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Teacher presentation2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teacher presentation2

  1. 1. April 2013 Feedback • Used advisory day at beginning of the year to do a lot of IT set up (file structure etc) – showed improvement this year • We’re not consistent in following up on file names/We’re not consistent about where students should save work and/or naming of file • Some of us email HW, others have it on moodle • Zoodle - Everyone uses this, but mostly for posting homework and quarter descriptions • One Note - Not everyone use it. Not 10% pleased with it/ Some teachers prefer One Note but many students have expressed their dislike of it • We need to agree that we all will use the same thing. We should use only one forum to keep it simple for everyone.
  2. 2. One project we started over the summer was the campus based IT support email project. We'll iron out the details (team usage, etc) when you are back in action, but I wanted to make sure the info is shared during orientation. At this point, everyone just needs to know that if they use email to contact the IT department at your campus for help, support, etc, they should use one of these instead of the person's email. Please include these contact emails when appropriate in your orientation material.
  3. 3. Changes • New desktop computer in classrooms • New smartboard in classrooms • No Classworks • No P Drive for students • P Drive going for faculty • Moodle host change • Moodle upgrade • Moodle theme changed • Change to Zehn Minuten • Use of Google Drive
  4. 4. Zehn Minuten • It looks different • Method of announcements stays the same • Please use categories to help the reader • All links are available on Zoodle • Announcements can be read on Zoodle
  5. 5. Students Blogs Encourage the integration of technology Students learn tech skills (Technology Operations – ISTE NETS Standard) A home for digital artifacts (work is not lost) Opportunities to teach aspects of digital citizenship Categories allow students to filter content for specific purpose Unrestricted and experimental Student Led Conferences
  6. 6. Moodle • Single go-to point for students • Populated with resources or links to resources, and/or activities • Up to date information on your course including events and homework • Course design – will vary (time) – Google Drive integration is an example of ongoing improvement. • More information on extra curricular activities • What you need you need to learn - Navigate the software and course design options
  7. 7. Moodle to-Do • Log in and check your courses • Add the Latest News block if not there • Dock any blocks to provide more space • To consider – is my course making best use of the platform. Should I improve it?
  8. 8. * P Drives for students are removed * P Drives for returning employees are moved to Eigi and re-mapped with correct path * No P Drives created for new employees * "MS_Share" created on Eigi which has two folders. This is mapped as W: Drive for all MS Employees and Students -> W:Departments modify access for MS Employees, No access for MS students -> W:Media_Exchange modify access for MS Employees, Read and Write (not Delete) access for MS Students * Old departments folders as well as UbD, IT, Admin_Share, etc. all moved to Departments * Quota on entire W: Drive is 100GB, currently 57GB in use. * Outstanding issue: Andy to tell Matt about wishes for auto cleanup/deletion of files in W:Media_Exchange, perhaps something similar to the Swap drive where files created/modified more than 60 days ago are removed.
  9. 9. Network Shares (Classworks) • Classworks has ceased to exist • Media Exchange folder (old files cleared out every 60 days – not backed up) • Reasons – we should use online learning for sharing docs and links. Submission of files – options include a shared Google Drive folder or Moodle (will GD shared folder link work on Moodle?) • Movies are the sticking point – therefore Media Exchange folder but this will be cleared out • Do not get Swap Drive mixed up with Media Exchange
  10. 10. Storage Shared Admin Docs on Google Drive Your personal work related files on Google Drive Your personal files – (up to you) Student Files on Google Drive Media Exchange folder Curriculum files for students - Moodle Swap Drive – teacher only quick exchange
  11. 11. Network Shares (Department Folders) • Files with no particular ownership • Please do not use as a general dumping ground as it will fill up soon • CALs should keep it up to date, relevant and clear out unused files.
  12. 12. Network Shares (Home Drive) • Home Drives no longer exist for students • Students will use Google Drive (installed on their machine) • Home Drives will no longer exist for teachers • Your options - • Time to get organised and understand Google Drive or Dropbox • CALs can look at department folders
  13. 13. Student Welfare and Technology • Similar introduction as last year • Advisors explain consequences • Read through RUP • Contract is signed online • Digital Citizenship – encourage in your lessons – remind students of responsibilities. It could be commenting on blogs. • Digital Citizenship - encourage RU • Copyright • Plagiarism • Smartsync
  14. 14. New Device • I just wanted to update you on our timeline for the next school year. • We are planning a Windows 8 presentation for August to provide an overview of the new operating system to our faculty. In September, the committee will complete a readiness assessment of an upgrade to a Windows 8 or Mac OS device. In October, the committee will share an update with the entire faculty. We would like to schedule the next vendor presentations for November and recommendations will be made to the Leadership team in December. We look forward to working with you again in August.