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Wichita Fitness Expert and Boot Camp Master, Chief Matthew Everhart presents his definitive guide to fitness - Fit For Life!

Independent Publishing, 2008

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Fit For Life By Chief Everhart[1]

  1. 1. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart By Matthew “Chief” Everhart, Wichita's Most Trusted Fitness Trainer. 1
  2. 2. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Dear Friend, Contained within the following document are weight loss tips and quot;trade secretsquot; that will give you the straight forward truth about permanent life-long weight loss. Please read through this potentially life-changing information, apply to your life, and benefit from everything here. If you have any questions about the strategies in this book, please feel free to give me a call at (316) 768-4097 or email your question to ( ). Regards, Chief Everhart Blackhawk Fitness, LLC Wichita, KS 2
  3. 3. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart As a fitness and weight loss expert there is one question that I get asked more than any other question. “So what should I do to lose 10 or 15 pounds?” Oh, if only I had a dollar for every time I have heard that question from people anxiously waiting to hear the “secret” answer… …having chosen the role of helping others in their seemingly endless quest to lose weight, it is probably expected I know how to instantly answer this question. It is probably the curse of all top personal trainers. How does one answer such dynamic and ever-changing question? Especially when the person asking the question is expectantly to hear from me exactly which magic pill to take that will burn the fat away while they sleep. Unfortunately, the magic pill does not exist. If it did exist, the odds are very good it would have numerous, damaging side-effects and simply would not be worth the no-doubt limited effects. 3
  4. 4. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart In the past, I would attempt to educate the person asking the question. I would tell them about the quot;secretsquot; of true (healthy) and permanent weight loss. Usually this deluge of information was way more than they had thought they would receive, and certainly more than they were prepared to handle all at once. Instead of passing this information to one person at a time, overloading their brains, I wrote this manual. The following pages will detail much of the information I attempt to pass on to people in person. I hope you enjoy it, take it to heart, and learn how you can quickly and permanently get rid of that gross fat! What I’m about to pass on to you in this as-true-as-it-gets manual is exactly on what I have built my highly successful Boot Camp Fitness program. By using the base principals in this program, I have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people just like you establish and even jump start their weight loss goals by dropping 10 pounds in only 6 weeks, and 15 pounds in only 12 weeks. You now have the same system we use in your very hands. Are you ready to finally achieve your goals once and for all? If so, read on and discover the truth for yourself… 4
  5. 5. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart THE FIRST STEP By taking the initiative and reading through this manual, you are taking the first steps down the road towards a fit and healthy you. As the saying goes, “The Journey of a Thousand Miles, begins with the first step”. You are taking that step today. If it were easy, we would not have an epidemic on our hands. One in three people in the United States is overweight. One in four people are considered obese. You are taking up the torch and saying NO MORE. Your destiny is in your hands. Yours, and yours alone. I can lead you towards the right path; you have to begin the journey. Learning to make the right choices in your diet and workouts will become a lifestyle that does not end. It is not something you complete or finish. It is action that changes the way you live. The day you step off of this road is the day that your weight will increase and your health will decline. I am exceeding happy with the results we’ve been able to help people achieve over the last several years. As you take the first step in this journey of fitness, know that you are walking into a group that will meet you with open arms. You are NOT alone, you are not the only one who suffers from over-eating, or being overweight. You ARE however, the only one who can make the change to a healthier lifestyle. 5
  6. 6. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart That knowledge alone will change your body and life forever. This choice will pay off every day for the rest of your life. As you enjoy lower body fat, fit into slimmer clothing, produce higher energy levels and reach your ideal body weight you will feel your confidence and health greatly increase. Start now to build the habits that will increase your enjoyment and quality of life! I can confidently say you have the ability to do it, because I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you accomplish their goals. 1.Lose excess weight 2.Firm tone your body 3.Raise your metabolism and 4.Create a lifestyle of these habits 6
  7. 7. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart No more excuses! This Needs to be Your Game Plan! Let's begin with the four aspects of gaining and maintaining a fit, healthy body: Nutrition - This is what you eat, when you eat it, and how much of it you • eat. Generally speaking, this is the biggest problem area for most people. Cardiovascular Training - Building up and strengthening your heart • while burning calories. These are workouts and exercises which include things like walking, running, aerobics, kickboxing, etc. Anything that makes you sweat Resistance Training - Includes anything that gives your muscles the • resistance required to improve them. Obvious things like weight training at the gym, but also something often overlooked. Something which we provide in my program: bodyweight training...but more on that later. And finally…ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION. If its one thing • people fail at most often, it is in this department right here. Accountability and motivation are the most useful tools available to a trainer like me. Whether you gain that motivation from some like me or from somewhere deep inside yourself, you are never going to get where you want without it. You, on your own or with your trainer, must stay up-to-date with the newest information in the areas of nutrition, cardio, and resistance training. Not an easy job on your own, but certainly achievable. However, working with a fitness trainer will certainly, 100% guarantee the results you have been looking for over the near and long terms. 7
  8. 8. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart How Can I Get The Advantage? Before we start on this life changing journey, we arm you with the best weapons to ensure you get the fast and lifelong results you want. My suggestion would be to hire a fitness trainer or join a fitness group who is focused on the individual members. These types of people will not only teach you how, but they will also provide you with the drive by motivating you and hold you accountable, giving you the best possible chance of success. The combination of these four components make up the quot;secretquot; many gyms and even some personal trainers would rather you not know. They all combine to make a person fit, strong, lean, and healthy – for a lifetime. The following tips are going to dive into greater detail on each of these trade quot;secretsquot;, providing you with all the information you will need to be fit for life. 8
  9. 9. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Secret #1. NUTRITION I thought we were talking about getting in shape! Why are we talking about nutrition? Nutrition is not only a huge part of your health, but also greatly affects your appearance. Some experts insist as much as 80% of your weight loss and nearly as much of your training results are centered around what you put into your body. What this tells us is you could workout all day long, but if you are still eating junk food your body will still show it. Just the word nutrition often makes people cringe. Guiltily thinking of the fast-food dinner they ate last night, or the grease-burger they had for lunch. People spend their entire lives studying the human body and the effects of nutrition. The subject covers volumes of books; enough to fill an entire library on its own. What I want to do is to educate you on how to eat healthy meals. Meals that train your body to burn fat, rather than store it. Put it in terms you do not need a science degree in order to understand. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are the three components that make up a healthy diet. Don't take the word quot;dietquot; here to mean calorie-counting and hunger pangs. Believe me when I say you can eat a hearty, but healthy meal of the right foods and still be as fulfilled as your junk-food diet. The Recommended Daily Allowance 9
  10. 10. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart (RDA) of these types of foods is a terrific place to check for where you should be with respects to food intake. NUTRITIONAL FACT: Eating small meals every three hours will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat. Think of it in simple terms of capacity. Your body has the ability to process X amount of nutrients every hour. Whenever you eat, your body continues to burn calories after it has finished with the food. If it cannot get that from the meal, it begins to take it from your body. In a three meal per day diet, you typically overload your body's capacity to digest. Your body digests and digests and digests that food with no chance to draw fat reserve from your body as it would with a smaller meal. In comes the next meal and your body has done nothing but work off the fuel you've provided it. It has had no chance, and certainly no need, to feed off the fat stores in your body. Bodybuilders, models, athletes, and most fitness trainers already know this (and practice it). If you want to get a true edge over that excess body fat, you should too. NUTRITIONAL FACT: You want to eat a very humble, modest meal every 3 hours. If you are on an 1800 calorie per day nutrition plan and are away for 15 hours each day, you'll want to eat five (5) 360 calorie meals, rather than three 600 calorie meals! REMINDER: Everyone is different. I strongly suggest sitting down with your fitness trainer, whether that is me or another equally qualified individual, and personalize your nutrition and fitness plan. 10
  11. 11. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart You must remember our bodies are constantly preparing for famine. Our bodies assume this meal will be your last meal for a long time. Your brain knows that is not the case, but your body will always act in that manner. It burns what you feed it, stores any excess for a rainy day, and literally shuts down when you are not actively using it. This worked amazingly well back in the days when man was struggling to find its next meal and could go days without one. However, today, we are eating ourselves to death on an over abundance of rotten, crappy food that does nothing (nutritionally speaking) but fill our stomachs. So, we don't want our body to store that fat. We don't want our body to go into famine mode and burn it as slowly as possible. We don't want those extra pounds of weight our body stores for a rainy day. How do we re-train our metabolism? The answer is simple: we don't. You have to trick it and use its instincts against itself to burn the maximum amount of fat you can. What should I eat to make that happen? I will give you some general guidelines here to get you started. It is impossible for me to tell you, personally, how to go about this since we would need to build a personal nutritional plan together. These are general guildlines to provide you with the information you need to build a diet that will trick your body into not storing excess fat. Protein: 20% | Fat: 15% | Carbs: 65% 11
  12. 12. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Fat? You want me to eat fat? That's right, you need to have 15% fat in every meal you eat. The media establishment will jump on any craze they feel will get you to look at them, or buy from them. Fat is not the enemy, overeating is. Your body requires all three of these components each and every day in small amounts. When you eat a meal that is all carbohydrates (lots of bread, chips, pasta, rice, etc.) your body is going to quickly digest that making you hungry again faster. Meaning your body will empty your stomach causing hunger pangs quicker. Your body is very efficient at quickly converting carbs to fuel (sugar). On top of that, your body will convert and store the excess carbs as fat! Don't do anything drastic! Do not go out and cut out all the carbs in your diet. The low-carb craze is wholly unhealthy and no doctor in their right mind would ever recommend this type of diet plan. Should limit carbs? Yes, definitely. One slice of white bread is a FULL serving of carbs for one meal! If you take one thing away from this entire manual, please understand you must eat healthy portions of each of these three components. There is no need to go into the intricacies of energy conversion, or body mechanics. However, a simple analogy can quickly explain why you need these three parts together for a lean, healthy body. 12
  13. 13. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Protein The building blocks of the body. This is the wood, the concrete, the steel your body uses to build muscle, and repair itself. Without protein your body becomes catabolic. That is just as ominous as it sounds. The body literally starts breaking down the muscle to compensate for the lack of building materials. Bottom line, you must have protein. Fat In general terms, when we are talking about burning fat, we are talking about the long term calorie burn. Think of fat as coal on a grill. It takes quite a bit to ignite cannot usually just throw a match on a coal briquette and expect it to light, but once it starts, it burns slowly for a long time. Burning fat is a natural body process in everyone. While some people may appear to have an easier time at it than others, the truth of the matter is: everyone has the capability to burn fat at the exact same rate, based upon the age of the person. Train your body by eating right and you'll burn it just as fast as the next Mr. Skinny-Guy in the next office. Carbs Heed this, if nothing else: DO NOT CUT CARBS OUT OF YOUR DIET. If fat is the slow-burning coal in your system, carbs are the lighter fluid used to ignite it. When you workout, generally speaking, your trainer should run you through a moderate cardio, quick paced warm-up. This quick burst of activity burns off excess sugars (carbs) in the body and helps it to ignite the fat stores you will use for the majority of your actual workout. 13
  14. 14. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Secret #2. CARDIO TRAINING What exactly does it mean when you say Cardiovascular Training? When your trainer or coach says quot;Cardio Trainingquot;, they mean you are going to engage the cardiovascular system. You are going to get the heart pumping, the juices flowing, and really get the calories burning! This includes anything from walking, running, hiking, racquetball, or aerobics, to things like kickboxing, cross training, circuits...I think you get it, right?! Cardio training is your best bet to burn high volumes of calories and improve overall fitness health. Any time I go over a workout with a client, I inevitably hear gasps or groans when we go over cardio. Many people hate running, dislike walking, and aren't interested in high-cardio sports. You may see cardio training as a job in and of itself...however, I think you'll agree that once you see the benefits that can be gained from cardiovascular exercising, you'll want to go hit the trail for a quick run! Weight Loss The biggest quot;side-effectquot; of a good cardio workout is burning that fat and losing weight! Your body makes the decision to store fat without you. It is based on, however, external queues. If you expend more energy than you bring in, your body will quickly begin to burn the store you have internally. It will have less energy to store because you are burning it in your workout routine! 14
  15. 15. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Conditioning When did you first notice you would rather take the elevator to go up rather than take the stairs up one story? You probably didn't even realize the day it happened. When you were winded after a short jog across the street, or up one flight of stairs was a memorable day for you? It doesn't make you feel very good to think about it now, does it? There should be no doubt in your mind at that point: you are out of shape! By training your cardiovascular system, you will quickly find not only do you not have an aversion to taking the stairs, but you would rather take the stairs. Your body doesn't tire as easily, your sides don't ache, you are more alert, and you feel great! As you get into better shape, your heart becomes conditioned. Just like the muscles in your legs or arms, your heart becomes stronger and gains the ability to pump blood on-demand. No more coughing and wheezing from simple activities like a silly flight of stairs! Hands down, your heart is the most important muscle your body has. You want your heart to be as healthy on the inside as you will begin to feel on the outside. 15
  16. 16. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Preventing Disease How many people do you know who are always sick? Maybe they are always run down or tired. How many people do you know who’ve had a heart attack, stroke, hypertension, or diabetes? In most cases any of these problems can be avoided simply through exercises and the right nutritional plan. Whether it was entirely from poor nutrition, or lack of exercise, or both, it didn't just happen on its own. quot;But Matt,quot; you say, quot;my family has a long history of heart attacks.quot; A predisposition to any illness does not mean it will happen to you. As long as you take care of yourself, you have a very high chance of avoid any of these conditions. Taking care of your body means cardio conditioning, eating right, and maintaining a new, healthy lifestyle! Losing excess weight and cardio training put you leaps and bounds ahead of any 'history of xyz' your family might have. 16
  17. 17. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Secret #3. RESISTANCE TRAINING I really like to resist training. What? Resistance training is not a resistance to training. It involves anything that provides your muscles with a load heavier than they are used to. From the time man realized he could increase muscle mass through lifting heavier and heavier objects, he has used things like or similar to barbells or dumb bells. Big weight, lift it, lower it, repeat. Other things have been developed since then, with everyone attempting to quot; a better mouse trapquot;. What most fitness trainers, and definitely the big box gyms don't want you to realize is that you can almost everything you need through body weight exercises (unless, of course, you are specifically trying to be a competitive body builder). Whether you are a beginner with absolutely no experience exercising in your entire life, or an athletic competitor, I guarantee I can create a workout program that will quickly take you to the next level of fitness. If for some reason I can't, then there is no reason for you to be reading this manual in the first place! Today you have so many options when it comes to toning and muscle building. Often too many choices. They all have one thing in common, however. That one thing is they will all change your life! You will see a happier, healthier you in almost no time at all! 17
  18. 18. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart What is the point of lifting weights? Isn't weight lifting for big, beefy guys with no necks? For football players who want to pound the opposing team's quarterback into the ground, right? “I don't want to lift weights, I just want to lose weight...I don't want to be muscular.” I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard this excuse not to lift weights, especially from women! The key point in this section is that in order to be fit and truly healthy, you have to incorporate resistance training! Now don't throw this book down in disgust. Resistance workouts will literally change your body from what you see now in the mirror to what you may remember you used to look like. Not to mention your self-confidence and self esteem! Perhaps most importantly; how would you like to look 10 years younger? How you may ask? RESISTANCE TRAINING! Keep those muscles taut, that body toned, and looking great! Keep reading for more insight into resistance know you want to! 18
  19. 19. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Your Metabolism We go on and on about how a good cardio workout will burn off tons of calories both during and immediately after your workout. Resistance training, however, is a mostly permanent boost to your metabolism. Cardio is 100% necessary, but it is the resistance training where you are going to literally increase the speed with which your body consumes calories. After an hour or so after a good, calorie burning cardio workout, your body reverts to normal. The stress on the system has passed and the coal-fire (see quot;fatquot; above) goes out. What we see with resistance workouts, however, will literally raise your metabolism for weeks on end. Why? The answer is a pretty simple analogy. Imagine you are constructing a house or a building. You have the first level completed, power installed, air conditioner running, computers all cranking away. You know this is going to cost you 2000 calories per day to operate this one story building. Now, let us add another story to the top of our building. We complete the second story, supply it with power, air conditioning, etc. It now costs us 2200 calories per day to operate the two story building! Your body works in exactly this same manner. Building more muscle quot;costsquot; more energy (calories) to maintain the structure! Once you have added muscle structure to any portion of your body, it takes more energy to keep them going...thus, your metabolism, or the calories you automatically burn every day, increase. 19
  20. 20. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Ready for a less obscure explanation? When you do any kind of resistance training, you are breaking down the muscle fibers. This is the precise reason you feel sore (especially when you are just starting) after you workout. You make tiny tears in the current lattice-work of muscle fiber and now your body takes this opportunity to build a better, stronger system. Simple. One (1) lb of MUSCLE burns about 50 calories a day One (1) lb of FAT burns 4 calories a day If you exchange 5 pounds of FAT for 5 pounds of MUSCLE, you have just boosted your metabolism by 230 calories PER DAY. That alone means you will burn off a pound of energy (calories) every two weeks without doing ANYTHING MORE! That same amount of fat would take a whopping SIX (6) MONTHS to burn itself off. Body Toning Resistance training is the reason many athletes...ok, maybe not baseball players...look as toned and sculpted as they do. As mentioned above, when your body rebuilds the lattice-work of muscle fibers after a workout, it builds a better, stronger system! These new, stronger fibers are denser than those weaker muscle fibers you had before. In the end, you will quickly see a tighter, firmer you! Assuming at this point your caloric intake does not increase, and your cardio fitness does not decrease, it is safe to assume at this point we will burn more calories and quickly lose the fat! Because you are burning off the fat, you'll quickly notice those 20
  21. 21. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart muscle shapes peeking through from underneath. Before you know it, you’ll be asking yourself “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!” Improved Bone Density Millions of people are diagnosed every single year with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is the slow decay of the skeletal structure, leading to fragile bones, and increased chances of severe injury from everyday activities. One of the best ways to avoid this crippling disease lies within you! Most medical professionals would quickly agree that any kind of resistance training will increase bone density, improve your skeletal strength, and ward off the often deadly onset of Osteoporosis. When you are working out, whether that involves lifting weights, or doing body resisted exercises, your muscles are not only providing you with the strength to lift the object in question, they are also using your bones as leverage to make that lift happen. As you improve your toning and strength, your bones literally increase in mass, creating anchor points to which muscle (as it is rebuilding itself) can attach. If your bones did not adapt to the increase in mass and tension your muscles create, they would simply snap in half. Your body, and more importantly, your bones learn from the stimulus provided by resistance training and react(s) accordingly by increasing bone mass. Your body was designed in such a way that it learns from the stimulus given to it and it adapts to perform better. WARNING: I'm not a medical doctor. Let's just bring that to the forefront right now. If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect you might have Osteoporosis (or any debilitating illness), PLEASE consult with your doctor 21
  22. 22. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart before beginning a fitness regimen. As a professional trainer, I will not begin working with a client who has not received conditions and written consent from their doctor. Wait a second! More mass? More muscle? Right about now you may be looking at everything involving resistance training and thinking to yourself; if I'm gaining bone mass and muscle mass from weight training, won't I gain weight? The answer is complex, but the put simply, for most non-obese people is quot;yes, you will gain weightquot;. There is a lot of math and equations behind the actual answer, but let's look at it like this: Muscle density is 1.06 g/ml, while fat density is (about) 0.9 g/ml. That means if you have one gram of fat and one gram of muscle, the muscle will weigh more. About 16-percent more than fat of equal volume. Um..What? So, that same pound of fat that is making you look puffy will look 16-percent LESS puffy when you exchange that fat for muscle....but you will still weigh the same. Imagine a glass of water, filled to the brim and a glass of milk filled 80- percent of the way. Both might weigh one pound, but the milk has less in the glass, because it's density is greater. You want to be the milk! 22
  23. 23. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Why are you trying to explain this to me? It is actually very important when you come to me for the first time. We are going to spend weeks simultaneously burning off fat AND building muscle. It is critical to keep that in mind when you are stepping on the scale. You may not see the weight come off right away, but I will again guarantee you, the inches will quickly come off your waist, thighs and gut. Women are especially vulnerable to dissapointment in this area. They will invariably become frustrated after a week or two of working out because the scale tells them they aren't losing...and in some cases they are immediately GAINING...weight. Once you pass that threshold where your muscle mass plateaus for a short period, the weight will seem to fly off your body, pound after pound. You'll almost swear you can watch those fat pounds pack up and leave the building! We're not done with Resistance Training. Here are some more benefits: Increased Overall Strength • Improved Agility and Coordination • Dramatic Increase in Self Esteem • Renewed Confidence • A Rush of Feel Good Endorphins • You will swear you've discovered the Fountain of Youth! • 23
  24. 24. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart There you go! Well, there you have it. The secret to true and lasting weight loss revealed. There are no magic pills, no wonder-machines, no special breathing techniques, and certainly no quot;exclude this or thatquot; diet. I hope you have been convinced at this point that resistance and cardio training are key ingredients to your long, healthy life. Providing you with this information is not enough for you, or for me. My time spent creating this manual, and your time reading it would be wasted if there weren't a call to action. To that end, I'm going to further ensure you receive all the help necessary to get you started on the right foot. On the next page, you'll find a gift certificate just for you. A call to arms, if you will, and incentive to push you on to the next step. This gift certificate includes a 2 Week Fitness Assessment and Test Drive worth over $178! All you have to do now is call me at (316) 768-4097 or send me an email at ( ) before the expiration date on the gift certificate and we’ll schedule your no obligation “Fitness Assessment and Test Drive.” Right now, at this very moment, you have a decision to make. You can either call me to schedule your free fitness assessment and test drive, and take the first step to achieve the body that you deserve… Or you can do nothing, and fall into the trap of procrastination. Please, take action now while it’s still fresh on your mind. Pick up the phone right now and let’s get your fitness test drive started. 24
  25. 25. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Committed to your fitness results, Chief Matthew M Everhart Blackhawk Boot Camp Fitness (316) 768-4097 P.S. Give me a call today, and see why I’m the only fitness trainer in Wichita to guarantee results or your money back! P.P.S. In just a few short months you will look back on this decision as one of the best you’ve ever made – but it all start with a single phone call. Do it now. 25
  26. 26. Fit For Life By Chief Everhart Fitness Assessment and Test Drive Gift Certificate This certificate entitles you to the following FREE “Fitness Assessment and Test Drive”: A complete weight loss and fitness analysis including body - composition, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular testing ($49 value) Free 30 minute personal training sessions with one of our - professional trainers ($50 value) - Personalized seven day meal plan complete with weekly grocery list ($49 value) - 2 Complete Weeks of Cross Training at our Boot Camp ($30 value) This entire, no obligation package is valued at $178 and it’s yours free if you call us today. (316) 768-4097 or email Schedule your “test drive” before March 31st, 2009! 26