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  • This is a sales presentation meant for potential customers. The presentation is intended to be modified to fit a situation.
  • So we had 3 typical tool path problems all solved by iMachining’s intelligent tool path automatically, controlled step over, exact stock machining, and smooth tangent tool path. The results are a simplified user experience while increasing efficiency. The tools and machines will be much happier with iMachining, allowing for greater material removal rates and increased profitability.
  • Let’s take a look at two features only found in iMachining: we will look at morphing spirals and separation channels.
  • iMachining’s technology wizard solves these typical problems with speeds and feeds and provides users with simple fast results. Optimal speeds and feeds can be calculated using all the factors available. Let’s look at 3 ways the technology wizard achieves it’s results: Material and Machine database, synchronization all parameters, and seamless integration.
  • SolidCAM UK spent 3 days proving iMachining with Iscar UK and it proved a successful and painless exercise (see results and files on ftp site). Customer Gardner Aerospace were invited to view the results cutting titanium and they were very pleased at the outcome. The timings are not available yet for all the parts (Iscar to produce a time report on savings), but on on one specific pocket their existing toolpath generated by Catia was taking 14 minutes, with iMachining it took 3.5 minutes!!.
  • Solid cam updated 2012

    1. 1. SolidCAMThe Leaders in Integrated CAM
    2. 2. Our Mission To provide a powerful, complete, easy-to- use, integrated CAD/CAM solution for manufacturing SolidWorks + SolidCAM The complete integrated CAD/CAM solution for Design and Manufacturing
    3. 3. Company Profile  Founded 1984 - 27 years expertise in CAM development and applications  SolidCAM Ltd. headquarters in Israel  Europe: SolidCAM GmbH, Germany – 6 offices Affiliated companies: SolidCAM UK, SolidCAM France, SolidCAM CZ, SolidCAM Slovenia  North America: SolidCAM Inc. - U.S.  South America: Office in Brazil  Asia Pacific: SolidCAM Japan SolidCAM India SolidCAM China Affiliated companies: SolidCAM ANZ (Australia/New Zealand)  Worldwide CAM distributor network of more than 110 Resellers in 50 countries
    4. 4. SolidCAM‘s 110 Reseller Network
    5. 5. SolidWorks Integration and BundleAgreement Launch of SolidWorks integration at the SolidWorks World 2002 Certified Gold product for SolidWorks2003 on Jan 2003 OEM bundle agreement with SolidWorks on Jan 2003 Worldwide distributor network augmented by SolidWorks resellers selling SolidCAM SolidCAM provides today the highest level of CAD integration and associativity in SolidWorks
    6. 6. SolidCAM - Consistent Growth LeaderSource: NC Software and Related Services Market Assessment SolidCAM has been named by CIMdata as the fastest growing CAM vendor worldwide in five of the last 7 years SolidCAM Sales growth in 2011: +31%
    7. 7. The best CAD/CAM integrated solution Gaining Productivity in manufacturing with SolidWorks + SolidCAM Get Your Job Done Faster  Design  Seamless Integration  Manufacturing Improve the quality across the entire process chain  Improve the Quality of Your Design  Improve the Quality of Your Toolpaths
    8. 8. Design service or Manufacturer? => Design Service =>Manufacturer CAD CAM Product If you are a manufacturing company, you have to optimize your productivity across the entire process!!
    9. 9. Seamless CAD/CAM Integration  Single-window integration – Same CAD/CAM user interface => Easy-to-learn and Easy-to-use  SolidCAM works directly on the SolidWorks parts and assemblies. Additional information like dimensions & tolerances are also available => No data translation => No conversion errors => No missing data  Support import of all standard formats (and more!) => Very important for CAM users who receive models from other CAD systems
    10. 10. SolidCAM is the most associativeCAM for SolidWorks SolidCAM, totally integrated inside SolidWorks, provides both types of associativity:  Toolpath associativity.  Related-components (fixtures, molds…) associativity. Changes to any part automatically update all toolpaths Changes to any part automatically update all related components SolidCAM provides user-control over the extent of the associativity
    11. 11. SolidWorks+SolidCAM – the dream team SolidWorks+SolidCAM provide you with the fastest automation tools to convert ideas into products World of World of Design Production CNC machines
    12. 12. Complete integrated manufacturingsolution inside SolidWorks SolidCAM manufacturing modules: 2.5D Milling iMachining HSS (High-Speed Surface Machining) 3D Milling HSM (High-Speed Machining) 4/5 axes Multi-Sided Indexial Milling Simultaneous 5 axes milling Turning Turn-Mill up to 7-axes WireEDM STL Machining Xpress
    13. 13. SolidCAM 2.5D Milling Provides interactive and automated powerful 2.5D Milling operations on SolidWorks models Supports Profile and Pocket Rest material machining Automatic hole and pocket feature recognition and machining Supports special thread milling operation Supports special operation for undercut slots with T-Slot tools Complete G-Code file including support for compensation, subroutines, M- Codes and parametric postprocessors
    14. 14. iMachining’s Intelligent Tool PathControlled Step Smooth Tangent Exact Stock Machining Tool PathsOvers (no over loading (no air cutting)the tool) (Smooth Machining)
    15. 15. 2 Features Only Found in iMachiningMorphing Spirals Only in iMachining! Intelligent Separation only in iMachining!
    16. 16. Optimal Speeds and Feeds by the Technology Wizard Material & 1 Machine Databases Synchronize 2 All Parameters Seamless 3 Integration
    17. 17. ISCAR Cutting In The UK (Titanium) 3.5 Minutes to Machine 14 Minutes to Machine
    18. 18. HSS - High Speed Surface Machining An important addition to the integrated SolidCAM + SolidWorks Solution Excellent complementary module for the machining of all types of parts Smooth and powerful machining of localized surface areas Supports Standard and Shaped tools. Numerous Surface Machining Strategies for Efficient, Smooth, Gouge-free and Optimal Toolpath Complete Gouge Control for Holder, Arbor and Tool
    19. 19. 3D Mill/HSM Powerful module for High-Speed machining of complex 3D Parts, aerospace parts, molds, tools and dies Offers unique machining and linking strategies for generating high-speed toolpaths Cutting moves and retracts are smoothed to maintain a continuous machine motion Retracts are kept to a minimum to minimize air cutting Efficient and smooth toolpaths translate to top surface quality, less wear on tools and longer life for CNC machine tools
    20. 20. Indexial 4/5 Axis Milling Efficient and profitable machining of multi-sided parts on 4/5 axes machining centers Enables flexible set-ups and reduces the need for special clamping jigs Rotation to the user defined machining planes is automatically done Generates home position shifting calculation subroutine, for controllers without this functionality Output is ready-to-run G-code programs for your 4/5 axes CNC- machine
    21. 21. SolidCAM Sim. 5 Axis Milling Industry-proven 5-axis machining strategies Reduced machining times, improved surface finish and improved life span of tooling Powerful collision check and avoidance for tool, holder and other machine tool components Provides multiple options of collision avoidance using smooth axis movements Simulation of whole machine tool, showing the motion of all rotational and linear axes
    22. 22. Turning and Turn-Mill Integrated Turn-Mill capability with multi-turret and multi-spindle programming with full machine simulation Support for ISCARs Turn-Groove tools Rest-machining capability is built into all turning and milling operations
    23. 23. Wire EDM SolidCAM supports 2-axis and 4-axis Wire-EDM Handling of profiles and tapers with constant and variable angles Handles 4-axis contours Prevent the falling of material pieces by automatic pocket processing Full user control of stop points and wire cutting conditions
    24. 24. SolidCAM STL Module New advanced module for machining the output of 3D scanning devices in STL format Machine STL models directly using SolidCAM’s 3D Milling, HSM, HSS and Sim. 5-Axis milling capabilities
    25. 25. SolidCAM XpressSolidCAM Xpress is a subset of the full SolidCAMsolution and provides the following mainadvantages, besides its unbeatable price: Unlike other low-cost CAM products that result in a dead-end, SolidCAM Xpress is completely scalable for all CNC machine types. Users will be getting a head-start as they get up to speed in SolidCAM Xpress - adding modules or applications is just an extension of what they already know. The money paid for SolidCAM Xpress can even be put towards advanced modules, so customers can grow at their own pace
    26. 26. SolidCAM highlights Easy and straightforward user interface Realistic verification tools for 2D simulation, solid verification and machine simulation Strong and flexible post processors, easily customizable by the user, that generate a complete G-Code file
    27. 27. SolidCAM highlightsAdvanced CAM Intelligence SolidCAM´s Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining (AFRM) module automates the manufacturing of parts SolidCAM supports knowledge- based manufacturing through customizable parametric machining processes and operation/process templates
    28. 28. SolidCAM Customers Automotive Aerospace and Shipbuilding Mold, tool & die Medical Consumer Electronics Mechanical manufacturing Military Optics Educational SolidCAM Customers include small Job Shops, medium-size Engineering and Manufacturing companies and large Aerospace and Automotive companies.
    29. 29. SolidWorks + SolidCAM SolidWorks + SolidCAM The complete integrated CAD/CAM solution for Design and Manufacturing