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Modica Group

  1. 1. Contents Who we are 3 Sonic 5 Campaign Manager 7 MVoucher 8 Mobile Advertising 9 Content Engine 10 Mobile Customer Service 11 Global Connect 12 Short Codes & Keywords 13 OneSquared 14 Network Services 16 Servers & Co-Location 17 ISP Services 18 Breathe 20 Strategy & Analysis 22 Interactive design 23 Web development 24 Online Marketing 25 Mobile Web development 26 Modica Clients 27 Contact details 28
  2. 2. We are a digital media solutions provider that supplies products, services, and infrastructure to power new media marketing and communications 3
  3. 3. Digital media is the most efficient, cost effective and measurable way to connect with audiences. Modica has the skills and experience to understand the opportunities that digital media channels offer. Our brands Infrastructure Mobile marketing Web design & solutions & infrastructure development 4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. Sonic Mobile Sonic Mobile specialises in mobile solutions for business including SMS, MMS, mobile marketing, global gateways, WAP and mobile websites. We provide a suite of mobility solutions with high quality messaging and connections to over 600 carriers globally. Sonic Mobile operates across 35 countries for premium rate messaging and also has a reach of over 600 carriers around the globe. • Mobile Advertising and Marketing • Mobile Customer Engagement • Mobile Infrastructure • Custom Solution Development 6
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing Campaign Manager Sonic Campaign Manager allows you to extract mobile numbers from your database/application and communicate with these customers in the mobile environment. The product Where customers have opted in to receive mobile communication Sonic Campaign Manager allows you to extract mobile numbers from your database/application and communicate with these customers. It is an effective way for building and maintaining relationships with your clients, staying in contact with customers, delivering and tracking promotional communications and generating sales. How does it work? You extract the contact details of the people you wish to contact from your CRM or database. You then upload the contacts into Campaign Manager and prepare your message and send it. Key features • Broadcast of messages to Sonic Mobile’s selected countries around the globe • Message recipients can reply to any message with “stop” A League / Phoenix to unsubscribe from your mobile database • No desktop software required, as Campaign Manager is a web A League Soccer Team Wellington Phoenix based application utilises Sonic Campaign Management Toolset both as a real-time communication tool and for • You can add parameters to customise your recipients messages sending promotional marketing messages to such as signatures and salutations their membership base. • Real time campaign reporting. • Web based contact and list management Why do I need it? Sonic Campaign Manager would suit any business that has an existing database and wants to communicate with their client base via SMS. Benefits include: • Communicates with customers via SMS • Allows for accurate targeting of campaigns based on members’ profiles • Allows for campaigns to be set up and scheduled in advance • Tracks campaign progress and delivers real-time reports • Tracks members’ behaviour and history for follow-up offers • Enables simultaneous usage by multiple users • Avoids potentially expensive integration with existing databases | 7
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing MVoucher MVoucher from Sonic Mobile has all of the promotional benefits of paper coupons, combined with the immediacy of the wireless channel. Now your phone is your ticket! The Product Benefits include: Sonic Mobile is the leader in mobile ticket and mobile coupon • Increase sales: Tickets can be sold up until the last minute. solutions based on the creation, delivery and redemption of Distressed inventory offers can be taken advantage of due barcodes to mobile phones. Sonic Mobile provides a full solution to the immediacy of the voucher delivery. with a hosted MVoucher platform, mobile handset database, • Tracking: Organisers can track event attendance inreal time. data encoding and global connectivity to mobile carriers. • No PoS software integration needed. How does it work? • Passenger convenience: No need to queue! Receive your MVoucher on the move and proceed directly to Our MVoucher solutions allow barcodes to be sent to security checks. mobile phones offering an attractive alternative to conventional • IATA compatible: MVoucher passes are compatible with printed barcodes. Used for coupons, tickets, IATA compliant existing airport scanning equipment installed for IATA bar- boarding passes, loyalty cards and any other application where coded boarding passes. The technology supports agreed paper barcodes are currently used. Users request vouchers as industry standards including DataMatrix, Aztec and QR. part of a website signup, a mobile direct marketing campaign or by sending a requesting SMS message. The Sonic MVoucher • Differentiates a brand loyalty scheme: allows instant updating platform and global network connections then deliver the of that brand and helps you reach a whole new demographic. voucher to mobile handset. • Real time CRM data gathering and access. MVoucher can deliver unique bar-coded information to a mobile phone. The barcode is redeemed at the venue, check in or point of sale by simply scanning the mobile phone display. Dependant on your requirement this can be delivered as a coupon, ticket or voucher. The level of information contained is as simple or as complex as your business needs. Why do I need it? Sonic Mobile MVoucher offers huge advantages to your business. It allows you to offer simple and flexible ticketing options to your customers, whilst at the same time improving operational efficiency and reducing your costs. Key Usage Areas: • Live sporting events • Retail coupon redemption • Exhibitions, conferences and cinemas • Airline boarding passes • Train, coach and bus tickets • Loyalty and Reward cards • Call to action from TV, radio, outdoor & print advertising | 8
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing Mobile Advertising Sonic provides the tools that allow you, the publisher, to track impressions and serve ads either on your mobile website or mobile devices. Publisher Very much like an internet advertising model Sonic provides the tools that allow you the publisher to track impressions and serve ads either on your mobile website or mobile devices. Marketer Marketers are provided with another avenue in which to promote brands and increase brand awareness with potentially a different demographic. How does it work? Mobile website On your mobile website you serve ads to your clients and report back to your advertisers. These reports are based on impressions and unique visitors. As well as this we provide you with tools that track the visitors to your mobile website. SMS and MMS services Within your content services you include marketing messages that you sell on a per message basis. These marketing messages can link directly Mediaworks through to your client’s mobile website or can simply be brand awareness in the form of brand imagery orsmart mobile content such as videos. Mediaworks currently utilizes Sonic’s sms2studio application and sells advertising Marketers can choose from two options: space to their clients utilizing the reply sms message and Sonic’s Mobile Advertising toolset. • Per message cost e.g. your client buys 10,000 messages and their ad gets served until these expire • Run of service e.g. your client buys the advertising rights to every mobile message and impression for a time period. The client’s rate is dictated by previous month’s traffic over the service. Why do I need it? • Increased revenue from publishers content services • Re-use of existing content into the mobile channel • New and exciting way to advertise products • Easy to manage service • Build brand in the mobile medium | 9
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing Content Engine Sonic Mobile Content Engine is our Format your content Sonic Mobile has a team of mobile content specialists that can content platform which allows you turn any image, video or sound file into mobile ready content. You, or your agency, provide us with the content and we convert to format, present, manage, deliver it into the correct format, making it available on mobile and other wireless devices. and sell any mobile content across a Build and design a branded website number of networks globally. The content can be promoted via a branded website or by sending key words to a short code to access specific content. Behind the scenes the Sonic MCE engine handles presentation and handset identification for delivery. The Product Sonic Mobile Content Engine (MCE) is our content platform Build a WAP site (optional) which allows you to format, present, manage, deliver and sell If you wish to extend your content portal onto a WAP site we video clips, ring tones, games, applications or images. You can organise this for you. This means your mobile content is provide us with the content and we do the rest. discoverable on mobile phones and can be viewed or purchased as well. MCE is also an innovative branding tool. You can brand the Sonic MCE to reflect your own look & feel, or develop new content to Set the price points make available to your customers. If you are looking to integrate You decide how much you want to sell your content for and we mobile content into your website or marketing promotion, we set up each piece of content at thecorrect price point. can help. Through Sonic Global connect, we can also deliver your content at a premium rate to a number of carriers globally from one Why do I need this? content portal. The Sonic Content Engine is the perfect way to sell and deliver Integrate with other media channels mobile content and generate revenue without developing the Website – Simply link directly to your new mobile content web portal yourself or handling all of the issues around handset portal from your main website to generate additional revenue identification, managing mobile devices, carrier connectivity, and and retain users. content formatting. Print – Include the URL to your web content portal or point It is also ideal for those who have a brand which translates customers directly to your content VIA SMS. For example, text well to mobile medium but who may lack the specialist tools football to 1111 to get your football ring tone. or resources to deliver the content to the mobile or wireless TV/Movie – Include the URL to your TV advertising or invite channel. By utilising branded content you can expand your target customers to directly participate by sending a content code via customer base, increase your brand awareness, and add a SMS. For example SMS ring tone to 1111. significant revenue stream to your existing content. How does it work? Whilst this is a complex solution, the MCE breaks the solution down in to a few easy steps: All Blacks & AA Sonic utilises its mobile content engine as well as some bespoke development to roll out the All Blacks portal and deliver real traffic reports and real-time traffic images for the AA via Vodafone Live. | 10
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing Mobile Customer Service (SMS to call centre) Mobile Customer Service allows customers to send an SMS to a company via a short code, the SMS is sent via email to the call centre. Call centre staff can then reply back to the customer via SMS. The Product Sonic’s mobile Customer Service solution is a specialised product that allows large organisations to utilise their existing call centre staff to interact with customers using the mobile channel. Mobile customer service allows customers to send an SMS to a company via a short code, the SMS is sent via email to the call centre. Call centre staff can then reply back to the customer via SMS. How does it work? Mobile Customer Service gives you access to a short code which is linked to Sonic’s mobile platform. This code can then be advertised through normal promotional channels – web, print, tv, radio etc. Customers can send SMS queries to the code and these are sent to Ministry of Social Development call centre operators as emails, or they can manage messages through the web interface. Customer service agents can then reply to customer Government department The Ministry of Social queries and these are sent back to the customer’s mobile. Development engaged Sonic’s SMS 2Call centre product to offer hearing impaired clients A compelling feature of this solution is that multiple messages or alterative access to their contact centres. conversations are tracked and linked together so call centre agents have the full history of the mobile discussion – but only the most recent reply is sent to the customer’s mobile phone. Why do you need it ? Mobile Customer Service is the perfect solution for engaging with your customers whilst they are out and about. It also encourages them to contact you given the convenience of mobile. Other key features of this product include: • Real-time, web-based reporting • Historical conversation reporting by mobile number to keep track of your customer interactions • International message delivery in over 43 countries • Integration to most standard call centre packages via SMTP | 11
  11. 11. Mobile Infrastructure Global Connect Premium global mobile gateway The Product Often, our clients have their own web or mobile applications, but lack access to the mobile networks around the world to get maximum effectiveness from those applications. Sonic Global Connect is the solution that allows you to send mobile based communications to most mobile networks by providing you with API access to our mobile gateways with message handling via the Sonic Fusion Engine with web based management through Omniscience. Ruapehu Global Connect also provides an enhanced level of connectivity to Mount Ruapehu has critical information that selected mobile networks including delivery receipts, cross carrier short needs to be communicated to its staff and codes, premium rate messaging and reply paths all managed through our customers on a daily basis. Sonic deployed its web based platform. global connect gateway which Mount Ruapehu integrated directly with its website database. How does it work? Global Connect provides access to Sonic Mobile’s infrastructure at a wholesale level with enhanced functionality. Through a simple online sign up process, we establish a gateway account for basic connectivity and then you select the countries in which you require short codes or enhanced functionality. Global Connect accounts also incorporate all of the functionality from SMS direct services which will enable you to broadcast or push to all of our connected networks as standard. Sonic Mobile can also provide cross carrier short codes and premium rate messaging across most networks for more complex requirements, with codes usually provisioned within 6 weeks. Why do you need it ? Sonic Global Connect is the perfect solution for companies or individuals who have the knowledge and expertise required to create their own mobile applications, but cannot access the mobile infrastructure required to deliver messages to global mobile users. BP/Wildbean Global Connect provides you with an easy-to-use interface with our Sonic produced 200,000 unique codes and gateway and secure interconnection options between your application managed a campaign to promote the Wild and Sonic. Bean Brand. Instant online reporting enabled BP to watch the campaign as it progressed If you require a more sophisticated interface or functionality, such as thus meaning they could report back to their dedicated servers or data Circuits to support an enterprise solution, we customers in real time. can help you with all of your requirements. | 12
  12. 12. Mobile Infrastructure Short Codes & Keywords Through a single web interface, Sonic Mobile can provide access to premium rate short codes and keywords in over 40 countries. The Product Short codes are unique three to eight digit numbers provided by carriers to Sonic for the sending and receiving of mobile messages. They typically provide a mechanism for someone to respond to a call to action by sending an SMS message to the short code and the service usually responds with a reply SMS message. Premium rate short codes allow the mobile phone user’s account to be charged a fixed amount for each message sent or received, with a share of that charge being paid to the service owner by Sonic Mobile. Sonic Mobile also offers key word services in numerous countries. This is a cheaper option than a dedicated short code but has less functionality. Only messages sent to a short code with your keyword at the start of the message will get to you and other organisations will be publishing the same short code. How does it work? BP Australia Sonic Mobile will act on your behalf with the telecommunications providers in the country that you wish to operate in to source short codes BP Australia wanted to run a competition to at appropriate price points. promote their new fuel Brand. Sonic set-up multiple short codes for each of the states in Once the short code is provisioned Sonic Mobile deploys one of its Australia that were using the service. The short services to manage the incoming and outgoing messages or connects codes were linked to Sonics competition engine you directly to the short code via our Global Connect Gateway. which handled and managed all entrants. We can also organise shared short codes or keywords which is more cost effective but users need to send their message to the short code with your keyword at the start of the message. In some countries we can also provide you with a short term lease on a dedicated short code. Why do you need it ? Having your own short code is similar to your domain name in the mobile world. This gives you a unique mobile identity, complete control over the content that is sent and received to that short code, and the ability to generate revenue Other key features include: • An easy to use web interface for short code and keyword management • Real time web based reporting by keyword and short code • Premium rate short codes in over 40 countries • Multiple short codes supporting one campaign | 13
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. OneSquared OneSquared is a flexible, innovative IT infrastructure provider that uses top quality data centres, applies industry best practice and has a team of experienced professionals to run, monitor and maintain our client’s solutions. OneSquared specialises in a wide range of services to meet the exacting requirements of clients requiring complex, ro- bust, and reliable infrastructure solutions in four broad areas; • Network Services • Server & Co-Location • ISP Services • Support Services 15
  15. 15. Network Services Everything a company needs to maintain effective online communications (internally and with customers and suppliers) when it has offices in a number of countries. Internet & Multi-Site Networks Private Network Connectivity Firewall & Router Management A reliable, high speed network is As an addition to our high speed As part of a fully outsourced solution, crucial to the smooth running of most network services, OneSquared also we work with specialised partners to businesses. OneSquared specialises in deploys private networks for clients source, install and manage routers and seriously fast, reliable, flat-rate Internet with higher security requirements. firewalls on your premises. and multi site network connectivity. Product Features Product Features Product Features • High speed access • Routers, firewalls and software • High speed access procurement • NZ / Australia ethernet • NZ / Australia ethernet • Network and Device management • Hardware and software security • Flat rate Internet bandwidth • Web based reporting • Onsite routers • Onsite routers • Policy design and implementation • Dedicated 24/7 support • Dedicated 24/7 support • IP bandwidth management • Security services When the NZ government needed a robust infrastructure provider to run the name servers and parliamentary websites, they looked to OneSquared | 16
  16. 16. Servers & Co-Location The highest level of hardware, management, support and service to maintain your online presence. Co-Location Dedicated & Virtual Servers Internet Data Centres (IDC’s) Many organisations require the space, OneSquared provides the complete At the very foundation of power and flexibility of Telco-grade solution for your hosting needs weather OneSquared’s services are the Internet infrastructure but lack the environment, it be dedicated or virtual servers. Based Data Centres (IDCs) - built to protect resources or expertise to house and upon your requirements, OneSquared the mission-critical IT equipment that administer such a solution. sources and deploys the hardware and is used and maintained for our own software that make up your internet systems and those of our clients. Product Features hosting platform. Product Features • Telco-grade infrastructure Product Features • Global technology partnerships • Custom built locations • Platform procurement and build • HVAC temperature controlled • Flexible server sizes • Datacentre and Firewall Services systems • Dedicated 24/7 support • Windows 2003/8, Ubuntu and • Carrier neutral connectivity • Monitoring services Debian Linux • Industry standard firewalls • Microsoft SQL, MySQL • Monitoring services • 3 Free IP addresses • UPS systems • 20 - 200GB of traffic • Stringent physical security • 5 - 50 GB disk • Dedicated 24/7 support • 256 - 2GB RAM • Monitoring and reporting Dedicated & Virtual Servers Full System Management OneSquared provides the complete To be connected, an organisation needs solution for your hosting needs weather three things: Hardware, an operating it be dedicated or virtual servers. Based system and the applications that a upon your requirements, OneSquared business requires for its day to day sources and deploys the hardware and operations. Collectively, these things are software that make up your internet referred to as a system. OneSquared hosting platform. offers a full outsourced system management service. Product Features Product Features • Platform procurement and build • Server load monitoring • Datacentre and Firewall Services • Event log reviews • Windows 2003/8, Ubuntu and Debian Linux • Server security monitoring • Microsoft SQL, MySQL • Software upgrades • 3 Free IP addresses • Hardware maintenance • 20 - 200GB of traffic • Backup and disaster recovery • 5 - 50 GB disk • Dedicated 24/7 support • 256 - 2GB RAM • Monitoring and reporting | 17
  17. 17. ISP Services ISP services are everything a company needs to stay connected in the online world, without the high costs of hosting or managing the systems themselves. Website hosting Shared Database Hosting Domain names Many organisations require the space, Your website is a critical part of your For many businesses, a visible, power and flexibility of Telco-grade business. Yet that doesn’t mean you easily-found online presence can be infrastructure but lack the environment, need the power and space – not to as important as physical premises. resources or expertise to house and mention cost – of a dedicated server to Online visibility begins with a simple, administer such a solution. store your web content. memorable and affordable domain name. Product Features Product Features Product Features • Telco-grade infrastructure • Secure hosting environment • Search for domain names • Custom built locations • Internet Data Centres (IDC’s) • Register active domain names • Flexible server sizes • Flexible load sharing • Park inactive domains • Dedicated 24/7 support • Windows and Linux platforms • Domain name transfer • Monitoring services • Customised 404 (error) pages • Self management tool • Online Web Statistics • Dedicated 24/7 support By partnering with global and speciliased local network providers, OneSquared provides Ethernet based network connectivity for customers with high demand network requirements. | 18
  18. 18. ISP Services continued Back-up Solutions Email Services Every enterprise recognises the value Email is integral to the communications of maintaining an up-to-date backup of of any business. Despite it being a their critical data. The cost to a business simple and age-old application, it is of lost information can be immense. not a one-size-fits-all proposition. OneSquared offers a range of intelligent and adaptable email solutions that Product Features can be tailored to help your business operate most effectively. • Automatic implementation • Internet Data Centres (IDC’s) Product Features • Dual protection policy • Dedicated mail servers • Daily disk backups • Device coordination • Offsite data storage • Out of office send & receive • SPAM & Virus protection • Unlimited addresses • Email to SMS • SMS to email Domain names Payment Services For many businesses, a visible, E-commerce and online shopping easily-found online presence can be continues to grow at a phenomenal as important as physical premises. pace. To take advantage of it, you need Online visibility begins with a simple, to offer your customers complete memorable and affordable domain security within a seamless process name. when making transactions on your website. Product Features Product Features • Search for domain names • Encrypted webpages • Register active domain names • Digital certificates • Park inactive domains • Online store • Domain name transfer • Merchant facilities • Self management tool | 19
  19. 19. Breathe | 20
  20. 20. Breathe As Modica’s Web design & development service, Breathe has built an enviable reputation for delivering web solutions for a wide range of clients. The web team works on projects from simple e-marketing newsletter to complex database-driven, content management solutions. Breathe specialises in web solutions to Government and corporate clients • Strategy and analysis • Online marketing • Interactive design • Web development • Mobile Site Development | 21
  21. 21. Strategy & Analysis Successful online communications come from fully understanding a clients communication needs, and the ability to think strategicly in the online space. Breathe’s Strategic consulting expertise is in Information architecture three major areas: Information architecture (IA) is the bridge between the • Requirements definition & project specification conceptual and strategic aspects of site development and the practical matters of design and implementation. IA can shape • Information architecture your site in a way that draws people in, entices them to explore, • Integration with other marketing initiatives helps them find what they’re looking for, and encourages them • Requirements definition & project specification to come back. Our IA toolkit involves a range of techniques to ensure a solid Every project requires a degree of business analysis and IA is constructed. The toolkit includes user analysis, persona requirements specification. Our team is adept at quickly grasping development, card sorting exercises, content audits and user the project fundamentals, and ensuring both the technical testing. The IA is finally represented through a series of page and the functional solutions are in line with desired business schematics, wireframes and the overall site navigation itself. outcomes. A series of user testing exercises during the IA phase are run to continually test and challenge structures. Encompassing a series of workshops, one-on-one interviews, audience analysis, research and a fair bit of hard graft, the output User testing can include paper prototyping, task-based testing, is a detailed description of the solution and its functionality and is real-world observation and other formal testing procedures. accompanied with an in/out of scope matrix. Room to expand The Ministry of Foreign Affairs needed a site for the New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement. We created a site IA which is easily scalable to include future Free Trade Agreements. | 22
  22. 22. Interactive design Great web design is like any other piece of advertising - it needs to communicate the right messages to the target audience. Our approach to web design embraces the message-driven template design and of course - websites. We draw on a wide approach of offline communications while still retaining the focus range of experience from both here and overseas and have an on accessibility and user experience successful sites need. understanding of emerging technologies that only those with a passion for online design can have. We design interactive pieces which are both beautiful and functional. From large scale web sites to the simplest of email Our web team are experts at bringing brands to life online, and templates, we always look to create work which is innovative, know how to fit websites into wider communications strategies. practical and effective. Our design team’s capabilities cover a range of services including advanced flash design and animation, online advertising, email | 23
  23. 23. Web development Our developers take great pride in creating sites which are innovative, functional, stable and accessible. Many clients have specific requirements, from a work-flow The Breathe team use an iterative process during devlopement, driven content management system to a simple search facility. releasing often so that our clients can get and give feedback early To meet such specifications we rely on our team of developers – as well as allowing both our production team and the client to who offer bespoke solutions as well as package customisation. continue to be actively engaged during the project. Breathe’s skills and expertise cover areas including: Our predominant environment is PHP and we have extensive experience with several CMS packages. • Large dynamic websites • Integration with mobile applications • E-commerce • Content Management Systems • Solution driven web applications Web developement Our development team can create everything from major content mangaed sites to sophisticated flash sites. From left to right: Westpac stadium content managed website, Chilli Marketing flash website and the Allblacks mobile portal. | 24
  24. 24. Online Marketing Online marketing is an excellent and cost effective (and environmentally friendly) way of getting messages out to customers and stakeholders. Breathe has years of online marketing experience, including e-newletters, banner advertising and viral email communication. E-newsletters are an excellent and cost effective way of getting your message out to your clients and stakeholders. We can take away the hassle of developing and dispatching an e-newsletter for you. We do it all, from setting up your mailing lists, designing and building the template, to testing and reporting on its deliverability. We can also advise on the type of online marketing that is right for you, and we are more than happy to work with offline agencies to compliment an overall marketing strategy. Email newsletters We create templated e-newsletters which allow our clients to manage and send out directly to their own database. | 25
  25. 25. Mobile Web development The world has gone mobile, and the web has gone with it. A company cannot realise the full potential of the web without understanding how to design and develope websites for mobile phone browsers. Our philosophy is that a Mobile phone, is simply a web browser with a smaller screen, so we apply the rules of good communication to mobile as we do for all our interactive work. However, designing for Mobile phones requires a knowledge of their limitations, how users interact with them and the role they play in wider marketing campaigns. We have an expert understanding how to take sites ‘mobile’. Going mobile We have created a mobile site for Possitively Wellington Tourism. By using the same content management system as the main website, we’ve made it easy for them to reach a much larger audience and become a much more useful rersource for Wellington visitors and locals. | 26
  26. 26. Modica Clients | 27
  27. 27. Contact details New Zealand Australia Phone: Wellington Office 1 800 196 987 Phone: United States of America New Zealand 0800 77 66 22 International +64 3 5208136 Phone: 1 800 592 3421 Auckland Office Phone: United Kingdom / Ireland New Zealand 0800 77 66 22 Phone: 0800 055 6012 Singapore Phone: +65 6222 0610 Worldwide Phone: +64 3 520 8034 | 28