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Dr Sue Black's presentation about the amazing tech heritage we have in the UK and why we need to get everyone in the UK more tech savvy to enable innovation and thus a better UK economy.

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  • We need to get people in the UK much more hands on with technology and increase their tech savvy
  • Steve Shirley is a great UK Tech heroine! Have you heard of her?
  • Dina St Johnston is another UK tech heroine….have you heard of her? Why don’t we celebrate the amazing tech heros that we have in this country?
  • Where was the first cashpoint installed? Cashpoints are an example of tech that works almost 100% of the time, we need to show the UK that we have technology all around us that improves our standard of living. Computer says YES! Not Computer says No.
  • We have some amazing projects in the UK, that promote tech and computing, @londonhackspace is an example of a very exciting grass roots project. There are hackspaces all over the country, find your local one and go visit 
  • There are loads of projects now in the UK and elsewhere. Let’s work together to get the UK in pole position in the tech sector.
  • I believe ....   That most people in the UK have a negative attitude towards technology: big govt IT projects, MS Word, Computer says No!   That if people understood how much tech has improved their standard of living: cashpoints, mobiles, logistics, cars,  washing machines etc and how key it is for innovation to occur     And   Were helped to feel that they could  have a go themselves thus demystifying it   We would have a good chance of being a key player in the 2015 global marketplace. 
  • Worldeconomy is growing  Shift in power from west to east The west dont get it ....yet    Youth unemployment in UK = 1 million 20% school leavers cannot read/write In India tablets being given to 5 million students Here we are just deciding that we might need computing in the curriculum 
  • For country to be successful it needs:   Cash Commodities Creativity   We only have Creativity
  • Main things impacting business over next 5 years:   Mobile, internet, cloud, social, information   So, important for us to be a player in the global marketplace we need to stake our claim in the future.    To do that we need tech savvy/tech friendly population, to maximise our chances of producing tech enabled companies, exploiting UK creativity
  • Now digital revolution, we led during industrial revolution, we can be a key player in the digital revolution, but we need to get our skates on.    Tech savvy/literate public is key to maximising the opportunity we now have. 
  • The <goto> Effect…..This is why we need everyone in the UK to be more tech savvy…
  • The aims of the <goto> Foundation
  • Watch the video about #gototech our first @gotofdn event aimed at getting 7-9 year old kids excited about computer science, the result was 90 inspired children plus many inspired teachers and parents 
  • Please get in touch if you can help…
  • goto sue black computer weekly

    1. 1.   Computer says YES!!Dr Sue BlackSenior Research AssociateSoftware Systems EngineeringUniversity College London
    2. 2. DameStephanie(Steve) ShirleySet up FInternationalsoftware company in1962, later sold for£150 million
    3. 3. Dina StJohnstonSet up the world’s firstsoftware house:Vaughan ProgrammingServicesThanks to @LinJones for the photo
    4. 4. @Londonhackspace
    5. 5. “Computer Says No”
    6. 6. “Computer SaysNo”
    7. 7. Key in determiningeconomic winners:CashCommoditiesCreativityIn the UK we onlyhave one of these…
    8. 8. The key technologies impacting business over thenext 5 years:MobileCloudSocialInformationThe UK’s ICT sector is the largest in Europe andexpected to grow to over £29B by 2012.The combined creative industries and ICT sectorsemploy 3 million people.
    9. 9. Increased Inspiring techStandard of living The Tech savvy peopleFlourishingeconomy Effect Tech savvy Productive Startups and organisations businesses
    10. 10. <goto>’s aims are to excite, engage, empower and enlighten.The <goto> Foundation aspires to rebrand computer science, raisepublic awareness and knowledge of technology, and enable everyone touse, benefit from and enjoy the powerful computing systems in our livestoday.The <goto> Foundation will catalyse rapid change in these areas,through direct strategic action. We want to bring together existing projects, people and organisationsworking in this field – we’re not reinventing the wheel – and <goto> willcollaborate and connect groups with the individuals and resources theyneed to operate most effectively.At the same time, <goto> is attempting something new and unique – toraise the profile of technology with the general public through national scale campaigns and events, taking computer science outreachbeyond schools and making it relevant to people’s everyday lives.
    11. 11. Come and talk to me  Dr Sue @gotofdn