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Data Centers and Mission Critical Opportunities


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Black & Veatch has in-house expertise to provide everything from consulting and mechanical-electrical load analysis to turnkey design-build and engineering, procurement and construction for data centers. We have integrated infrastructure such as cooling, power and communications. Our experience siting, permitting and building critical infrastructure, including in emerging countries, is beneficial to companies wanting to develop data centers around the world.

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Data Centers and Mission Critical Opportunities

  1. 1. We See Opportunities Data Center / Mission Critical Facilities
  2. 2. Data Center / Mission Critical Experience • Black & Veatch delivers design-build solutions for data centers, mission critical facilities and high tech projects worldwide since the 1960s • Routinely ranked in the top five in the world in Energy, Water and Telecommunications • With 111 global offices and approximately 10,400 professionals, we are uniquely positioned to provide data center design-build services at a whole new level • Chosen as among the “Top 20 Most Promising Data Solution Providers of 2016” by CIO Review magazine 2
  3. 3. Providing All Elements of Mission Critical Infrastructure Black & Veatch 3
  4. 4. Black & Veatch Is Local With Nearly 70 U.S. Regional Offices and Project Experience In All 50 States Black & Veatch Arizona California Colorado Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Project offices are not included. 4
  5. 5. More Than 40 International Offices Provide Global Reach and Expertise From In-Country Professionals 5 Armenia Australia Azerbaijan Canada Chile China Georgia Hong Kong India Indonesia Ireland Kazakhstan Malaysia Myanmar Oman Palestine Philippines Puerto Rico Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Taiwan Thailand Ukraine United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Kingdom United States Uzbekistan Vietnam Black & Veatch
  6. 6. Mission Critical Facility Assessment Our assessments reveal the full potential of existing infrastructure, while addressing future capacity and service demands related to power, cooling and size. We complete condition assessments, identifying any gaps found, and provide high-level recommendations to ensure the data center is aligned with the strategic and operational needs of the client. 6Black & Veatch
  7. 7. Site Selection and Infrastructure Availability We provide infrastructure availability assessments for data centers (power, connectivity, water, and material & transportation) for existing and candidate sites. 7Black & Veatch
  8. 8. Design and Engineering Services We have fully integrated, in-house experts (architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) to design data center / mission critical / infrastructure facilities. We deliver global solutions that include mechanical-electrical design, power and cooling, integration with requisite utility support demanded by the facility as well as supporting infrastructure design. 8Black & Veatch
  9. 9. Sustainable Power and Cooling Alternatives Black & Veatch develops reliable, full-service, life-cycle renewable energy alternatives for data centers and mission critical facilities. We offer distributed generation (wind, solar, and combined heat & power) and distributed storage (battery energy storage, thermal energy, battery, flywheel, and ultra- capacitor) alternatives. We also offer our microgrid control and energy management system. 9Black & Veatch
  10. 10. New Design Build / Construction We offer all forms of construction and procurement, including general contracting, construction management at risk, construction management as Advisor / Owner’s representative and design-build. Black & Veatch constructs everything from the ground up including site utilities, flatwork, core and shell, interior white space, and critical power infrastructure. 10Black & Veatch
  11. 11. Upgrades and Expansions We specialize in upgrading and expanding live data center and mission critical facilities that cannot be taken out of service for any length of time. Challenges we have overcome include defined space constraints, working on and around energized equipment, limited staging and lay-down areas, and tie-in to existing systems and equipment while maintaining necessary sequence of operations. 11Black & Veatch
  12. 12. Modular and Network Edge Data Center Design & Installation Black & Veatch is an integrating partner for modular box manufacturers to give the client a working solution. Black & Veatch integrates the infrastructure to fit the modular container and also ensures the site is designed to allow easy expansion while having no impact to the existing data center. 12Black & Veatch
  13. 13. Data Storage and Transfer We Provide All Services to Support the Growing Autonomous Vehicle Facilities Market Autonomous vehicle generate tremendous amounts of data Black & Veatch 13 Telecommunications Network ParkingPower Connection with the Grid Maintenance
  14. 14. Recent Clients • Central Colo • China Light and Power • Comcast • Cox Communications • Cyxtera (formerly CenturyLink) • Digital Realty • eBay • Exelon • FedEx • Google • GreenHouse Data • GridRock Data Center • LabCorp • LA Dep’t Water & Power • Marriott • Sprint • Tesla • Align / Uber • Wells Fargo • XO Communications • Multiple Major Confidential Clients Black & Veatch 14
  15. 15. Designing the First-of-a-Kind Co-Located Data Center and Desalination Plant Black & Veatch 15 Desalination Facilities Substation Generator Plant Build-to-Suit Data Centers DeepWater Desal • 150 MW Data Center • 200 MW Substation • 49 MW Natural Gas Generation Plant • 55,000 ACF / Year Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desal Plant • Facilities Engineering • Engineering and Design
  16. 16. Hyper-Efficient Data Center, Crafted By Nature GridRock Data Center • Conceptual design of in-cavern data center for the overall capacity of the quarry and the site resources • Size and design GridRock’s substation and complete the interconnection agreement with Ameren • Conduct due diligence on fiber providers, capacity of providers and a diverse pathway to the site 16
  17. 17. Construction on Live Data Centers XO Communications Upgrade • Construction on live data center + office space • Replacement of existing mechanical systems • No down-time • Value engineering review saved client $198,000 and improved sustainability 17 “If not for the effort that Black & Veatch has provided, I do not think that the project would have been as painless as it was and I could not be happier.” — XO Communications Black & Veatch
  18. 18. Construction of Data Center Expansion Cox Communications • Black & Veatch is one of two National General Contractors for Cox’s Critical Facilities Program • Constructing Shells, upgrading Electrical and Mechanical systems and creating new white space • Using local and regional subcontractors for local expertise as well as consistency and continuity in construction • Successful completion of these projects has led to further construction projects across the country 18
  19. 19. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for Turn-Key Delivery CenturyLink • Increased capacity of the data center mechanical and electrical infrastructure • Provided electrical and mechanical design to improve chillers and chilled water distribution system • Provided all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural services for turn-key package • Designed a solution which provides numerous improvements with regard to the air distribution system 19
  20. 20. Complex Data Center Expansions FedEx Data Center Expansion • Expanding 3-story data center for FedEx in Colorado Springs by 5,000 sq. ft. • Construction is over a live loading dock and adjacent to a critical data space, so work has been scheduled to ensure continuous operation 20
  21. 21. Black & Veatch 21 Black & Veatch has the flexibility to create solutions from large built-in-place data centers to small, modular / edge facilities with fully integrated infrastructure upgrades
  22. 22. Integrating Renewables With Mission Critical Facilities The integration of renewable energy generation into the electric grid for mission critical projects require creative planning and execution solutions. Our interconnection experience, combined with our broad experience with all renewable technologies ensures your renewable energy projects are successfully completed. 22 • Solar • Wind • Microgrid • Energy storage • Electric vehicles • Nature-based cooling
  23. 23. Learn more at Wes Denton | Managing Director P +1 571-366-6922 | E Rob Nash-Boulden P +1 602-722-2677 | E Gary Cudmore P +1 303-256-4018 | E Drew Thompson P +1 913-458-6996 | E Edgar Castro P +1 754-229-3076 | E Contact Us Black & Veatch 23
  24. 24. We See Opportunities 3 November 2017