Choosing the Right Digital Signage System


Published on | This presentation will explain how today’s retailers, as well as the integrators and resellers who do business with them, can successfully implement digital signage to increase in-store sales.

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Choosing the Right Digital Signage System

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Digital Signage System
  2. 2. What is Digital Signage? Digital Signage is digital images and video sent to displays such as LCD monitors. It’s also called:  Dynamic Signage  Electronic Signage  Narrowcasting
  3. 3. Why Digital Signage? Inform | Persuade | Engage  Dynamic  Cost-efficient  Impactful
  4. 4. Digital Signage Applications  Retail Stores  Cinemas/Theaters  Banking  Sporting Venues  Corporate Communications  Hotels  Transportation  Reception Areas  Healthcare  Education  Exhibitions, Conferences, and Trade Shows
  5. 5. Digital Signage Applications Retail Stores Attract customers in store, to POS, or to specific area or item
  6. 6. Digital Signage Applications Cinemas/Theaters  Posters  Menu boards  Uptick in sales
  7. 7. Digital Signage Applications Banking  Decrease the perceived wait time  Sell programs such as mortgage rates, interest rates, and lending opportunities  Educate, inform, and entertain customers
  8. 8. Digital Signage Applications Sporting Venues  Menu boards  Concourse area to sell concessions, show games, and advertisements  Touchscreen from luxury suite – Customers can order concessions and merchandise – Online stay in city by ordering hotel or leave city by ordering airline  ROI – their DS by selling ads  ROO – satisfy objectives
  9. 9. Digital Signage Applications Corporate Communications  Inform/Educate  Advertise  Entertain
  10. 10. Digital Signage Applications Hotels  Wayfinding  Conference rooms  Airline check-in  RFID  In-room entertainment, order room service, or other services
  11. 11. Digital Signage Applications Transportation  FIDS and GIDS
  12. 12. Digital Signage Applications Reception Areas
  13. 13. Digital Signage Applications Healthcare
  14. 14. Digital Signage Applications Education  Student Unions  Wayfinding  Menu Boards  Athletic Stadiums/Arenas  Emergency Response
  15. 15. Digital Signage Applications Exhibitions, Conferences, and Trade Shows
  16. 16. What type of system is right for me?  Software = You provide the hardware  Appliance = All-inclusive device  SaaS = Software as a service, subscription  Enterprise = Large-scale deployments Planning for Digital Signage
  17. 17. What is involved? Planning for Digital Signage Digital Signage Hardware Displays Mounts Players Infrastructure Software Scheduling Player Control Creation Connectivity Wired Wireless Cellular Internet Content Media Advertising Marketing Operations Installation Network Maintenance Design Deployment Purpose Environment Business ROI Partnering Revenue
  18. 18. Hardware  Custom or pre-packaged solution?  How many displays? – What sizes, resolutions, and orientations?  Where will they be located?  Infrastructure – Calculate power and cable measurements for distribution Planning for Digital Signage
  19. 19. Software  Does this system need to be interactive? – Local input (touch, RFID, contact closure) – Respond to data condition – Interface to external hardware (printer, AMX, Fire & Rescue, etc.) Planning for Digital Signage
  20. 20. Connectivity  What is the network configuration (local LAN, Internet)?  Is IT involved in the project?  Will the information be pushed to the players or pulled down? Planning for Digital Signage
  21. 21. Content  Who is the audience (viewer of the displays)?  What information do you want to communicate? – Products or services – Current information (news, weather, internal data) – Personalized messages – Instructions (directions, room schedules) Planning for Digital Signage
  22. 22. Operations  Who will be responsible for content distribution and updates?  Where does this information come from and how many contributors are there?  How often is this information updated?  Discuss budget, equipment, and future expansion. Planning for Digital Signage
  23. 23. Design  Discuss company branding and design guidelines.  Deploy existing assets and efficiently update information at multiple locations.  Is local input (local messages from remote sites) required? Planning for Digital Signage
  24. 24. Business  Repurpose existing content for more effective sales messaging.  Improve communications with employees.  Make money by advertising the products and services of others.  Create new revenue opportunities. Planning for Digital Signage
  25. 25. Digital Signage Made Easy For SMBs to Global Networks » RSS & Social Media » Touch / Interactive » Drag & Drop Design » Live HDTV » HTML5 & Flash » Data Integration » Multi-Zone » Active Text » Tickers & Widgets MediaFlyer™ EXPRESS iCOMPEL™ iCOMPEL EDS Web-based solution that deploys in minutes Award-winning solution for networked signage Advanced solution for large-scale networks
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