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Bubiko+ geopose (London/Paris)


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Powerpoint created for October 2019 Augmenting Reality Meetup hosted by Steve Dann, as well as the PARIS event organized by Vincent Trastour/Flamingo Filters = Paris Augmented Reality Influencers Show)

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Bubiko+ geopose (London/Paris)

  1. 1. The following presentation uses references from the State of the AR Cloud Report published May 28, 2019 by the Open AR Cloud. All rights reserved. With the exception of Novaby, the 3D model making company, I have no relationships with any companies mentioned in this presentation. This research has been self-funded.
  2. 2. Stephen Black PARIS + London AR Meetup SB introduction Bubiko Foodtour introduction Geopose
  3. 3. Nissan video/ question of geopose windshield-display/
  4. 4. GEOPOSE
  5. 5. Microsoft Azure Website
  6. 6. SlideShare presentation by Sergii Kozyrev
  7. 7. OARC From State of the AR Cloud Report 2019
  8. 8. At least three posts about 'geopose'
  9. 9. From correspondence with Jan-Erik Vinje, Managing Director of Open Augmented Reality Cloud: ○ If we are successful in creating such a standard we will in effect have created the equivalent of the URL for real world spatial computing. Allowing the geopose of both real and virtual objects to be universally captured, stored, shared and understood.
  10. 10. ○ I liken it to URL because it can be seen as links between the physical world with the digital world. ○ URL links information to more information. Geopose links the world to digital information and digital information to the world.
  11. 11. ● It can even be used to create a "persistent portal" between a physical space and a virtual space. Where people from across the world who are experiencing a virtual space can go through such a portal to experience a real space (by streaming realtime reality capture data to all those in the virtual reality space).
  12. 12. ● At the same time people in the real world can walk into the virtual reality space or see virtual objects, scenes and avatars of virtual reality users projected into their physical space using AR.
  13. 13. Geopost is to AR As URL is to the internet.
  14. 14. To create a GEOPOSE 1.Physical space owner 2. AR data/ SLAM spatial location and mapping 3. AR Cloud space 4. End user(s)
  15. 15. How to find the location? (the need for interoperability): Google maps Mapillary Military maps LADOT ebike monitoring maps(eg) Satellite-based maps monitoring floods, snow, ice, fire, crowds etc. City/State/Federal maps Company owned routing maps Bus routes Ride sharing maps Superworld Emergency routes Bike lanes Construction Traffic signals
  16. 16. Jeff Koons/Snapchat
  17. 17. Geopose and GPS AR sculpture now being planned with Vincent Trastour and others
  18. 18. Bubiko and SB are always open to cross-promotions, collaborations, and exchanges!
  19. 19. Stephen Black LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter Bubiko Foodtour Instagram, Facebook, twitter
  20. 20. Thank You
  21. 21. Augmented Reality + Autonomous Vehicles Stephen Black
  22. 22. Hyperreality by Keiichi Matsuda tesla-autopilot/ windshield-display/ These videos were shown just before the presentation began.
  23. 23. AR AR AR General + Movie led to Bicycle Research led to Traffic/Vehicle/AV Research Research +Planning (The word ‘arbicle’ created.)
  24. 24. What is Augmented Reality, AR? AR is the addition of digital information to an object.
  25. 25. Phones, tablets, glasses and windshields DELIVERY: Besides television and movies And… bonnets!
  26. 26. AR1.0 Artivive Pokemon Go Leo Snapchat Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Facebook Spark Bubiko Foodtour videos: DC Rainmaker AR Rouvy Bike Experience Cannondale Simon Service AR Preview
  27. 27. Bike/Road Emergency: digital information (2 way+) Video GPS Weather Audio Heart beat + Text Chronology/Speed Graphics Proximity/Object Tracking 3D Objects that do not move Impact communication 3D Objects that move Live Camera Phone Walkie Talkie
  28. 28. The ability for a great variety of users to identify and share a common set of co-ordinates for digital models is mandatory for safety and the growth of all in the AR ecosystem, especially AV. The Open Air Cloud Association (OARC) is committed to interoperability in nearly all areas of AR.
  29. 29. California is a hotbed for autonomous vehicle testing, so changes made to the state’s rules governing these tests are followed closely by companies, like General Motors, Alphabet’s Waymo, and Uber, that are developing fleets of self-driving cars for public use. There are currently 62 companies permitted and 678 autonomous vehicles that are licensed with the DMV, officials say. Waymo is the only company with a permit to test fully driverless vehicles on public roads.
  30. 30. A New Defense Against Robocar Cyberattacks Ed GarstenSenior Contributor August 7 2019 “ Autonomous vehicles contain between 300 million to 500 million lines of software code, compared to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner commercial jet with 15 million and 100 million lines of code in a premium car such as a Mercedes C-class, said Barzilai.” In effect, said Barzilai, automakers are treating vehicles as “data centers” sending security updates over the air which aggressive hackers are able to defeat. A group of automakers, along with the Society of Automotive Engineers has established the Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC) to look into this very issue as the industry steps up development of so-called Level 4 and Level 5 self-driving vehicles. Joining the SAE in the consortium are General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corporation. Still in its early stages, the AVSC is not only involved with developing a set of safety principles for Level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles, but, “data collection, protection and sharing required to reconstruct certain events,” according to its website.
  31. 31. Autonomous Bike Vehicles Interaction
  32. 32. AV AR CONTENT - Required by vehicle (safety+ routing + maintenance) - Content offered by companies - Content chosen by individuals - Content shared by fellow passengers (traveling to a sports or cultural event, group learning)
  33. 33. A bit about AR…. lighting Occlusion Digital avatars
  35. 35. AV as actor/actress ! ?
  36. 36. May AV
  37. 37. bROADWAY Detroit’s musical
  38. 38. bROADWAY, a possible entertainment project, enjoyed in AVs on the roads of Detroit, provides insights into AR
  39. 39. Shenzhen Light Show
  40. 40. Diego Rivera’s masterpiece at the Detroit Institute of the Arts
  41. 41. Frenchising Mona Lisa :52 ARtivive
  42. 42. Apple AR art
  43. 43. The Fox is GEOFENCED!
  44. 44. Bose AR + AR to aid the blind projects
  45. 45. Kevin Saunderson (Belleville Three), Jack White, Bob Seger, Motown/Stevie Wonder + WORLD’S GREATEST SOUNDTRACK! THE CITY OF THE FUTURE: DETROIT
  46. 46. Thank you Stephen Black Twitter @bookmerah LinkedIn/Facebook: Stephen Black
  47. 47. Please consider voting for the two SXSW proposals that follow . Thank you! Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama