Business Etiquette


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A presentation in Supply Chain Young Talent Road Show 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Presenter: Mr. Banabas Chiang, Consultant/Trainer, Barnyard Consultancy

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Business Etiquette

  1. 1. Talent Development Programme Business Etiquette TDP-BE-001-R1Trainer: Barnabas Chiang BARN YARD Talent Development
  2. 2. Table of ContentsEssential Etiquette• Dress for Success• Personal Grooming• Personal HealthSocial Etiquette• Social Engagement• Crafting ConversationWine & Dine Etiquette• Perfect Host & Pleasant Guest• Wine Appreciation
  3. 3. House RulesMobile Phones• Switch to SILENCE• Answer calls outside the classParticipation• Feel free to express• Respect other’s opinion• Join in all activities to maximize your learning experience
  4. 4. ObjectivesAfter the workshop, Learners will be able to:• Display a professional and successful self-image• Create a good and lasting First Impression• Attend any social / networking event with confident• Facilitate a successful dinning / networking event
  5. 5. Essential Etiquette First impressions CountDress for Success - Man Executive Wear Smart Casual Wear NOT Recommended
  6. 6. Essential Etiquette First impressions CountDress for Success - Woman Smart Casual Wear Executive Wear NOT Recommended
  7. 7. Essential EtiquettePersonal Grooming Nails Facial Care
  8. 8. Essential EtiquettePersonal Grooming Makeup
  9. 9. Essential EtiquettePersonal Health Oral Odor Body Odor
  10. 10. Social Etiquette Social EngagementSmile Confident Name Card Naturally Hand Shake Feet Apart Self-Introduce
  11. 11. Social EtiquetteIntroduction Protocol Business (FIRST) • Within Company – By Hierarchy By Service Seniority • Company / Customer– Customer • Company / Supplier – Company • Company / Family – Colleague
  12. 12. Social EtiquetteIntroduction ProtocolIntroducer:Mr. X, please meet Ms. Z, our new Account Manager.Ms. Z, please meet Mr. X, our Director.Mr. X:Ms. Z, welcome to Barnyard.Ms. Z:Mr. X, It is my honor to be working in Barnyard.
  13. 13. Social EtiquetteIntroduction Protocol Social (FIRST) • Age Difference – Older (Respect) • Gender – Lady • Group / Single – Single
  14. 14. Social EtiquetteCrafting Conversation emembering Names Mr. Bean… Mr. Bean… Mr. Bean…
  15. 15. Social EtiquetteCrafting Conversation Ask Open Questions Avoid sensitive subjects Speak the TruthArt of Communication
  16. 16. Wine & DinePerfect Host & Pleasant Guest Perfect Host Pleasant Guest• Don’t Be Late • Be On Time• Guide / Propose Menu • Don’t be Fussy• Show Hospitability • Follow After the Host
  17. 17. Wine & DinePerfect Host & Pleasant Guest Meal Planning Seating Arrangement• No. of People • Guest on Right / Left Side• Purpose of the Meal • Seat by Interest• Venue & Meal Choice • Hierarchy Gap
  18. 18. Wine & Dine Know Your LimitsEntertainment Drinking MUST AVOID• Drinking with Empty Stomach• Bottoms Up• Mixture of Drinks• Drink Below your Limits
  19. 19. Wine & DineWine Appreciation Holding A Wine Glass
  20. 20. Wine & DineWine Appreciation See Smell Taste
  21. 21. Wine & DineWine Appreciation Blending Wine with Food