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EVA VRZAK, Director of Tourism Know How and Tourism Infrastructure, Advantage Austria, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - Tourism in Austria

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Bsef2012 session4 tourism_vrzak

  1. 1. The Internationalisation Initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (AFEC/WKÖ) Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ) implemented by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Tourism in Austria Eva Vrzak – Director Tourism Know How & Infrastructure
  2. 2. Overview • ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA • Tourism in Austria – Status Quo 2012 • Tourism in Austria – Structure (1/3) – (3/3) • National StrategyforTourism • Tourism in Austria – Implementation on National Level (ÖW) • Tourism in Austria – Implementation on Regional/Local Level (DMOs) • Key Points - Strategy Development • Tourism in Austria – Key Competences • Austria’s expertise – Tourism Know How • Austrian KnowHow in Use in PoianaBrasov (Romania) • Advantage Austria‘s Services ForYou
  3. 3. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA - Internationalisation Agency for the Austrian Economy Facts & Figures• Encourages international activities by • 115 offices in 70 countriesidentifying business opportunities abroad • 800 employees connects business partners • 81 nationalities• Supports cross-border commercial • 1,196 ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA events annuallyactivities • 1,250 ADVANTAGEAUSTRIA publications annually• Positions Austria globally as an • 20,000 Austrian companies serviced eachattractive business location and a yearreliable business partner • 60+ years’ experience
  4. 4. Tourism in Austria – Status Quo 2012• Traditionally strong knowledge in this sector• According to a WTO survey, Austria generated the highest per capita revenue by international guests worldwide in 2010 (2.218 US $ per capita)• 1/5 of Austrian workforce is employed in the tourism sector (631.600 full-time equivalents)• In 2011, tourism-related activities contributed €44,1 Billion to Austria’s economy (about 15% of the GDP)• 2011: 34,6 Million Arrivals (+3,7%), 126 Million Overnight Stays (+0,9%)• Innovative developments – concepts for all-season utilisation
  5. 5. Tourism in Austria – Structure (1/3)Tourism:• Matter ofthestates (in legislation&execution)• Influencesseveralfederalstatecompetences (passport/customs; tradelaws, registration; employmentlaw;…)In Austria, tourismis an interdisciplinaryand inter-regional matter - >CoordinatingInstitutions on all (Federal) State Levels
  6. 6. Tourism in Austria – Structure (2/3) RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTOBurgen Carinth Lower Upper Salz- Styria Tyrol Vorarl- Vienna -land ia Austria Austria burg berg ÖRV Austrian Travel BMWFJ (Ministryof Economy Agency Union Other Ministries – TourismSection) ÖHV Austrian EU Hoteliers Union NTO (Austrian Statistics Austria ÖHT National Tourist Federal Office) EconomicChamberRTO = Regional Tourism Office
  7. 7. Tourism in Austria – Structure (2/3) RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTO RTOBurgen Carinth Lower Upper Salz- Styria Tyrol Vorarl- Vienna -land ia Austria Austria burg berg COMPANIES Other Ministries BMWFJ (Ministryof Economy – TourismSection) ÖRV Austrian Travel Agency Union ÖHV Austrian Hoteliers Union EU NTO (Austrian Statistics Austria ÖHT National Tourist Federal Office) EconomicChamber
  8. 8. Tourism in Austria – Structure (3/3)Austrian Ministryof Economy, Family and Youth - SectionforTourismandHistoric Objects: • Governmentalinformationplatformforthe Austrian TourismandLeisureIndustry • Point ofcontactfor all personsandorganisations in thetourismsector on national and international level • Representationofthe Federal States‘ interestswithinthe Austrian National Tourist OfficeFederal EconomicChamber: • Point ofcontactbetweenpolicyandcompanies • Representationoftheinterestsofthecompanies • Advantage Austria
  9. 9. National StrategyforTourism• Strategic coordinationofactivitiesof: • Ministries, Federal EconomicChamber, Federal Government& Federal States, Companies, TourismOrganisations• Definition of 3 ofAustria‘s USPs: • The Alps • The DanubeandLakes • Cities & Culture-> Action Plan Tourism: • Tourism Marketing: GroupingofStrenghtes • Subsidies& Supporting Innovations • Marketing campaignfor „newblood“ (in schools)
  10. 10. Tourism in Austria – Implementation on National Level (ÖW)• Financing: partlyfrompublicfunds, partlybysellingmarketingservicestothe Austrian tourismindustry• Concentration on 3 Geographic Areas: Western Europe, CEE, overseas – covering 95% of all overnightstays (biggest potential forthe Austrian Tourism)• Activities: classic advertisementfor Austria as a tourismcountry, mediacooperations, productionofmarketingmaterials, organisationoffairs&selling plattforms, cooperationwithlocal tour operators• Positioningofthe Brand „Urlaub in Österreich“
  11. 11. Tourism in Austria – Implementation on Regional/Local Level (DMOs)Gasteinertal: Dorf Gastein Hofgastein Bad Gastein Sport Gastein„Roomavailablesigns“Regional tourismorganisations Gasteinertal: management
  12. 12. Key Points - Strategy Development• Development ofdestinations• Cooperation: locationpolicy, regional planningandtourismstrategybelongtogether• Conceptsfor all-season-utilization (summer& winter)• intactenvironment&nature• In Austria: atabout 1 Euro (10 UAH) per aspiredovernightstayformarketing
  13. 13. Tourism in Austria – Key CompetencesCompetences in:• Individualized regional development• Startingcooperations• Innovative methods (concepts&tools)• Sustainability• Internationality – understandingtheprospectedguests‘ cultures&needs
  14. 14. Austria’s expertise – Tourism Know HowA profile of Austria’s Tourism Know How:• Destinations: Mountains, retreats/spas, MICE, culture, etc.• Accommodation: Hotels, resorts, etc.• IT: Software solutions, booking systems, etc.• Tourism infrastructure: Ski resorts, landscaping, traffic concepts, train stations, airports, etc. (Consulting & Equipment)• Education and training: Establishment and internationalisation of Austrian education and training institutions, development of curricula for international partners, training (in Austria and abroad)
  15. 15. Austrian KnowHow in Use inPoianaBrasov (Romania) • Doppelmayr (2005: cablecar, 2011: 2 chairlifts) • Klenkhart (planningof ski slopes) • Gebrüder Haider (constructioncompany) • Skidata (accesscontrol)
  16. 16. Advantage Austria‘s Services ForYou:• Contactto Austrian TourismExperts (Companies and individual Experts, educationinstitutes)• Cooperationwiththe CommercialCounsellorsatthe Austrian Embassy• Information eventsfor Austrian Companies on Development Projects in the Ukraine• Presentationof Austrian Companies/ KnowHow in the Ukraine• Iniateandguideconsortiastodevelopregions in thefieldsofTourism
  17. 17. Contact and further Information Eva Vrzak: Austria Federal Economic Chamber Advantage Austria WiednerHauptstrasse 63, A-1045 Vienna T: +43 (0) 590 900 – 5135 F: +43 (0) 590 900 – 113774