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Blagovesta Slaveykova Eco_Deodorant


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Presentation about Eco deodorants :P

Published in: Education
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Blagovesta Slaveykova Eco_Deodorant

  1. 1. ECO Deodorant Blagovesta Slaveykova
  2. 2. Contents1. Aluminum Zirconium AL2CL7H7O7ZR Tetrachlorohydrexgly2. Cyclopentasiloxane C10H30O5Si53. Stearyl Alcohol C18H38O4. Hydrogenated Castor C6H6O2 Oil5. C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate C6H5COOH6. Oleic Acid C18H34O27. Behenyl Alcohol C22H46O (Docosanol)8. Fragrance C5H10O2 (Methyl butyrate)
  3. 3. Nacreous Clouds Polar Stratospheric Cloud
  4. 4. Antarctica
  5. 5. Ozone Hole
  6. 6. Eco DeodorantSodium bicarbonate Corn Starch Unrefined Essential Oil BAKING SODA C12H22O11 Coconut Oil NaHCO3
  7. 7. Eco Deodorant PLUSSES MINUSES No aluminum salts Cocoa butter melts at high temperatures (60-70 ° C), but exposed to the sun, No parabens begins softening. No harmful and unknown substances. It is necessary to keep the deodorant in a cool place - out of direct sunlight. It can be applied to the skin immediately after hair It isn’t very suitable for travel, if we removal without stinging. can‘t provide proper storage. It has a pleasant fragrance. After application, we must wait until its completely absorbed by the skin, so that it wont leave stains on our This deodorant is extramly suitable for clothing. pregnant or breastfeeding women due to its safety. When it touches the warm skin it softens, supporting the application.
  8. 8. VideoOther ECO Deodorants
  9. 9. Thank You