Second Great Commandment


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Second Great Commandment

  1. 1. Matthew 22:34-40Matthew 22:34-40 - But when- But whenthe Pharisees heard that he hadthe Pharisees heard that he hadsilenced the Sadducees withsilenced the Sadducees withhis reply, they met together tohis reply, they met together toquestion him again.question him again. 3535One ofOne ofthem, an expert in religious law,them, an expert in religious law,tried to trap him with thistried to trap him with thisquestion:question:
  2. 2. 3636“Teacher, which is the most“Teacher, which is the mostimportant commandment in theimportant commandment in thelaw of Moses?”law of Moses?” 3737Jesus replied,Jesus replied,“‘You must love the Lord your“‘You must love the Lord yourGod with all your heart, all yourGod with all your heart, all yoursoul, and all your mind.’soul, and all your mind.’ 3838ThisThisis the first and greatestis the first and greatestcommandment.commandment.
  3. 3. 3939A second isA second is equallyequally important:important:‘‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’Love your neighbor as yourself.’
  4. 4. 4040The entire law and all theThe entire law and all thedemands of the prophets are baseddemands of the prophets are basedon these two commandments.on these two commandments.““ NLTNLT
  5. 5. 1 John 4:191 John 4:19 - We love each other- We love each otherbecause he loved us first.because he loved us first. NLTNLT
  6. 6. 1 John 4:201 John 4:20 - If someone says,- If someone says,“I love God,” but hates a“I love God,” but hates aChristian brother or sister, thatChristian brother or sister, thatperson is a liar;person is a liar;
  7. 7. for if we don’t love people wefor if we don’t love people wecan see, how can we love God,can see, how can we love God,whom we have not seen?whom we have not seen? NLTNLT
  8. 8. Agape love requiresAgape love requiresdependence upon Goddependence upon God
  9. 9. JOYJOY
  10. 10. JYOJYO
  11. 11. 1 Timothy 4:71 Timothy 4:7 – ..., discipline– ..., disciplineyourself for the purpose ofyourself for the purpose ofgodliness;godliness; NASBNASB
  12. 12. 1 Corinthians 9:24-271 Corinthians 9:24-27 – Do you– Do younot know that those who run innot know that those who run ina race all run, but only onea race all run, but only onereceives the prize? Run in suchreceives the prize? Run in sucha way that you may win.a way that you may win.
  13. 13. 2525Everyone who competes inEveryone who competes inthe games exercises self-the games exercises self-control in all things. They thencontrol in all things. They thendo it to receive a perishabledo it to receive a perishablewreath, but we an imperishable.wreath, but we an imperishable.
  14. 14. 2626Therefore I run in such a way,Therefore I run in such a way,as not without aim; I box inas not without aim; I box insuch a way, as not beating thesuch a way, as not beating theair;air; 2727but I discipline my bodybut I discipline my bodyand make it my slave, so that,and make it my slave, so that,after I have preached to others,after I have preached to others,I myself will not be disqualified.I myself will not be disqualified.NASBNASB
  15. 15. ReligionReligionDisciplineDisciplineFleshFleshRelationshipRelationshipDependenceDependenceSpiritSpiritVS.VS.Copyright, Michael F. SaboWhat Is Your Focus?What Is Your Focus?
  16. 16. DisciplineDisciplinein thein the FleshFlesh
  17. 17. DependenceDependenceon theon the SpiritSpirit
  18. 18. Discipline that grows outDiscipline that grows outof beingof beingFully KnownFully KnownandandFully LovedFully Loved..
  19. 19. John 15:5John 15:5 – without me you can– without me you cando nothingdo nothing NLTNLT
  20. 20. Applying theApplying theSecondSecondGreat CommandmentGreat Commandment
  21. 21. If people could read your mindIf people could read your mindwould they conclude that youwould they conclude that youlove Christians here atlove Christians here atBlack Forest Chapel?Black Forest Chapel?
  22. 22. 1 John 4:201 John 4:20 - If someone says,- If someone says,“I love God,” but hates a“I love God,” but hates aChristian brother or sister,Christian brother or sister, thatthatperson is a liarperson is a liar; for if we don’t; for if we don’tlove people we can see, howlove people we can see, howcan we love God, whom wecan we love God, whom wehave not seen?have not seen? NLTNLT
  23. 23. Humble yourselfHumble yourselfand show yourand show yourLove for GodLove for Godby being reconciled withby being reconciled withyour brother or sisteryour brother or sisterin Christ.