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5 Reasons Your NG9-1-1 Center Can't Wait


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Technology and public safety are merging. Cities are getting smarter every day. The next generation of 9-1-1 communication is already here, and cities and emergency responders can’t afford to wait to upgrade.

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5 Reasons Your NG9-1-1 Center Can't Wait

  1. 1. 5 ReasonsYour NG9-1-1 Center Can’t Wait
  2. 2. Technology Is Transforming Cities. Integrated systems create efficiencies and enhance citizen quality of life. Vastly improved public safety and emergency communication systems also create big impact in 5 ways.
  3. 3. In an emergency, every second counts. NG9-1-1 systems enable faster delivery to the correct Public Safety Answering Point, improve data sharing and call transfers, and more accurately pinpoint locations. 1. Faster Response
  4. 4. We’re living in a mobile world, but legacy 9-1-1 systems are built on landline phone networks. Today, people expect the ability to send emergency notifications by text, video and third-party applications. 2. User Expectation
  5. 5. Improved networks allow better communication across city and county lines, and between emergency departments — police, firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians. 3. Collaboration
  6. 6. In a legacy 9-1-1 system, if the line is cut, operations halt, which puts citizens’ and first responders’ lives at risk. NG9-1-1 networks are integrated, and cloud-based, for diverse operations and system reliability. 4. System Stability
  7. 7. Legacy 9-1-1 centers retrofit systems with new hardware and software to keep pace. In Next-Gen systems, regional technology sharing saves costs on the back-end, while local Public Safety Answering Points remain connected to their local residents. 5. Financial Savings
  8. 8. NG9-1-1 Is Already Here. Technology and public safety are merging. Cities are getting smarter every day. Is your 9-1-1 communication center prepared?
  9. 9. Learn more at Request a Consultation David S Lucas, ENP, GISP | Senior Public Safety Consultant P +1 704-510-8432 | E