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Dr CK Raut Introduction


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Dr CK Raut Introduction

Published in: News & Politics
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Dr CK Raut Introduction

  1. 1. PhD (Cambridge) . Scientist . Social Activist Author . Freedom Fighter . Under House Arrest Dr. C. K. Raut (Top to Bottom) [a] Dr. Raut on fast-unto- death in police custody; hospitalised. [b] Dr. Raut’s leg broken by police on January 3rd, 2015. [c] Dr. Raut beaten brutally by police on April 4th, 2015 for attempting to hold a peaceful assembly in Jhapa. [d] In retaliation to the brutal suppression by police, Dr. Raut started a ‘rose movement’ to handover roses to police. Webpage: Email:
  2. 2. Dr. C. K. Raut Born in a poor family of a remote village of Saptari district of Nepal, Dr. C. K. Raut holds a PhD from Cambridge University, the UK. He worked as a scientist in the USA prior to returning to Nepal in 2011 to work for the upliftment of his society. He is the founder of the Injot Movement, an initiative for social transformation targeted at Nepal, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. He has been a recipient of a number of awards including Mahendra Vidyabhusan (honoured by the King of Nepal), Kulratna Gold Medal, Young Engineer Award and Trofimenkoff Academic Achievement Award. He has also authored ‘A History of Madhesh’, ‘Madhesh Swaraj (Self-rule)’ and ‘Denial to Defence (autobiography)’. He has given talks about the issues of the Madheshis, the people of the plains of Nepal, throughout the world, including at Harvard University. In recent years, he has been advocating for an end to racism, colonisation and discrimination imposed on the indigenous black Madheshi people, by the Nepali ruling class. On Septem- ber 13th, 2014, the Government of Nepal, arrested him and charged with a treason demanding life-imprisonment for him for giving a speech to indigenous people. Despite getting a clean chit from the court and coming out of the jail, his talks, meetings and assemblies have been brutally suppressed by police, with more than a thousand arrested, a hundred in- jured and a dozen fake cases filed against supporters over a span of a year. He started a 'rose movement' against the po- lice brutality and provocations, and appealed to all supporters to stick to non-violence. Recently, he has been put into an undeclared house arrest, and his documentaries and books have been also banned. [a] Dr. C. K. Raut chairing a conference on Madhesh, with the UN Representative, the EU Ambassador and other diplomats (November 14-15, 2011, Kathmandu) [b] Dr. C. K. Raut representing the Mad- heshis at the United Nations Meeting on LDC, at New York Headquar- ter on April 1, 2011. [c] With Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen at Harvard University [d] Leading 'Fast-for-Nepal and Donate Campaign' to help 2015 Nepal Earthquake victims.