Android vs i os features


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Android vs i os features

  1. 1. DIVIDE FEATURES! Android & iOS comparison
  2. 2. DIVIDE FOR ANDROID Work and play on a single Android device. Divide creates a separate, fullyencrypted work environment on your device. Enabling you to securely access your work email (including Exchange ActiveSync & Lotus Notes), contacts and calendar. Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid!
  3. 3. DIVIDE ANDROID FEATURES Access work data without compromising privacy. • Secure container for enterprise data on Android devices (AES 256 bit encryption) • One-click install from Google Play • Divide Files Extension which allows you to store all of your sensitive data within the cloud • Tunneling to securely connect to pre-existing enterprise infrastructure • Fully customizable interface that looks and feels like native Android • Access to Divide Manager, allowing remote tracking and control of enterprise data • Push third-party apps into the Divide container via the Manager • Secure dialer and messenger apps that automatically handle calls and text from work contacts • Timecard widget allows you to turn off work notifications when you are off the clock Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid!
  4. 4. DIVIDE FOR iOS Work and play on a single iOS device. Divide for iOS evolves Apple device to have a secure, enterprise-ready phone or tablet. Divide leverages dual persona technology to ensure that your iPhone or iPad maintains a secure corporate persona for all of your sensitive data without compromising your personal freedom to use your own device as you wish. Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid!
  5. 5. DIVIDE iOS FEATURES Access work data without compromising privacy. • Secure container for enterprise data on iOS devices (AES 256 bit encryption) • One-click install from the App Store • Native-style layout developed specifically for Divide iOS • Integrated, full-screen web apps for Box, LinkedIn and Salesforce • Real-time remote tracking and control of enterprise data via Divide Manager • Replaces all iOS third-party enterprise applications with one simple, out-of-box solution • Renders any iOS 5+ device ready for enterprise usage Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid!
  6. 6. DIVIDE FEATURES Android vs iOS feature comparison Installation & Activation! Android! iOS! Look, Layout & Corporate Customization! Compatible across latest versions of OS! Customize Terms of Service! Activates and syncs with Google Apps! Customize Divide Launcher background! Activates and syncs with Exchange! Custom Divide Launcher shortcuts! Activates and syncs with Lotus Notes! Support for Personal Apps Shortcuts! iOS! Look and layout feels native to respective OS! One-click install from Google Play/App Store! Android! Manual Server configuration available! ! N/A! Secure integration with Third--‐Party Apps! Customize Divide Launcher layout! Customize tips/Message of the Day widgets! N/A! Customize placement of widgets on Divide Launcher screen! N/A! Enforce Divide Browser homepage! Coming soon! Configure included Divide applications (Mail, Contacts, Calendar)! Configure bookmarks ! Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid! Coming soon!
  7. 7. DIVIDE FEATURES Android vs iOS feature comparison Divide Enterprise App Suite! Android! iOS! Divide Enterprise App Suite! AES 256 bit encryption for all Apps! Secure Messenger! Support for attachment viewing in Mail (images and documents)! iOS! Secure Dialer! Secure Mail! Android! SMS to email support! Attach files to outgoing messages in Mail (from device, SD, or Divide Files)! Coming soon! Tasks! Server side email search (Lotus Notes, Exchange)! Meeting mode (silence phone while in meetings)! N/A! Server side email search (Google Apps)! Timecard support (block work notifications when off the clock)! N/A! Out-­‐of-­‐office email auto-­‐reply set from device (Exchange feature)! Coming soon! Secure Browser! Secure Calendar! Divide Files (Box integration)! Secure Contacts! App wrapper for 3rd Party Apps (pushed by IT from cloud to device)! Work Contact calls/SMS routed to Divide Dialer/SMS (policy-­‐dependent)! Full-­‐screen capable web apps for LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Box! Information created on device seamlessly syncs to server! Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid! Coming Soon! N/A!
  8. 8. DIVIDE FEATURES Android vs iOS feature comparison Use Self-Service MDM (! User can quickly access registered device through My Divide! Android! iOS! Coming Soon! Locate device via GPS! N/A! Activate Beacon (loud, piercing audio alert to help locate device)! N/A! User can remotely wipe corporate data! N/A! Device Security! Android! iOS! AES 256 Bit Encrypted Application Database! Screenlock enforcement! Screenlock password complexity enforcement! Screenlock password history! Screenlock password aging! Screenlock password blacklist! User can remotely wipe entire device ! N/A! Screenlock wipe on too many failed password attempts Remote device wipe! View & manage installed applications! N/A! Data Leakage Prevention! View network usage for voice, data, and SMS across both profiles! N/A! Device timebomb (passive wipe)! Push URLs to Divide! N/A! SMS logging! Call blacklist! N/A! SD card encryption! N/A! Anti--‐tamper (root and debugger)! N/A! Wipe when debugger enabled! N/A! Wipe if certain apps detected! N/A! Wipe on SIM removal! Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid! N/A! N/A!
  9. 9. DIVIDE FEATURES Android vs iOS feature comparison Corporate MDM (Divide Manager)! Android! iOS! Corporate MDM (Divide Manager)! Android! iOS! Policy push and enforcement! Helpdesk tools! Override policies with ActiveSync policies! Wifi (802.11x) auto-­‐configuration! N/A! Inbound outbound phone number whitelist/ blacklist! N/A! Hardware/ OS only! Device reporting (voice, data, SMS)! Touchless OTA configuration! Push and install applications on device by group! Multiple devices per user! Update ETP applications seamlessly ! Customizable trigger-­‐based alerting! N/A! Automated reporting! Work-­‐mode application whitelisting! Full device application whitelisting! N/A! Group management! Multiple policy support! Multiple domain administration! Company Confidential © 2013 Enterproid! Coming soon! Coming soon!
  10. 10. THANK YOU! Learn more by visiting DIVIDE NEW YORK. HONG KONG. LONDON.! COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © 2012 Enterproid, Inc. Enterproid, Enterproid Divide and the Divide logo are trademarks of Enterproid, Inc. All other product or company names may be trademarks and /or registered trademarks of their respective owners. While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, Enterproid, Inc. does not accept liability for any errors or mistakes which may arise. Specifications and other information in this document may be subject to change without notice.