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SimStoCreMo Pep Talk Week 3


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SimStoCreMo Pep Talk Week 3

  1. 1. Hello SimStoCreMo 2011 Participants! :D
  2. 2. Hello there. You can call me Mela, (and this is my simSelf. * waves *) and I will be your host for this Pep Talk! I'm going to go ahead and not pay attention to the paperboy in the bright yellow jacket there. Paperboy: But I'm awesome.
  3. 3. I'm sure at this point in your respective challenges, you may be going through a gamut of feelings.
  4. 4. You've thought it out. You've planned ahead .
  5. 5. You've probably had your little moment of excitement. Or freak-out.
  6. 6. Maybe you were uncertain.
  7. 7. (Just a little bit.)
  8. 8. And you probably had questions.
  9. 10. Maybe a good old-fashioned meltdown is in order.
  10. 11. But we do this because it's fun, right?
  11. 12. (You better have said “yes” to that.)
  12. 13. Just know you're not alone in this.
  13. 14. And it might look like a huge lot to fill up... but you'd be surprised at what you could pull off.
  14. 15. It can be daunting. I've been updating my story fairly steadily for the past year and a half, almost. There's no end in sight.
  15. 16. But if you love what you're doing, it'll all come together. You'll work it out.
  16. 17. Our game is our blank canvas. We have a great advantage with the Sims. We can create something and use the visuals as prompts.
  17. 18. Mela: Um. What the heck are you expecting me to do in a forest?! Just go nuts and have fun with it. :)
  18. 19. Is this better? Mela: Ooh, grunge and atmosphere. This can work.
  19. 20. You sure about that? Mela: Uh... why?
  20. 21. Mela: OH NOT COOL! Well, this is SimTopi...
  21. 22. I thought you were all about the “grunge and atmosphere”. Some Dead Guy: braa-aaaa-aaaaiiins....
  22. 23. Mela: Okay that was too much atmosphere. Give me back the forest.
  23. 24. There you go, little SimSelf!
  24. 25. Mela: Totally not the outdoorsy type, but this is nice and peaceful.
  25. 26. Mela: ... there sure are a lot of birds...
  26. 27. Mela: … wait what is with the wildlife? You went on another downloading spree didn't you?!
  27. 28. Mela: And why are they so loud?!? This isn't peaceful AT ALL.
  28. 29. Mela: GAH! Btw I totally hate you right now. Aww, don't be that way, SimSelf. Look, my game has deer! :D
  29. 30. Ahem. Anyway what was the point of all that? You've probably found yourself stuck a few times. I know you'll do fine. Just keep creating.
  30. 31. Build something different.
  31. 32. Give a sim a new hairstyle.
  32. 33. Have them meet that sim that lives across the street.
  33. 34. Go download deer.
  34. 35. Zombify that annoying spare.
  35. 36. Terrorize your simSelf!
  36. 37. Do something fun and take this opportunity to challenge yourself again. Maybe it'll end up being one of the most rewarding things you can do for your game and your story. This is your world. You're allowed to do whatever you want, especially if it'll keep you doing more of what you're doing.
  37. 38. And don't ever quit, CreMos!