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Films for 41 Million People


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Films for 41 Million People

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Films for 41 Million People

  2. 2. FIlms for 41Million People
  3. 3. Only 2% of 41,000,000 AfricanAmericans attend feature films.
  4. 4. No one has optimized efforts tocontinuously service this OneHalf Billion dollar market.We intend to release big eventmovies on a regular basis withbigger budgets that require biggerstories which will attract a largeraudience.!
  5. 5. TractionWe founded our production companyHeritage Film Works in 2007. RegisteredThe Vee Jay Story LLC in 2010. Our filmpackage attracted the attention of a majorCapital Financier who has placed 2 Lettersof Intent with us for our production.These Interested lenders await to !extend aloan of Twenty-Million Dollars infinancing.We feel the associationsmade thus far secures our mission andinsulates the future of Heritage Film Worksand our investor.Weve acquired an A-List Directorscommitment and that of fifteen A-List blackleading actors including an academy awardwinner to appear in our film.We have also formulated six additionalscreen plays so that our productioncompany may continue.Our Award Winning Script captured 1stPlace - Best Historical Drama Written ForThe Screen. WarnerBrosScreenWritingContest (Ref: Director: Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City, Posse, Kerosene Cowboys)
  6. 6. Market SizeA.C. Neilson reports that the population inthe US of African Americans is 41,000,000people. (ref. Meilson Pop. Report 2010)This is an addressable market with aproven profitability.Less than 2% of this market supports areturn of over 300% for motion picturestargeted for this market.Example: ref: IMdBPro.comWhy Did I get Married Too:Budget $20Opening Day - $29.3M April 2 2010Two weeks later - $54,801,812 April 16Six weeks Gross $60M US
  7. 7. CustomersOur customers are African Americanswho relate to achievements in ourcultural history.Box office success for the blackexperience is easily judged. Whencertain vital ingredients are includedthe core audience expands.! Those ingredients are:A. Factual Historical Elements as shown in Glory & Malcolm X.B. Intrinsic Experiences as shown in The Color Purple / Hustle & Flow.C. The vitality inherent to the Black experience i.e. music and dance. As in Ray / Dream Girls.!! ! F. I. T.
  8. 8. Sales StrategyManufacture the productPresent it to Film DistributorsTarget MarketingPrivate ScreeningsFilm FestivalsFilm Sales Representation
  9. 9. Revenue Model! !Film revenue has a perpetual value.Sixty years from now this film will still beearning money.Our film also has a cross-over effect. It isabout the business of music duringthe 1950s when a black owned recordlabel introduced the The Beatles toAmerica.By 2015 this niche markets buying poweris expected to reach $1.1 Trillion.Estimates of our films return is aminimum of $125M to more than $175M.Films released to this market return theirbudgets on opening weekend.Reference IMdBPro.comFilm investment offers a Life-time ofrevenue. Film revenue is inherentfor the life of the film or perpetuity
  10. 10. Competition! !For films targeted to this market withbudgets of $20M and above competitionis seldom to rare. The selections bymajor producers and studios is usuallya comedy to meet the demands of blackticket buyers.311,000,000 Americans are theAddressable market for studios andalways the target of major producers.So why address this niche market?.Because when its done correctly andby a formula that we call F. I. T. the filmwill make much better profits than thenorm.EXAMPLEThe film American Gangster 2007Budget $100MOpening day 24MNine weeks Gross $130National!!Worldwide Gross $265M.
  11. 11. Competition con’t !! ! ! F. I. T.! These Films Used The F. I. T, Formula(Factual History, Intrinsic Experiences, The Vitality of the Black experience)Ray - 2004 Bud $40M Gross $112MDream Girls - 2006 Bud $70M Gross $153MAmerican Gangster - 2007 Bud 100M Gross $265MFilms based on the formula earn more money.Films that don’t use the formula but aretargeted to this market still earn a respectablereturn.This Niche market has not been saturated withquality product.
  12. 12. MANAGEMENTThe individual best efforts of Actor,Writer, Producer William Lewis Bakerhas bought our film The Vee Jay Storyfrom the closet shelf to the purchase ofa business license in 2007 and theformulation of Heritage Film Works.The VJ Story LLC was established in2010.William Lewis Baker has producedCannes Film Festival accepted featureshorts, four films for the American filmmarket, a feature length Documentary,appeared in numerous stage plays,Award Winning Film Festival entries,Television, and a National commercial.He received Starring credit for his veryfirst appearance in a feature lengthmotion picture (Witchcraft III The Kiss).He is the writer of our screenplay TheVee Jay Story and has two novels onthe market.(Google: William Lewis Baker)
  13. 13. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEWe cast our films with A-List blacktalent. A-List Director Mario VanPeebles(New Jack City) hascommitted to direct the film.Our winning ingredients are an A-listcast legendary talent that includesan Academy Award Winner, Awardwinning script and an A-List Director.Ref: independent production will beproduced under a Completion Bondwhich insures that the film will beavailable for distributors.
  14. 14. INVESTORS OFFER For a $2M one time payment investor receives a Lifetime Membership in The Vee Jay Story LLC. ! ! (William Lewis Baker Mgr.) Executive Producer Credit - Front End 3% of Producers share from the Distribution and sales of the film for the life of the film or perpetuity.
  15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATION! ! ! ! ! WILLIAM LEWIS BAKER! ! ! ! ! ! Executive Producer! ! ! ! ! HERITAGE FILM WORKS! ! ! ! ! THE VEE JAY STORY LLC! ! ! ! Films for 41 Million People! ! ! 323 920-4580 OFFICE/MESSAGE! ! ! ! !310 890-2387 CELLULAR! ! ! ! ! ! ! Web Sight! ! ! ! e-Mail! ! ! ! !