dégradées Services à tendance saisonièrePanne générale dans les cas extrêmes Complexité & capacité de calcul gaspillée
  20. 20. Agilité financière• Sans le nuage, pertes et inefficacités • Avec le nuage, un tracking plus serré en fonction des besoins
  21. 21. Agilité de compétence Informatique Cloud IaaS Cloud PaaS Traditionnelle Infrastructure Plate-Forme Vous gérez Applications Applications Applications Vous gérez Données Data Data Runtime Runtime Runtime Middleware Middleware Middleware Géré par l’opérateur CloudVous gérez O/S O/S O/S Géré par l’opérateur Cloud Virtualisation Virtualization Virtualization Serveurs Servers Servers Stockage Storage Storage Réseau Networking Networking • Dans le cadre d’un cloud privé, l’opérateur de Cloud, c’est vous • La gestion des couches « grises » est souvent automatisée au maximum
  22. 22. Identity, Application & Management Models You Already KnowSupports Variety Of Programming Languages
  23. 23. Contributing to innovation in Europe <<SPEAKER>>
  25. 25. Waves of innovation 2012-… 2006-present 1993-present 1985-present1981-1995 T O D AY
  26. 26. Consumer trends driving IT Ecosystem of Data explosion Natural Pervasive computers interaction displays Social Cloud Ubiquitous computing computing connectivity
  27. 27. Cloud, a key driver for innovation• Cost savings allow redirecting Economies of scale money on innovation,• Flexibility and scalability of IT Cloud services,• Allow SMEs to offer services of the big ones, $/computing power• Accelerate experimentation cycle, Mainframe• Reduce cost of testing ideas,• Improved time-to-market of products by deploying online Client/Server solutions in days,• Innovative services to be delivered Computing power using the cloud.
  28. 28. “I NEVER PERFECTED AN INVENTION THAT I DID NOT THINK ABOUT IN TERMS OF THE SERVICE IT MIGHT GIVE TO OTHERS.” Thomas Alva Edison, GE Founder Entrepreneurship and Innovation are inextricably linked.7
  29. 29. “Young firms (ages 3 – 5) comprise less than 1% of all companies, yet generate roughly 10% of new jobs in any given year.” Source: High Growth Firms and the Future of the American Economy, Kauffman Foundation, 201035
  30. 30. The MarketTechnology startups are booming  Industry press reports that software $14.8 Billion innovation is as high as it’s been since 2000, with an 8% YOY increase1  In 2007, investors pumped $14.8 billion into 1,530 IT industry deals2The Opportunity is immense  Huge demand for development tools and platform technologies; and  a growing need for a unified community to foster entrepreneurial success.1 Based on historical data from Price Waterhouse Coopers Money Tree Report( 20072 Forbes, January 22, 2008 36
  31. 31. Microsoft BizSpark™Microsoft BizSpark™ is a global program designed to unite Startups with resources. It is anextension to the existing Local Software Economy and academic programs, such asDreamSpark, and is delivered in partnership with the entrepreneur community. providing: Software • Full Featured Development tools and production licenses of server products Software •No upfront costs (USD$100 at program exit) Support Visibility • Community support from over 300 network and hosting partners Support • Professional technical support from Microsoft Visibility • Profile and promotion on the BizSparkDB
  32. 32. The Objectives• Establish connections with local Startup ecosystems• Unite global entrepreneurial and technology resources• Generate a deal flow stream• Create a new partner experience for Startups 38
  33. 33. Bizspark is ONE tool among several Représentants français: • Calinda Accompagnement • Talentsoft ad-hoc au niveau 5 • Captain Dash en France international 80 dans le • News Republic monde • Kobojo Accompagnement 120 startups parainées depuis 120 ad-hoc au niveau Startups en France le lancement du programme national depuis 2005 Soutien marketing et technique 810 Pour toutes les entreprises ou startups en France projets du domaine du logiciel depuis 2008 ou du service en ligne 110Partenariat avec partenaires S’appuie sur un réseau de (incubateurs, VC AccompagnementMicrosoft pour Microsoft partenaires de l’écosystème s, coachs, héber geurs….) • Logicieltoutes les startups • Support • Visibilité
  34. 34. Microsoft presence in the ecosystem • Start in Paris• TechCrunch France Remix • Seedcamp• Pitch Your App • Innovate • Founder Institute
  35. 35. Belles histoiresBizspark One Bizspark Network Partner• Kobojo • Leetchi • Nestadio• Talentsoft • Limonetik • Euratechnologies• Captain Dash • Curioos • xBrainLabs• Critéo • Antvoice
  37. 37. Outcomes desired
  38. 38. Outcome to be avoided“This particular species of whaleplot a route by sound and haspoor eyesight. There is apossibility that it may simplyhave not heard thesailboat, which had its motoroff.”OFW News on the Web, July22nd, 2010
  39. 39. The ToP 10 8• Know the Whale – Objectives – Structure – Culture – Programs and Events• Start with the field and customers• Develop Multiple Relationships• Alignment: Position Yourself• Know (and say) exactly what you want