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Solid cam imachining_presentation_april _2012


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a presentation from SOLIDCAM

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Solid cam imachining_presentation_april _2012

  1. 1. SolidCAMThe Leaders in Integrated CAM
  2. 2. Our Mission Powerful, complete, easy-to-use, integrated CAD/CAM solution for manufacturing
  3. 3. SolidCAM Company Profile Founded 1984 - 28 years expertise in CAM development and applications SolidCAM Ltd. headquarters in Israel – 2 offices Europe: SolidCAM GmbH, Germany – 5 offices Affiliated companies: SolidCAM UK, SolidCAM France, SolidCAM CZ, SolidCAM Slovenia America: SolidCAM Inc. - U.S. – HQ & 5 locations SolidCAM Inc. – Canada Office in Brazil Asia-Pacific: SolidCAM Japan SolidCAM India – 3 offices SolidCAM China – 3 offices Affiliated companies: SolidCAM ANZ (Australia, New-Zealand) Worldwide CAM distributor network of more than 120 Resellers in 50 countries More than 16,500 seats installed
  4. 4. SolidCAM GmbH - Germany Founded 1994 - 18 years expertise in CAM sales in Germany SolidCAM GmbH, Germany – 5 offices • Schramberg – HQ • Rosenhein • Horstel • Zella-Mehlis • Worms 2100 industrial customers 3400 industrial seats installed 6000 educational seats installed VDW training books for CNC use SolidWorks+SolidCAM 46 staff in Germany for sales and support
  5. 5. SolidCAM GmbH – Technology Center Hemle C30 CNC Machine
  6. 6. SolidCAM GmbH – Technology Center DMG NTX 1000 Multi-Turret Multi-Spindle Mill-Turn machine
  7. 7. SolidCAM Inc – Technology Center SolidCAM Inc, USA • HQ – Newtown, PA • 5 additional locations 19 staff in US for sales and support 470 industrial customers Technology Center • Micron Sim 5x (HSM 400 U LP)
  8. 8. SolidCAM Worldwide 120 Resellers SolidWorks Gold16,500 Seats Installed 50 Countries Partner
  9. 9. SolidCAM - Consistent CAM Growth Leader Source: NC Software and Related Services Market Assessment  SolidCAM has been named by CIMdata as the fastest growing CAM vendor worldwide in 5 of the last 7 years  SolidCAM Sales growth in 2011: +31%
  10. 10. SolidWorks Integration and Bundle Agreement Launch of SolidWorks integration at the SolidWorks World 2002 Certified Gold product for SolidWorks2003 on Jan 2003 OEM bundle agreement with SolidWorks on Jan 2003 Worldwide distributor network augmented by SolidWorks resellers selling SolidCAM SolidCAM provides today the highest level of CAD integration and associativity in SolidWorks
  11. 11. Autodesk Inventor Integration Launch of Autodesk Inventor integration on Aug 2005 Autodesk Inventor R10 Certification on Nov 2005 Autodesk Inventor 2012 Certification in 2011 Worldwide distributor network augmented by Autodesk Inventor resellers selling InventorCAM InventorCAM provides today the highest level of CAD integration and associativity in Inventor
  12. 12. Great Interface – SolidWorks + SolidCAM
  13. 13. Great Interface – SolidWorks + SolidCAM
  14. 14. Great Interface – SolidWorks + SolidCAM
  15. 15. Seamless CAD/CAM Integration Single-window integration – Same CAD/CAM user interface => Easy-to-learn and Easy-to-use SolidCAM works directly on the SolidWorks parts and assemblies. Additional informations like dimensions & tolerances are also available => No data translation => No conversion errors => No missing data Support import of all standard formats (and more!) => Very important for CAM users who receive models from other CAD systems
  16. 16. The Most Associative CAM for SolidWorks  SolidCAM, totally integrated inside SolidWorks, provides both types of associativity:  Toolpath associativity.  Related-components (fixtures, molds…) associativity.  Changes to any part automatically update all toolpaths  Changes to any part automatically update all related components  SolidCAM provides user-control over the extent of the associativity
  17. 17. SolidWorks + SolidCAM – The Dream Team World of World of Design Production CNC machines The most associative CAM for SolidWorks SolidWorks+SolidCAM provide you with the fastest automation tools to convert ideas into products
  18. 18. Complete Integrated Manufacturing Solution Inside SolidWorks SolidCAM manufacturing modules:  iMachining  2.5D Milling  HSS (High-Speed Surface Machining)  3D HSM (High-Speed Machining)  4/5 axes Multi-Sided Indexial Milling  Simultaneous 5 axes milling  Turning  Turn-Mill (Multi-turret/Multi-spindle)  WireEDM  Solid Probe
  19. 19. SolidCAM 2.5D Milling Provides interactive and automated powerful 2.5D Milling operations on SolidWorks models Automatic hole and pocket feature recognition and machining Supports special thread milling operation  Toolbox cycles support special operations  Complete G-Code file including support for compensation, subroutines, M-Codes and parametric postprocessors
  20. 20. SolidCAM HSS – High Speed Surface Machining  Excellent complementary module for the machining of all types of parts  Smooth and powerful machining of localized surface areas  Supports Standard and Shaped tools.  Numerous Surface Machining Strategies for Efficient, Smooth, Gouge-free and Optimal Toolpath  Complete Gouge Control for Holder, Arbor and Tool
  21. 21. SolidCAM HSM – 3D High Speed Machining Powerful module for High-Speed machining of complex 3D Parts, aerospace parts, molds, tools and dies Offers unique machining and linking strategies for generating high-speed toolpaths  Cutting moves and retracts are smoothed to maintain a continuous machine motion  Retracts are kept to a minimum to minimize air cutting  Efficient and smooth toolpaths translate to top surface quality
  22. 22. SolidCAM Indexial 4/5 Axis Milling Efficient and profitable machining of multi-sided parts on 4/5 axes machining centers Enables flexible set-ups and reduces the need for special clamping jigs  Generates home position shifting calculation subroutine, for controllers without this functionality  Output is ready-to-run G-code programs for your 4/5 axes CNC-machine
  23. 23. SolidCAM Sim. 5-Axis Milling Industry-proven 5-axis machining strategies Powerful collision check and avoidance for tool, holder and other machine tool components  Provides multiple options of collision avoidance using smooth axis movements  Simulation of whole machine tool, showing the motion of all rotational and linear axes
  24. 24. SolidCAM Turning & Mill-Turn  Support all turning operations and composite turning tools  Simultaneous 4x turning  Integrated Turn-Mill capability supports multi-turret and multi-spindle  Multi-turret synchronization
  25. 25. SolidCAM AFRM + Machining Process + Templates Advanced CAM Intelligence SolidCAM´s Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining (AFRM) module automates the manufacturing of parts  SolidCAM supports knowledge-based manufacturing through customizable parametric machining processes and operation/process templates
  26. 26. Revolutionay iMachining module 2D iMachining 3D iMachining
  27. 27. 3 Problems with Standard Tool Paths Over Loaded Tools Cutting Air Non Tangent Tool Paths
  28. 28. iMachining’s Intelligent Tool PathControlled Step Smooth Tangent Exact Stock MachiningOvers (no over loading (no air cutting) Tool Pathsthe tool) (Smooth Machining)
  29. 29. Min & Max Step Over (Cutting Angles) for Morphing Spirals 80 20 degrees degrees Maximum cutting angle Minimum cutting angle
  30. 30. 2 Special Features Found Only in iMachining Morphing Spirals Only in iMachining! Intelligent Separation only in iMachining!
  31. 31. Morphing Spirals After Separation Final spirals
  32. 32. iMachining Rest material & Finish Cuts Rest material Remove material from areas where larger tool could not fit. Finish Cut Clean corners then profile pass
  33. 33. Problem: Incomplete Input to Calculate Speeds & Feeds Material Tool Geometry Machine Cutting speed Length Depth Max spin Hardness # Flutes Max feed Max step Helix angle Max power Min step Chip thickness Memory size Hardness
  34. 34. Problem: Non-Synchronized Speeds & Feeds Depth Step Over Spindle speed Feed RateTool Flute Length Depth Machine Limit Machine Limit Material Limit Material Limit Number of Flutes Machine Feed Step Over Limit Chip Thickness
  35. 35. Solution: Optimal Speeds & Feeds by the Technology Wizard Material & 1 Machine Databases Synchronize 2 All Parameters Seamless 3 Integration
  36. 36. Machining Level Set in Technology Wizard The machining level slider has 8 selectable levels  The Minimum MRR (Metal Removal rate) combination is associated with Level 1 of the iMachining Level Slider, whereas the Maximum MRR is associated with Level 8.  Levels 2-7 are associated with combinations of intermediate (interpolated) levels of MRR.
  37. 37. ISCAR Cutting in the UK (Titanium) 3.5 Minutes to Machine 14 Minutes to Machine
  38. 38. iMachining: Optimum Toolpath + Technology Wizard  Shorter cycles: Up tp 70% savings in machining time  Increased Tool life: Up to 3 times  Unmatched hard material machining  Outstanding small tool performance  4-axis and Mill-Turn iMachining  Short Learning curve  High Programming productivity
  39. 39. Great Graphic InterfaceNew 3D illustrations for every parameter = easier learning and activation of software See The Video
  40. 40. Parallel Computing A major new capability in SolidCAM 2012: Parallel Computing User can start calculation of an operation or several operations and, while it is calculating using the multi-cores of the CPU, he can in parallel continue to define and calculate additional operations User can start parallel simulation and, while it is simulating in the background, he can in parallel continue to work defining additional operations User can start G-Code generation and, while it is generating G-code, he can in parallel continue to work defining additional operations
  41. 41. Parallel Computing – LOCAL or REMOTE LOCAL: Parallel computing on User Computer, using the power of multi-threading on multi-core CPUs REMOTE: Parallel computing on External computer on the Network
  42. 42. More Toolbox Cycles
  43. 43. Balanced Rouging in Multi-Turret Turning
  44. 44. HSR/HSM New OperationsRib Machining For very thin walls made from exotic materials Rough+ semi-finish are combined in one operation, level by level. Hybrid Constant-Z  New Finishing strategy combining Constant Z operation and 3D pocketing with 3D constant stepover, where needed
  45. 45. Swarf Machining – New Sim. 5x Operation Easy definition of geometry Automatic definition of tool axis control
  46. 46. 3D iMachining  3D Rough iMachining with intelligent step-up
  47. 47. 3D iMachining  3D Rough iMachining with intelligent step-up
  48. 48. New Program: Solid Probe  Support Home definition  Supports measuring the part during machining  Support Tool Presetter
  49. 49. Solid Probe – Define Home  Probe cycles support home definition
  50. 50. Solid Probe – Measurements  Enables measuring the part, during machining  Includes many options/cycles of measurement  Output directly to Machine parameters
  51. 51. Solid Probe – Tool Preset  Tool setting  Broken tool detection  Automatic offset updating
  52. 52. SolidCAM International Customers Automotive Aerospace and Shipbuilding Mold, tool & die Medical Consumer Electronics Mechanical manufacturing Military Optics Educational SolidCAM Customers include small Job Shops, medium-size Engineering and Manufacturing companies and large Aerospace and Automotive companies.
  53. 53. SolidWorks + SolidCAM + iMachining SolidWorks + SolidCAM + iMachining The best, complete, seamlessly integrated CAD/CAM solution for Manufacturing