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About the Black Jaguar Foundation:
The BJF and its partners work to realize the Araguaia Nature Corridor: the longest biodiversity-corridor on earth - 2.600 km long and up to 40 km wide - in the heart of Brazil.

It will preserve thousands of species and can become South-America's biggest reforestation project. Millions of indigenous trees will be reforested.

10 % has already been achieved and YOU are a vital part to complete this important cause. Get involved in this world-changing-initiative.

Visit our site and get involved too!

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BJF Brochure in English

  1. 1. SAVING JAGUAR HABITAT IMPACTS YOU TOO. The human footprint has taken its toll. In the past 50 years, we caused more damage to our planet than by all previous 200.000 years of mankind. More specifically, deforestation is wiping out natural habitat in an alarming way. For example, deforestation has decreased the jaguar habitat by 65%. Only 3% of the original jaguar population has survived. The fate of the iconic endangered Black Jaguar is symbol of the endangerment of all species and of the drastic deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna in Brazil. Saving the ‘jaguar habitat’ is symbolic to preserving the world’s most vital ecosystems. Their home has a major impact on our daily lives too. The jaguar habitat is directly responsible for : 20% of all oxygen on earth 30% of all fresh water on earth 25% of all modern medicines The Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) and its partners strive to realize the Araguaia Nature Corridor : the longest biodiversity-corridor on earth - 2.600 km long and up to 40 km wide - in the heart of Brazil. Thousands of species will benefit, most of all ourselves. Tens of millions of indigenous trees will be reforested. Take this opportunity to help us realize this bold conservation project to preserve our planet.120328_BJF_03.indd 1 29-03-12 12:52
  2. 2. The Black Jaguar Foundation The BJF consists of a dedicated team of successful professionals and ambassadors, volunteering to protect the natural habitat of the jaguar. By preserving the jaguar’s habitat, we also preserve our own future Corridor region – unprotected and the future of generations to come. Our main goal To realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Central Brazil : the longest nature corridor on earth and potentially South America’s biggest reforestation project. The BJF is a devoted member within the international Alliance of Araguaia Corridor Partners, headed by the Jaguar Conservation Fund in Brazil. BJF-projects to help realizing the Araguaia Corridor: 1. Raise awareness for the biodiversity-corridor How? By producing impactful awe-inspiring documentaries about this corridor-project, Corridor region – protected With your support, our corridor- with first time ever footage of the mythical black jaguar in the wild. project will give birth to the reforestation of tens of millions 2. Fieldwork to realize the biodiversity-corridor of indigenous trees, converting How? By mapping the entire 10,4 million hectare agricultural land back to original Corridor Zone and identifying the land-owners habitat of the jaguar. who will be the key to the corridor’s success. 3. Reforestation Fund to realize the corridor How? By advising landowners who join the Corridor Program, which indigenous trees to replant. Secondly to finance the process of replanting the new born trees. Why the black jaguar? We choose the black jaguar as the icon of our foundation as its fate symbolizes the endangerment of all species and the drastic deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado savanna in Brazil. Why documentaries about the corridor project? Educate and involve the people within the Corridor Zone. Generate awareness and media attention on a local & global scale.120328_BJF_03.indd 2 29-03-12 12:52
  3. 3. Corridor project partners Corridor reforestation partners • Jaguar Conservation Fund – Brazil initiator and overall coordination of the project • JCF and IBAMA – Brazil research teams to prove the importance of the corridor educate and involve landowners • IBAMA – Governmental institute – Brazil • Local landowners – Brazil institute of environmental and natural resources commit to the program • Earthwatch Institute – International • Black Jaguar Foundation – the Netherlands international environmental organization execution and fundraising to make it happen • IDESA – Brazil social and political linking • Black Jaguar Foundation – the Netherlands drive awareness and fieldwork to make it happen Corridor documentaries partners • Jaguar Conservation Fund – Brazil experienced team of jaguar biologists • Masahiro Ijima – Camera - Japan Black Jaguar Foundation Ambassadors one of the world’s top big cat cameramen • New Earth Films – Camera – England filmmaker with passion for wildlife preservation • UDENA - Production - England natural history unit for Latin America • Cinemeta – Post production – the Netherlands high-end post production company Prof. Dr. Marian Horzinek Dr. Leandro Silveira Cat virology scientist President JCF • Black Jaguar Foundation – the Netherlands management, fundraising and marketing Corridor mapping project partners • Jaguar Conservation Fund – Brazil overall coordination • Black Jaguar Foundation – the Netherlands Nalden Prof. Dr. Jan van Hooff execution of project social entrepreneur Animal behavior scientist120328_BJF_03.indd 3 29-03-12 12:52
  4. 4. Your support is needed How can you get involved? Our team of successful professionals and suppliers Individual donors can become a member of our foun- contribute their time and equipment free of charge dation. Next to contributing to the projects of the or work at charitable rates. Still we need your Foundation, you will also have a chance to win a trip participation and donations to complement the to the corridor-region in Brazil. budget of our conservation projects. What’s in it for your company? Companies are offered 4 types of sponsor packages. Partnering with the BJF proves to be more than charity support. It is a unique marketing and PR opportunity to involve your customers and employees and boost brand loyalty on a global scale. You? For Dutch citizens and companies, your donation is tax edition032012bjfeng deductable. The Black Jaguar Foundation has obtained the ANBI-status from the Dutch tax authorities. This project is supported by learn more at All print work on FSC certified paper. www.fsc.org120328_BJF_03.indd 4 29-03-12 12:52