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From a local attraction to a world class tourist destination. By Dr. Bernd von Droste


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From a local attraction to a world class tourist destination. By Dr. Bernd von Droste

  1. 1. II International Black Sea Economic Forum Yalta, 7 – 8 October 2011 From a local attraction to a world class tourist destination Prof. Dr. Bernd von Droste
  2. 2. Becoming one of the world‘s most oustanding sitesThe Pyramid of Giza, Egypt,1979 Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 1983
  3. 3. Kiev: St.-Sophia Cathedral and Related MonasticBuildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (1990)The cathedral symbolizes the„new Constantinople“, capitalof the Christian principality ofKiev, which was created inthe 11th century in a regionevangelized after the baptismof St Vladimir in 988.
  4. 4. The three pillars of Outstanding Universal Value OUTSTANDING UNIVERSAL VALUE PROTECTION AND MEETS CRTIERIA INTEGRITY AND AUTHENTICITY MANAGEMENTIllustration of the three pillars of Outstanding Universal Value. All three must be in place for a property to meet the requirements of the World Heritage LIst
  5. 5. Crimea, a region with an unique cultural and natural heritage
  6. 6. Heritage sitesinvestigated in Crimea • Sites on the UNESCO WH tentative list. • Other Heritage sites visited.
  7. 7. Sites on the UNESCO tentative list located in Crimea• Ukraina has 15 sites on the Tentative List• 4 of them are located in Crimea: 1. Bakchyserai (2003) 2. Khersoness (1989) 3. Genoese trading posts and fortifications including Sudak 4. Astromomical Observatories of Ukraine: three of them are located in Crimea
  8. 8. Complex of the Sudak Fortress Monuments of the 6th - 16th c. as part of trading Posts andFortifications on Genoese Trade Routes from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea
  9. 9. Ruins of Ancient Polis of Khersonessand its Chora, 4th B.C. - 12th century
  10. 10. Aerial view of the Chersones polis
  11. 11. Chernesos criterium (v)• The chora provides exceptional evidence of the land allotment system of the ancient world and of the agricultural techniques in use there. Site 10: Chora at Yukharina Gully (149 ha)
  12. 12. Chernesos Criterium (vi)• Chernesos played a pivotal role in the diffusion of Christianity in the northern Black Sea region and in the Eastern Slavonik world.
  13. 13. Chufut-Kale
  14. 14. • Cufut Cale bears testimonnies to the incipient state of the Crimean Tartars as the first capital of the Crimean Khanate independent of the Golden Horde.• An illustrative testimony to this is the Janike Hanim Mausoleum.
  15. 15. Kenassa•
  16. 16. Rare Testimonies to the cultures of the Crimean Tartars and Karaites : Bakcisaray Palace, Salacik and Cufut Kale
  17. 17. Bakchysarai Palace of the Crimean Khans
  18. 18. Fountain of Tears, Khan‘s Palace,1764
  19. 19. Astronomical Observatory of Crimea
  20. 20. Eski Kermen
  21. 21. Mangup - Kale