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AV over IP


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Why install new cabling for digital signage or AV signal distribution when you can use existing network infrastructure? This presentation explains the benefits of AV over IP applications verses traditional AV extension and distribution technologies.

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AV over IP

  1. 1. over
  2. 2. AV-over-IP Defined AV-over-IP is the transport of AV signals over a standard Ethernet network, including…     HD Video (e.g. HDMI, DVI) Audio Control Signals (e.g. IR) Peripheral Signals (e.g. USB)
  3. 3. Why AV-over-IP? Scalability! Eliminate port limits Distribute content from a single source to hundreds of displays
  4. 4. Why AV-over-IP? Flexibility! Deploy (and power) AV infrastructure over Ethernet
  5. 5. Why AV-over-IP? Distance! No distance limitations Send video as far as your network reaches
  6. 6. Why AV-over-IP? Image Quality! Lossless video and ultra-low latency
  7. 7. Why AV-over-IP? Cost Savings! Use existing networking equipment No need to install separate cabling Avoid using expensive electrical contractors
  8. 8. AV-over-IP Applications • • • • • • Corporate/Educational Campuses Hospitality Digital Signage Conference Rooms Smart Home AV distribution Professional AV Broadcast Transmit HD-video wherever Ethernet network technology is available!
  9. 9. AV-over-IP vs. HDBaseT AV-over-IP HDBaseT Cabling CAT5e, 6, 6a CAT6 (shielded) Network Standard Ethernet Dedicated cable runs Yes No Lossless compression Uncompressed Bandwidth requirement <150 Mbps 6 Gbps Distance Unlimited* 330 ft. Number of displays Unlimited Depending on number of ports on transmitter $3300 $5000 Multi-cast Video signal Cost for 1:8 application *330 ft. per segment, add switches or use fiber to extend AV-over-IP solutions provide a compelling alternative to overlay technologies like HDBaseT
  10. 10. AV-over-IP networking What is multicasting? • One-to-many communication over network infrastructure • IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) • Using only a single stream saves bandwidth Choosing networking equipment • Pick good quality switches supporting Gigabit and IGMP snooping. • For optional remote powering add PoE. PoE+ Gigabit Managed Switch (LPB2826A) Black Box Network switches are tested and approved with AV-over-IP solutions
  11. 11. Black Box AV-over-IP Solutions Distribution & Extension KVM and HD Video Switching HD Encoding and Decoding
  12. 12. Black Box AV-over-IP Solutions Digital Signage Wireless Presentation System
  13. 13. MediaCento™ IPX • Transmits HDMI (video and audio) over a LAN. • Plug-and-play – no IP expertise needed! • Power-over-Ethernet or local AC power. • Supports HDCP for distribution of copyprotected content. • All cables are lockable for security: HDMI, network and power. • Configurations for: - Unicast (point-to-point) - Multicast (point-to-multipoint) - Video walls
  14. 14. MediaCento IPX (Unicast) Transmit HDMI over an Ethernet LAN to a single display. LAN Source
  15. 15. MediaCento IPX (Multicast) Transmit HDMI over an Ethernet LAN up to 256 displays. LAN Source
  16. 16. MediaCento IPX (Video Wall) Transmit HDMI over an Ethernet LAN and split into multiple displays for a video wall (up to 8x8). Source LAN
  17. 17. HD-over-IP Encoder/Decoder • Extend broadcast-quality 3G-SDI, HDMI, or DVI video over a LAN or WAN • Captures, compresses, and encodes video for streaming over an IP network • Decodes an IP signal as well, decompressing if for HD output • Ensures lossless video transmission through JPEG 2000 intraframe compression technology • Delivers full 1080p/60 Hz video with no noticeable loss of image quality
  18. 18. ServSwitch™ Agility KVM • HD video and peripheral switching over an • • • • Ethernet LAN: DVI-D, Audio, USB, RS-232 Multicasting and target sharing Point-to-point extension Dual-head and dual-link capability Copper and fiber network interfaces LAN
  19. 19. Digital Signage Platforms MediaFlyer™ EXPRESS iCOMPEL™ iCOMPEL EDS Web-based solution that deploys in minutes Robust solution for networked, inter active signage Advanced solution for large-scale networks RSS & Social Media Touch / Interactive Drag & Drop Design Live HDTV IP Streaming HTML5 & Flash Multi-zone Active Text Tickers & Widgets
  20. 20. Wireless Presentation System • Wireless presentation from any Windows • • • or Mac laptop over Wi-Fi Eliminates sharing the ugly VGA cable across a conference table Up to 4 simultaneous presenters HDMI or VGA output AVX-HDMI-WI
  21. 21. AV & Digital Signage Design Guide Resources and solutions to help you plan and build AV and digital signage networks Request your FREE copy!
  22. 22. KVM & Matrix Switching Design Guide Resources and solutions to help you plan and build KVM and HD video switching systems Request your FREE copy!
  23. 23. IT & AV Product Portfolio IT Infrastructure Specialty Networking Cabinets | Racks | Panels Cooling | Power | Monitoring Extenders | Media Converters PoE | Wireless | Switching Serial | Hardened Devices Cable AV & Multimedia Copper | Fiber Patch | Bulk | Custom AV-over-IP | Switching | Extension Scaling | Converting | Video Walls Wireless Presentation KVM & HD Video Digital Signage Switching | Extension Trays | KVM-over-IP Media Players | Touch Screens
  24. 24. The Black Box Difference  Free Application Engineering  24/7 Lifetime Technical Support  No-hassle 45-day returns 724-746-5500 or