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Bsef2012 session5 energy_efficiency_rybak


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ELENA RYBAK, Director, European-Ukrainian Energy Agency - Energy Development

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Bsef2012 session5 energy_efficiency_rybak

  1. 1. Energy Development – Compatibility with Social Expectations,Energy Reforms and Public PerceptionsBLACK SEA ECONOMIC FORUMYalta, 4-5 October 2012 Elena Rybak
  2. 2. About EUEAEUEA - a non-profit NGOsAssociation founded in GovernmentKyiv in 2009Goals to establish :•a solid platform forpromoting EE &RE EUEA Business•market mechanismsfor sustainabledevelopment
  3. 3. Priority Sectors1. Energy efficiency  buildings  district heating  heavy industry  waste-to-energy2. Bioenergy  biogas  biomass3. Wind energy4. Solar energy5. Hydropower6. Grid Sustainability7. Energy Community8. Project Financing
  4. 4. Members
  5. 5. Members
  6. 6. Energy Development: StakeholdersGovernment Media NGOs Business Consumers• Market • Scandal • Sust. dev. of • Long term • Reliable transparency • Crisis communities stability Service• Social • problems… • Reforms • transparency • Security dialogue But also: • Environment • attractive invest.• Fair rules of climate • Expertise • Prosperity of One day… “the game” • Information local Comfort of• Functioning communities living!!! legal framework
  7. 7. Cooperation will achieve resultsGovernment Media NGOs Business Consumers COOPERATION Meet Social Achieve Energy Increase Public Expectations Reforms Perceptions
  8. 8. Lets go on a short journey…
  9. 9. Germany“Energy Turnaround” of Germany:• 80% RE until 2050 (10% in primary energy consumption in 2011).• First with Feed in tariff legislation• Allocated budget amounts 1.3 bln. Euro for research• Total investments: approx. 22.9 bln. EUR• Employment in RE sector increase from 180 thous. in 2004 to 380 thous. In 2011.
  10. 10. Australia • RE share in electricity 20% by 2020 • The early "romance with renewables“ vs. concerns about the costs (no more tolerance to subsidies) • Average household retail energy bill of more than 1600 euro per annum • Still, broad support of the population • Lessons learnt: caution towards cumulative impact of policy interventions on retail energy prices!
  11. 11. Ukraine• Third most energy intensive country (beaten by Turkmenistan and Russia)• First EE talk appearing in 2006 and FiT 2009• Country with an average salary of less than 300 EUR• Smallest electricity tariffs in former Soviet Union of 3,69 dollar cents per kwh (vs. Russia – 7,27 dollar cent, Moldova 12,6).  Solar FiT – close to euro 0,50 cents. UAH 8 bln. Already invested in solar energy  Perovo plant 105 MW the largest PV plant in the world at the time of commissioning.
  12. 12. Wind can bring…Data from just 4 international developers:• Pipeline: 2,150 MW• Capital Requirement: EURO 3,310,000,000• Tax Payments: EURO 3,501,480,000• Employment: Temporary: 1,800 Permanent: 395• Social Infrastructure: EURO 23,420,000
  13. 13. UkraineEstimates:In order to increase efficiency by 50% (up to 2030) – USD 1 bln. Investments needed yearly (World Bank estimate)EE in Housing stock requires USD 15 bln. during 10-15 years. (IFC estimate)Heat and power network modernization requires USD 12 bln. (experts estimate)
  14. 14. Reality is…• Totally “questionable” draft of New Energy Strategy until 2030• Local content requirement – key barrier for Wind and Solar• Biomass potential (est. 15% in the Energy Balance) - subject to “semi- illegal” long term contracts• Draft law on amendments to Tax Code – cancellation of tax benefits of RE• EE projects subjects to enormous corruption and bureaucracy! » Years to get permissions vs. months to implement » Crucial laws take years for development• Land, connection, changeable rules… “Investors, please come!”
  15. 15. Risks are too big …2006 Alchevsk winter …• 60,000 people left without heat (for 2 – 4 weeks)• At least 206 people dead… (- 35 C)
  16. 16. Government HAS to deliver:•Stability•Legal framework•Market Transparency•Fair rules of the game foreveryone REQUIRED constructivedialogue with civil society,business and consumers! MEDIA is a tool forpublic perceptions and energyreform.
  17. 17. Thank You!Elena RybakDirector, European-Ukrainian Energy