DB Call-A-Bike meets Foursquare


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I found this idea concept from 2011 that was never executed so thought I'd share it with you instead of gathering digital dust.

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DB Call-A-Bike meets Foursquare

  1. 1. DB Call A Bike meets Foursquare May 20th 2011 / blacktar.com / info@blacktar.com
  2. 2. DB Call-A-Bike
  3. 3. Premise • With the advent of the DB Call A Bike iPhone App, bikes with GPS and a sensible flat rate price for the service, renting a bike never was easier or cooler. Collaborative consumption is the new trend. Owning and riding a Fixie looks lame and conspicuous. • Spread awareness to younger demography; DB is easy, cool, cheap and FUN and available NOW in your city.
  4. 4. Idea • Let the world know just how easy and cool DB Call A Bike is by launching a competition where city borough residents fight it out against each other Foursquare-style using and validating the service. ! • Four teams compete against each other in a game of Foursquare with the goal of having the most DB Call A Bikes in their square (borough) on a given day within a set timeframe (start/goal).
  5. 5. http://about.me/alexanderrentsch
  6. 6. Execution v1 • A Flashmob game, community/grassroots style, no active DB involvement with independent self-regulating organization • Live streaming/comments/moderation in all Internet channels (custom website/FB/ twitter/ustream/YouTube etc) • Have video crew film preparations, execution and aftermath.
  7. 7. ExecutionV2 • An official DB competition. • Have DB sponsor any and everyone who signs up for the competition with a one day version of the flat rate offer. Any time/ costs when exceeding X minutes rented are signed over to the competition (instead of invoicing). • Have prize for winning side; Part support for charitable related cause chosen by winner + individual prizes like free subscription for X months for winners/participants. • Independent jury and, live streaming/comments/moderation in all Internet channels (custom website/FB/twitter/ustream/YouTube etc) • Have pro video crew film preparations, execution and aftermath.
  8. 8. Optional • Partner with Foursquare (the company) and/or Facebook Places for promo and have the users/renters check in on the bike simultaneously. • “Mayor of bike #4657” 
 “Tip left here: #4682 has sloppy suspension, malfunctioning lighting”. 
 “+3 points!You have checked in on #4556 5 times”
 “Your friends recommend #4702” • Extra custom badges e.g.“Eco-King”,“Speed King”,“Bike Thief”, etc. • Etc. Enabling further distribution in other networks / cross posting and WOM.
  9. 9. Examples, Cologne •