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Bsef2012 session7 cities_andregions_yavuz


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Bsef2012 session7 cities_andregions_yavuz

  2. 2. İSTANBUL 2010 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURERECEIVING THE TITLE Council of the Ministers of Culture of the EU approved the selection of Istanbul as European Capital of Culture 2010 on 13 November 2006 A bottom-up approach initiated by civil society, ‘governance model’ coordination between govermental bodies and NGOs Turkish Parliament has enacted a special law for the foundation of an Agency for İstanbul 2010 ECoC in November 2007
  3. 3. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture A Multi-Layered Project Culture & ArtsUrban Projects & Tourism &Cultural Heritage Promotion
  5. 5. CONSERVATION OF HERITAGEİstanbul 2010 ECoC is a powerful tool forsustainable conservation of heritage The Port of Theodosius 8500 years old port of the city which was discovered during metro constructions – international competition for masterplanning of an archeopark and museum Conservation of the monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and preperation of Area Management Plan
  6. 6. CONSERVATION OF HERITAGEİstanbul 2010 ECoC is a powerful tool forsustainable conservation of heritage Renovation of the Hagia Sophia Museum An architectural wonder from the year 537 AD One of the biggest temples in the world, served as a church for 916 years and as a mosque for 481 years
  7. 7. CONSERVATION OF HERITAGE İstanbul 2010 ECoC is a powerful tool for sustainable conservation of heritage Restorations & Exhibitions in the Topkapı Palace MuseumAdministrative center of the Ottoman Empire for 380 years, houses the Imperial Treasury and Harem Exhibitions: “Thousand Years of Persian Civilisation” Dec 2009 - Feb 2010 “Kremlin Palaces’ Treasures March - June 2010 “Topkapı Palaces’ Treasures in Kremlin May - June 2010
  8. 8. ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE PROGRAMIstanbul 2010 ECoC is reviving the city’sarchitectural heritage and refreshing the memory Renovation of the Vortvots Vorodman Church as a Cultural Center (February 2009 – November 2010) The Restoration Project of Hasköy Mayor Synagogue The Exhibition of “Greek Architects of Istanbul” Istanbul (22 November 2010 – 17 January 2011) The Exhibition of “Armenian Architects of Istanbul” Istanbul(30 November – 26 December 2010)
  10. 10. INVOLVING YOUNG PEOPLE İstanbul 2010 ECoC helps to develop new relationsbetween the young people of Europe and Turkey by using arts and cultural activities Theater Festival of European Universities 2-16 May 2010 51 participating universities from 16 countries Culture Ants Walking Towards 2010 Creating urban consciousness among 6th year students Received “Europa Nostra” Prize
  11. 11. INVOLVING YOUNG PEOPLE İstanbul 2010 ECoC helps to develop new relationsbetween the young people of Europe and Turkey by using arts and cultural activities 1st & 2nd International Ballet Competition July 2008 & July 2010 İstanbul Spirit – Design Made in İstanbul April 2010 A design exhibition of 40 products by 40 young İstanbul-focused designers
  13. 13. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE İstanbul 2010 will bring the best and most prominentexamples of contemporary arts and culture to the city Tokyo Ballet 19 June 201012. International Istanbul Puppet Festival France, Russian Federation, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy and Turkey 5– 16 May 2010
  14. 14. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUEWorld Premier of Adam’s Lament by Arvo Part Estonian composerWorld premier held in Hagia Irene 7 June 2010 joint project with Tallinn 2011
  15. 15. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE 1st Istanbul International Opera Festival (July 2010)Mehmed the Second (İstanbul State Opera and Ballet)Gegen Die Wand (Bremen Opera)Barber of Seville (Deutsche Oper Berlin)Imeneo (İzmir State Opera and Ballet)Aida (Ankara State Opera and Ballet)Zaide (Antalya State Opera and Ballet)Abduction from the Seraglio(Samsun State Opera and Ballet)
  16. 16. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE Golden RoutesAn interdisciplinary project to promote the culture and values of Istanbul via artists 22 concerts, 1 dance performance,2 conferences “In the Footsteps of Piri Reis” 16 -31 July 2010 Italy, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Egypt “In the Footsteps of Evliya Çelebi” 20 September- 16 October 2010 Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosova, Serbie, Bosnie-Herzegovine, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany
  17. 17. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE İstanbul 2010 ECoC is expanding its network of arts and culture through a dialogue with other ECoCs Cooperation with ECoCs• Liverpool 2008 (Edge of Passion, Streetwaves, Contacting the World )• Linz 2009 (Extra Europa)• Pécs 2010 (15. Pécs International Puppet Festival) (Ottoman Art in the 16th and 17th Centuries,Exh&Symp)• RUHR 2010 (Murder in Hellweg) (Melez Kulinarik, Literature, Cinema Festival)• Tallinn 2011 (Avro Pärt Concert)
  18. 18. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURALPromethiade DIALOGUEJuly 2010Cooperation of Cooperation & Joint Projects Istanbul 2010 & Ruhr 2010 & Athens FestivalParticipants are: Essen Zollverein Attis Theatre Jannis Kounellis Rimini Protokoll Studio Players
  19. 19. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE İstanbul 2010 ECoC is expanding its network of arts and culture Lives and Works in Istanbul6 renowned artists from EU countries live/work/produce for/in İstanbul and had creative workshops with local emerging young artists •Remo Salvadori - Italy •Antoni Muntadas - Spain •Victor Burgin - UK •Danae Stratou- Greece •Peter Kogler- Austria •Sophie Calle- France
  20. 20. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUEİstanbul 2010 ECoC is expanding its network of arts and cultureEurope on Water are allocated toTwo different stages in Istanbul16 participating countries Germany, France,Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland,Denmark, Macedonia, Sweden, UK, Netherlands,Estonia, Italy, Romania, Serbia,Austria and Turkey todisplay their art and culture25 June – 9July 2010
  21. 21. DEVELOPING INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUEİstanbul hosts many meetings and congresses withinİstanbul 2010 ECoC ProgramAnnual Conference of International Council of Museums (ICOM-CAMOC), September 2009European Heritage Awards Ceremony & Europa Nostra AnnualCongress, June 2010Le Recontres Annual Meeting, June 2010A Soul For Europe Forum, October 20101st International Artist Initiatives Meeting, October 2010Conference for Creative Cities, November2010
  23. 23. CREATING NEW VENUES FOR ARTS & CULTUREİstanbul 2010 ECoC supported the creation of newvenues for artistic and cultural activities A New Museum for Prince’s Islands A city museum for history and cosmopolitan life in the Islands 10 September 2010
  24. 24. CREATING NEW VENUES FOR ARTS & CULTURE İstanbul 2010 ECoC supported the creation of new venues for artistic and cultural activities A New Museum “Population Exchange Museum” Population exchange decision between Greece and Turkey with theLausanne Treaty, has displaced more than 2 million people. The aim is to remember and revive the memories of Turkish and Greek citizens November 2010 Çatalca
  28. 28. REACHING OUT THE CITYİstanbul 2010 ECoC enabled meeting of people witharts and culture in their own environment On the way to 2010 June-July-August 2009 Concerts in parts of the city that are not usually associated with artistic activities will introduce the inhabitants to different types of music
  29. 29. REACHING OUT THE CITYMaking culture accessible… ‘Appointment with the City, Encounters with the Museum’ • Bringing women and children from the periphery to museums • Enhancing citizen identity, creating the habit of visiting museums • Cooperation with Museums, Istanbul Muncipality, Istanbul Governorship
  30. 30. REACHING OUT THE CITYİstanbul 2010 ECoC enables the meeting of people witharts and culture in their own environment Portable Art Contemporary art will extend from the centre towards the periphery of Istanbul    From 2008 to 2010, 20 portable art projects will meet with people in 39 districts to increase awareness of contemporary art
  31. 31. REACHING OUT THE CITYYoung Volunteers of Istanbul: 18 -70A volunteering program to raise awerenessand to enable the participation of Istanbulresidents and visitors
  32. 32. SUPPORTING THE CREATIVE POTENTIALSupporting already existing events and culturalinstitutions 28th International Istanbul Film Festival in 2010 17th International Istanbul Theatre Festival in 2010 37th International Istanbul Music Festival in 2010 16th International Istanbul Jazz Festival in 2010 11th International Istanbul Biennial in 2009 Sabanci Museum “From Byzantine to İstanbul” Exhibition İstanbul Modern Museum “From Traditional to Contemporary, Cultural Memory in Modern Turkish Art”
  34. 34. Tourism & International Promotion PROMOTION AT INTERNATIONAL FAIRSİstanbul 2010 projects have been promoted in abroad at several international tourism fairsAt 43 International Tourism Travel Fairs; ITB Berlin (March 2008, 2009, 2010)WTM London Tourism Market (November, 2008, 2009, 2010)JATA Tourism Fair (September 2008, 2009)New York Times Travel Show, February 2009, 2010)EMITT, International Mediterranean Tourism and Travel Fair, February 2009, 2010In 27 country;Germany, Spain, Japan, Poland, Russia, Greece, United Kingdom,Ukraine, Netherland, Austria, Belgium, USA, Italy, Hungary, Lituania,France, Kazakhistan, South Korea, South Africa, Syria, Lebonase
  35. 35. Tourism & International Promotion PROMOTION AT INTERNATIONAL EVENTS İstanbul 2010 projects have been promotedInternational Expos, Bienals, Events in 2008, 2009, 2010International Expos, Bienals, International Events Bonn Bienali, 14-21 Haziran 2008 Expo Zaragoza, 13-17 Haziran 2008 Frankfurt Bookfair, 01-19 Ekim 2008 “İstanbul Days”, Odessa 12-15 October 2008 14th London Turkish Film Festival, 5-18 December 2008 11th İstanbul International Bienal, İstanbul, 8-11 September 2009 Expo Shangai, 1-4 May 2010 New York SummerStage Festival, New York, 2009,2010 Anatolian Culture and Culinary Festival, Los Angeles, 2010
  36. 36. Tourism & International PromotionINTERNATIONALADVERTISEMENT CAMPAIGN In 17 countries outdoors airports 23 foreign newspapers 32 foreign magazines TV channels (BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, EuroNews ) Slogan «The Most Inspiring City in the World»
  37. 37. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Program « A Multi-Layered Project » has the highest budget among all ECoC programs - 288 million Euro ( 49 % urban projects, 51 % cultural, artistic activities & promotion ) Culture & Arts realised 617 projects & 9.862 activities reached out 9 million audiance 1.598 concerts 763 exhibitions 336 books/periodicals 6 catalogues 1.127 stage performancesUrban Projects & 1.201 conferences/seminers/symposiums 735 workshops Tourism &Cultural Heritage 52 festivals Promotion 8 museums/cultural center openings
  38. 38. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Program « A Joint Effort » ECoC Projects 112 18% NGO Projects Culture 103 Arts & 17% University Projects 68 11% Local Government Projects 49 8% Public Bodies’ Projects 111 18% Private Companies’ & Initiatives Prjects 126 20%Urban Projects & Individuals Projects 48 8% Tourism &Cultural Heritage Total 617 Promotion 100%
  39. 39. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture ProgramParticipants of cultural activities:77 % thinks program helped the improvement of cross-cultural relations Culture & Arts53 % states their view of European Culture changed positively62 % think they will participate in cultural activitiesmore frequently after 201070 % were satisfied with the activitiesResidents: Urban Projects &81 % stated that they want to re-visit the places Tourism & Cultural Heritagewhich had been restored by Istanbul2010 Promotion70 % believes there will be long term positive impacts of Istanbul2010
  40. 40. Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Program « Tourism & Image »No. of international arrivals has increased since 20102010 - 6.960.9802011 - 8.057.879 (16% increase) Culture & Arts2012 - 6.147.818 (18% increase) (by the end of August)Overnight stay of foreign visitors increased by 12.6% in 20105.909 articles were published about Istanbul in foreign media in 2010 Urban Projects & Tourism & Cultural Heritage Promotion
  41. 41. « European Capital of Culture year »