Black berry apps the demand never ends


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Blackberry Mobiles are the first choice of the professional people because it come preloaded highly advanced features and apps, which helps the individuals as well as the businesses to perform their day to day task with great ease. Blackberry phones still powering and its users will remain or increase day by day because of its unique and decent features.

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Black berry apps the demand never ends

  1. 1. BlackBerry Apps: TheDemand Never Ends Blackberry Software Programming
  2. 2. Introduction• Blackberry Software Programming- ISO 9001:2008 Certified Software Outsourcing Company• Assured Quality Procedures• Effective Client Reporting Systems• Over 9 Years of Experience• 24/7 Live Support• Regular Review Meetings• Experienced and Knowledgeable Techniqual Experts• Effective Project Management
  3. 3. Mobile Apps Downloads Data
  4. 4. Revenue Per Blackberry Apps DownloadsBlackBerry development may be on steep decline, but theplatform still remains a profitable one for the developers that have stuck with it. According to a new study frommobile analytics firm Vision Mobile, the average monthly revenue from a BlackBerry app is $3,853, compared to $3,693 for iOS and $2,735 for Android.
  5. 5. Revenue Per Blackberry Apps Downloads
  6. 6. Blackberry Application Gaining Popularity Day by Day Blackberry is the chain of smartphone which is gettingpopular day by day. Blackberry gadgets not only cater to the multimedia features but also to a number of business and financial features. These gadgets comepreloaded with highly advanced features and apps thathelp the individuals as well as the businesses to perform their day to day task with great easy.
  7. 7. Features of Blackberry Apps Development• Blackberry applications have an ability to engage with other Mobile App Development platforms such as JAVA, MDS, and J2ME• Web works platform supports modern web frameworks such as Dojo, JQuery, PhoneGap and Sencha• Blackberry Apps Development platform helps developer to develop Rich Mobile Application• Blackberry Apps are full of Rich Graphics, Advance Processing, Multitasking, Secure & Safe, Real Time Marketing Based
  8. 8. Hire Experienced Software Outsourcing Company• We are passionate to offers and delivers top- notch services• Quality• Cost-effective Services within Clients Budget.• Project Deliveries on Clients Time-line• Complete Customer Satisfaction• We are providing BlackBerry Software Development Services from 10 years• Skilled and Experienced Team members
  9. 9. Contact US Blackberry Software Programming 115 Broadway, Suite #1304 New York, NY, 10006 Toll Free: 888-276-4064 Phone : 212-397-7481 Fax. 212-931-8530 Email : info@blackberrysoftwareprogramming.comWebsite: