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Awesome New Tech submission

  1. 1. ⚙ ✓ prepared by: ⚙ ✓ AWESOME NEW TECH SUBMISSION
  2. 2. RNA - SOME CONTEXT Driving Results Through Relationship Networks ! ! ! Most leaders are desperately seeking ways to get greater results from their organizations. While they are quick to acknowledge the value and power of informal networks for getting work done, far too often leaders apply flawed approaches to generating business results from networks. ! In the 21st century workplace and marketplace, leaders will need to increasingly rely on using network thinking to increase revenues, lower costs, accelerate innovation and engagement. Once relationship networks become visible, leaders can address critical questions in ways that have an immediate impact on performance.
  3. 3. WHAT IT IS. RNA provides a sightline into the internal workings of an organization. The analysis provides a powerful means of making normally invisible paths of information flow and collaboration in strategically critical groups visible. Research shows that meaningful connectivity in networks in organizations can have a material impact on performance, retention, learning, engagement and innovation. Benefits are also obtained from well-connected networks between organizations. ! The Sense RNA platform can help: ! 1. Enhance talent management and leadership development programs. 2. Improve effectiveness of functions or business units. 3. Enhance lateral communication in the organization. 4. Identify and support practice communities. 5. Obtain an objective visualization of the interactions and hubs of influence in the organization.
  4. 4. WHAT IT MEASURES RNA provides the organization with a graphic display of which employees that are seen as being integral to others accomplishing their job and impacting their level of engagement by asking the following questions through a web-based survey platform: ! 1. Which coworkers do you most often turn to for essential information to perform your job? 2. Which coworkers have an effect on your opinion, perceptions and/ or behaviors towards your work? 3. Which coworkers do you most often turn to for resources supporting your social needs or interactions within the organization?
  5. 5. THE VALUE Information collected from RNA is used to build network diagrams and data analysis that illustrates the relationships between members of a group, and it’s correlation to other organizational or HR data. ! RNA provides insight into: ! Network flow: The RNA visualization shows the flow of information within a group. ! Centers of influence: RNA identifies the employees at the center of the informational and relational networks in the organization. ! Subgroups: Groups within a network often arise as a product of location, function, hierarchy, tenure, age, ethnicity or gender. Combining RNA with organizational or HR data can give you a powerful line of sight into cross functional networks. ! ! !
  6. 6. BENEFITS Support talent management and leadership development efforts. Enhance the effectiveness of change management initiatives. Drive innovation in new product development, R&D or market facing functions. Enhance existing engagement programs and initiatives. Improve team alignment & collaboration throughout an organization. Promote lateral coordination throughout an organization. Improve effectiveness of functions or business units.
  7. 7. CONTACT 📞 @chrisostoich @blackbookhr ostoich 513-259-1253 office 800-673-1265 45 📞